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Terrestia - Shadowmancy

Among those who understand the true nature of TERRESTIA and the DREAMING are the originators of the SHADOWMANCY cult.

Frustrated by the prospect of this short and grim existence, followed by an eternity of oblivion, some began to seek arcane solutions.

SHADOWMANCY follows two essential tenets:

1. Final death can be avoided through transition to Undeath.

2. This and other sorceries can be achieved by enslaving the 'homeless' spirits of TERRESTIA's dead.

Thus low level SHADOWMANCERS (effectively 'Necromancers') practice their self-seeking sorceries through the servitude of departed souls, while high ranking SHADOWMANCERS have evolved into Vampires, Death Knights and Liches.

Culturally, SHADOWMANCERS tend to be clannish and self-seeking. Many use this power to fulfill motivations of wealth, lust or power. Unsurprisingly such objectives are often in conflict with the general well-being of society.

However, even within the corruption of SHADOWMANCY there is a darker and more terrible agenda at higher ranks...

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