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Shadowmancy - Secret Knowledge

The True Purposes of Shadowmancy are not widely known. Although most use this art simply to further their own desires or to prolong life (albeit at the expense of others), true Shadowmancy has more profound objectives.

Ultimately the Shadowmancers are preparing to leave the pitiful glories of TERRESTIA and ascend to exist within the realm of CELESTIA (the 'heaven' of righteous spirits).

In order to make this possible they must first accumilate enough power to challenge and defeat the gatekeepers of TERRESTIA - the four DAEMON PRINCES of this realm.

Because Shadowmancers take their power from the dead, the highest powers in Shadowmancy have learned not only how to subjugate human spirits, but also the spirits of nature itself.

Once great forests, lakes and wilds now lie destitute as powerful Shadowmancers drain the very essence of this places in elaborate and lengthly rituals. Those who have accumilated massively potent energies are appointed DAEMON HUNTERS and travel with their followers to seek the DAEMON LORDS in their hiding places and destroy them.

Should they succeed in this task - their work has only just begun. The taking of CELESTIA will be a war against the righteous beings and ANGELS that inhabit that plane.