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The Daemon Lords of Terrestia

Four Daemon Lords are the would-be masters of TERRESTIA. Forced into hiding because of the threat of Shadowmancy, they welcome the service of humans worthy of their patronage.

Three of these Lord's may be approached for patronage, while the forth is at war with the others and chooses only whom she will and at her own whim.

BAALETH - Daemon Lord of Vice

A master of perversion, vice and lust Baaleth dwells in the low places of the world, protected and norished by twelve loyal Succubus. In many ways Baaleth represents petty evils and rarely aspires to much but nonetheless takes profound delight in causing suffering and torment. He is also interested in any schemes that involve swaying the righteous from their path.

Boons available to servants of BAALETH:

Access to Alteration and Enchantment/Charm schools of magic.

Sword of Castration (severs male gentitals on a critical hit).

Shackles of the Torturer (prevents unconciousness and death during torture).

Ring of Open Virtue (detects those of 'Good' alignment).

WHIRM WHIDRILL - Daemon Lord of Corruption

The worm that sleeps beneath swamp and mire is perhaps the most difficult of the Daemon Lords to deal with. Less communicative than his brothers and more obscure in purpose, Whirm Whidrill is the corruption that grows within the hearts of men. Nonetheless those who work their evil in secret, or who are on the brink of falling from grace - may have dark dreams of Whirm Whidrill.

Boons available to servants of WHIRM WHIDRILL:

Access to Conjuration/Summoning school of magic.

Mind Worms (tunnel into victim's brain stealing all knowledge and memories).

CADAVALIA - Daemon Lord of Slavery

Cadavalia already enjoys a well organised network of followers which act in his name and has agents in every major city throughout TERRESTIA. Cadavalia is keen to retake his rightful place as ruler of TERRESTIA and if he can't do it in person, he will act through his human agents, who depose kings, murder and plot on his behalf and for their own elevation. This organisation, known as THE HAND OF CADAVALIA worship and protect Cadavalia in his mountain lair. It is unlikely that anyone will gain his patronage without rising to suitable rank within this organisation. Membership is as broad as mercenaries, assassins, magistrates and princes. At lower ranking levels, members are unaware that a Daemon is the ultimate Grand Master.

Boons available to servants of CADAVALIA:

Access to Evocation school of magic.

Political power and influence.

Powerful financial and military resources.

Charisma and Defense increasing magical items.

NEFARIA - Daemon Lord of War

Finding little diversion in subjugating humans, the female Daemon of War decided more sport would be found in raging war on her Daemon brothers. She travels upon the wind, ever on the move. Masquerading as a Goddess, Nefaria bestows her gifts and boons only to righteous souls on THE PATH OF REDEMPTION.

Boons available to servants of NEFARIA:

Paladin or Cleric Status