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Role Play Druids


"Nature is by definition uncontrollable. At best you can attempt a momentary influence, ,but even that is subject to the whims of nature." ------Vadania* 


In history, druids were priests of Celtic tribes in western Europe. Many stories and great legends describe these figures from our past. To learn more, visit your bookstore or check a few books out of your library and read about the druids who populated history. Good works to start include 'Celtic Lore' by Ward Rutherford, 'The Druids' by Stuart Piggott, and 'Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe: Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions' by Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson.

Keep in mind that the druids of Amtgard are based more on fantasy and fiction than on historical fact . Here druids are not Celtic priests, and they don't follow the same rites that real druids did. Druids in the game have more in common with characters from Terry Brooks's 'Shannara' series, Marion Zimmer Bradley's 'The Mist of Avalon', and Morgan Llywelyn's 'The Druid" than anyone from earths path.

One of the best sources for fantasy druids is WOTC 3.5  Players hand book or 'Masters of the Wild' class book as well as any on the 2nd Ed. books

My druid persona is a wood elf and is loosely based on the Celtic culture. I prefer to play with a dagger and load up on spells and enchantments. However you choose to portray your druid remember proper garb and a good knowledge of the rules of magic are the most important. As for your persona and role play, well this is Amtgard and your imagination is..........PERIOD!