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PhrozenWSU: Hey
Gaherfindahl has entered the room.
TanithRyudo: lo
Gaherfindahl: Evenin'.
Gaherfindahl: Is Troy gonna be an unmitigated disaster?
TanithRyudo: looks like it
TanithRyudo: still hoping not, though
Gaherfindahl: Damn, that sucks.
TanithRyudo: hope springs eternal
Gaherfindahl: Well, if they sanitize the Paris/Helen elopement, I'm gonna be real unhappy.
TanithRyudo: mmm....
TanithRyudo: I talked to mew earlier today over phone
Gaherfindahl: Oh?
TanithRyudo: we agreed that it would've made much more sense if they'd casted Orlando Bloom as Patroclus
Gaherfindahl: Hmm..that casting never occurred to me.
TanithRyudo: then they'd actually get down and admit that Paris was a frickin' villain in the story
TanithRyudo: instead of the Orlando worship they're doing to attract more money
Gaherfindahl: Yeah. And this villainization of Agamemnon doesn't sit well either.
PhrozenWSU: Well, they all were flawed.
TanithRyudo: as Patroclus, they'd get the money from the Orli fans, plus have him cast as a "good guy"
Gaherfindahl: True.
Pellcia: Hmm...
Gaherfindahl: Yes, Mike all the chars were flawed, some so more than others.
TanithRyudo: plus Bloom has proven that he's a perfect candidate for subtextual homosexual themes with the other male lead
TanithRyudo: consider the vast amounts of Legolas or Will/Jack slash
Gaherfindahl: Okay, that consideration is a minor one for me. :-P
Pellcia: *Kicks computer* Dumb stupid slow internet connection!
TanithRyudo: heh
PhrozenWSU: If anybody should be the hero it should be Hector.
Gaherfindahl: But the dynamics would play quite well for that particular audience.
PhrozenWSU: Achilles was an asshole.
TanithRyudo: well they are doing pro-hector
PhrozenWSU: Paris was a coward.
Gaherfindahl: Hector comes closest to being a hero yes.
TanithRyudo: since I think they're gonna mess up the timeline so that the achilles/hector fight is gonna happen at the climax in the end of the movie
TanithRyudo: *after* the fall of troy
Gaherfindahl: Okay, that's just god-damned wrong. >:o
TanithRyudo: oh... and their "wooden horse" looks like a friggin' armadillo
Pellcia: If I'm lucky...I'll be signed up for Keenspace by the end of the fouth or fifth renaissance.
TanithRyudo: if I was athena in the movie-verse, I'd smite them all just for daring to give me shoddy goods
Gaherfindahl: It seemed somewhat influenced by images of ROTK's Grond.
TanithRyudo: ...
TanithRyudo: grond was based on a monster/wolf/evil critter
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Gaherfindahl: Sorry, just my opinion.
TanithRyudo: the horse is supposedly a gift to athena
PhrozenWSU: It should be a big laquered wooden thing
VCreed33: this laughter doing skits on SNL is freaking sad
TanithRyudo: making it look like something outta hades is not gonna look good
TanithRyudo: especially when you can just look at any historical relic of grecian origins and see that they at least have artistic ability
TanithRyudo: and taste
Gaherfindahl: I grasp your point...doing a credible Wooden Horse was always going to be a challenge.
PhrozenWSU: Unlike the Romans.
Gaherfindahl: Of course, taste is largely unkown in Holyywood.
TanithRyudo: they could at least make it look something like the classic grecian art styles
TanithRyudo: instead of... like an armadillo
TanithRyudo: a burnt and charred armadillo
PhrozenWSU: Well, it has the horse hair spines....
PhrozenWSU: Actually, it looks like old bleached wood.
TanithRyudo: you seen the pic?
PhrozenWSU: Yes. Old aged wood turns grey
Gaherfindahl: So, from what I understand, the gods aren't gonna be in the movie?
TanithRyudo: the head looks nothing like a horse
TanithRyudo: and the body...
PhrozenWSU: Yes.
TanithRyudo: looks like a giraff crossed with an elephant or something
TanithRyudo: Gah: nope
TanithRyudo: they're making thetis a seer
PhrozenWSU: I wonder if they are gonna CGI the towers of Troy
Gaherfindahl: Okay, I foresee that I will not be an easy sell on this film.
VCreed33: Achilles' heel?
TanithRyudo: probably not... w/o magic/divine stuff, there's not much they'd need excessive cgi for
Gaherfindahl: Army/crowd scenes?
TanithRyudo: well... that
Gaherfindahl: The big fleet?
PhrozenWSU: Well, they CGIed Rome for Gladiator.
TanithRyudo: mew was blowing a gasket 'cause the trojan army in the trailers were using greek tactics
PhrozenWSU: Everybody used Greecian tactics....
VCreed33: well Achilles be at all mystical?
TanithRyudo: nope
TanithRyudo: they're cutting out all the gods
TanithRyudo: i don't think they're gonna even reference his (literal) immortality
VCreed33: he's just really luck *rolleyes*
Gaherfindahl: That just rips the guts outa of the trying to imagine a 'historicized' LOTR.
PhrozenWSU: The roman legions were basically Phalanxes with better equipment.
TanithRyudo: just really good at fighting i guess
TanithRyudo: they're painting him as the greatest warrior in the world, yaddayaddayadda
TanithRyudo: Mg: but they came after
PhrozenWSU: Namely the Gladius Hispania and Tower Shield.
TanithRyudo: Gah: *shudder*
Gaherfindahl: Sorry. that's how I feel about an Iliad without Olympians.
TanithRyudo: heh...
Gaherfindahl: There's no real thematic underpinning anymore.
PhrozenWSU: Tani: Troy was more advanced for its time.
TanithRyudo: I'm getting the impression that they're gonna be anti-divinity (anti-religion?) about this
TanithRyudo: the website had some bit about Priam going like "his faith in the gods would be his undoing" or somelike
VCreed33: oh F***!!
TanithRyudo: yeah...
VCreed33: Robin's father now knows Batman's secret id
TanithRyudo: ...
PhrozenWSU: Creed: Everybody knows who Batman is now.
Gaherfindahl: Gad, what more could go wrong with this picture?
Level100FFChar: Honestly how hard could it be to figure out??
VCreed33: phro: that's not a good thing though
Level100FFChar: Robin I mean not Batman.
TanithRyudo: Gah: plenty... but we all have our hopes
Gaherfindahl: Mine grow ever dimmer.
TanithRyudo: at least all the bad news aren't confirmed yet
PhrozenWSU: Maybe they will do Thesius next.
TanithRyudo: if we go in with really, really low expectations, it might pleasantly surprise us
TanithRyudo: maybe
Gaherfindahl: That's our faint hope talking, I think.
TanithRyudo: possibly
TanithRyudo: they really should've picked the iliad
PhrozenWSU: Though Alexander the Great is being developed by two companies.
TanithRyudo: it's themes and story and characterizations are simply too removed from hollywood stereotypes
TanithRyudo: they'd prolly do much better with the odyssey
TanithRyudo: since it's much more hollywood-ish
Gaherfindahl: Even the Iliad is difficult to compress into two hours.
PhrozenWSU: One of the films is by Oliver Stone
TanithRyudo: Gah: well, we're not just talking about covering all the details
TanithRyudo: we're talking about getting the main cornerstones *right*
Gaherfindahl: I don't expect a doctoral dissertation, no.
PhrozenWSU: with DiCaprio as Alexander
Gaherfindahl: Ugh.
PhrozenWSU: DiCaprio can't look Greek without massive plastic surgery.
TanithRyudo: thing is that the black/white right/wrong good/bad associations in the classical iliad is completely removed from any of the romantic tangents
TanithRyudo: hollwood simply can't cope with that
TanithRyudo: with their romance = good and those opposing must therefore be villains
PhrozenWSU: I am still hoping for Trafalgar.
Gaherfindahl: Well, the Iliad is a war story pure and simple...romance takes a back seat.
TanithRyudo: romance also being completely homophobic... 'course
TanithRyudo: they're gonna emphasize the whole briseis thing... just know they are... arg!
Gaherfindahl: Y'know, I always felt sorry for her..she really gets treated shoddily in the Iliad.
TanithRyudo: b/c it reflects on the reality of the times
TanithRyudo: you can have the iliad and divorce it from the culture of the times and go by modern morality and beliefs
TanithRyudo: the ancient greek culture barely admits that women are sentient beings
TanithRyudo: much less that they get any say in anything worth of note
PhrozenWSU: Most cultures at that time did.
TanithRyudo: yeah...
TanithRyudo: which is why it's totally a hollywood bastardization to give briseis an emphasized role, much less actual friggin romance, with achilles
Gaherfindahl: And with no gods in the story, female roles will just be shafted completely.
TanithRyudo: not shafted exactly... hollywood-ized... though I'm not sure which is worse
PhrozenWSU: Heh. Master & Commander had one female in the whole movie and that was only for a scene.
TanithRyudo: and they did fine with it
Gaherfindahl: No scheming Hera or wise athena or motherly one who can help drive the story from an independent POV.
TanithRyudo: i like M&C
PhrozenWSU: I am surprised they were able to get away with it
TanithRyudo: i've no idea where hollywood gets this incredibly stupid idea that female roles must be forced into films that have no place for them purely for PC reasons
Gaherfindahl: Hollywood execs are mostly men who haven't lived in the real world for decades.
PhrozenWSU has left the room.
TanithRyudo: feh
TanithRyudo: or just money grubbers who think you have to have a bust line and tongue action to get any decent box office for thier flicks
PhrozenWSU has left the room.
Gaherfindahl: Too true. You could have amputated Arwen right outta the films and improved them vastly.
TanithRyudo: definitely... the A/A plot was *awful*
TanithRyudo: and contrived... it was so confusing to hear them randomly make up stuff about her supposed immortality and how to lose it
Gaherfindahl: That linked to the Ring thing?
TanithRyudo: yeah... that was outta left field
TanithRyudo: at the time i had the admittedly hysterical urge to throttle elrond and scream "THIS is why you shouldnt've kept Vilya, doofus!"
Gaherfindahl: Heh. yeah.
VCreed33: "Rumple Foreskin", good one
Gaherfindahl: What are you talking about, V?
Gaherfindahl: nvm.
VCreed33: SNL's "Adult Film Awards"
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TanithRyudo: we have a ghost in here...
Gaherfindahl: We need an exorcist.
TanithRyudo: don't think anyone qualifies
Gaherfindahl: As an atheist, definitely not.
PhrozenWSU has left the room.
TanithRyudo: heh
VCreed33: I have a tattoo of a cross, if it helps
PhrozenWSU has entered the room.
TanithRyudo: fifth time's the charm?
PhrozenWSU: AIM wouldn't let me invite myself.
TanithRyudo: ah
PhrozenWSU: Something like that
Gaherfindahl: Well, welcome back.
PhrozenWSU: Derby was a mess today
Gaherfindahl: Have I mentioned I have a dog in my house tonight?
PhrozenWSU: No
VCreed33: eww, they picked some odd colors to censor blood with on TBS
TanithRyudo: what kinda dog?
TanithRyudo: how old?
Gaherfindahl: A collie hybrid of some sort.
Gaherfindahl: Year old. name is Nemo.
PhrozenWSU: Heh. Has it tried to herd your cats yet?
Gaherfindahl: The cats are upstairs.
Gaherfindahl: The house has been divided into two sections, one of which is puppy free.
TanithRyudo: by choice or did you put them up there?
PhrozenWSU: Has it tried to herd you yet?
Gaherfindahl: By choice.
TanithRyudo: *nods*
TanithRyudo: Nemo? by any chance female?
Gaherfindahl: male.
TanithRyudo: ah
TanithRyudo: got any pics?
Gaherfindahl: Neutered if that helps. :-P
Gaherfindahl: Um, I'll ask Cougar.
PhrozenWSU: For herding instinct? Nope.
TanithRyudo: have 'er put it up on GJ so mew can see it too
Gaherfindahl: I will.
Gaherfindahl: I hope he don't chew on my cowboot boots.
PhrozenWSU: Collies aren't real big chewers.
Gaherfindahl: Even a little bit of chewing will incur my wrath, or at least my dismay.
TanithRyudo: hehe... moreso dismay, methinks
TanithRyudo: you big softie you ;-)
Gaherfindahl: Stop reading my kittie related entries! :-P
PhrozenWSU: HEh
TanithRyudo: :-P
TanithRyudo: doesn't change the truth tho ;-)
Gaherfindahl: Now that I think of it, he can't chew my boots after all...they're in the no puppy section.
TanithRyudo: how 'bout just yer toes then? :-P
Gaherfindahl: Bah, one day I shall surprise you with my inner fierceness.
PhrozenWSU: Depends on the dog.
TanithRyudo: ha!
PhrozenWSU: Some dogs are really mouthy.
TanithRyudo: maybe when the devil starts selling bobsleds...
PhrozenWSU: *points to demonic bobsled salesman*
TanithRyudo: difficult since we're both atheists :-D
PhrozenWSU: Just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Gaherfindahl: Well, I've had a dog try to chew on me for reals..that's why I quit my job for the Post Office years ago.
TanithRyudo: hahaha!
TanithRyudo: for real?
Gaherfindahl: Yes. I used to deliver junk male and I had a german shepherd try to rip the mail bag apart.
Gaherfindahl: *mail
TanithRyudo: junk male....
Gaherfindahl: Still got the scar from where he bloodied up ne of my fingers.
TanithRyudo: o_O
TanithRyudo: ouch
PhrozenWSU: Freud was right. :-D
TanithRyudo: poor dearie
Gaherfindahl: I lived. But I had the post office terminate all mail service to trhe owner's house until the dog was removed
TanithRyudo: maybe the dog was trying to attack the intruder you were stuffing into the mailbox? :-P
SirChristopher55 has entered the room.
Gaherfindahl: Possibly. O:-)
TanithRyudo: hehehe
PhrozenWSU: Hmm. That is an awesome quote to use. "These are the burning times, the years of pain."
Gaherfindahl: Still, I was sick of the job anyhow, so that convinced me to give it up.
TanithRyudo: yeah...
TanithRyudo: getting bitten by a cerberus wannabe would convince me too
Gaherfindahl: Once I had a kitten divebomb me from a tree on a route..he fell right into the bag.
Gaherfindahl: It was so hilarious..if it hadn't happened to me, I'd never belive it.
Pellcia: Hmmm...I g2g
Pellcia: later all
Gaherfindahl: Night.
TanithRyudo: hahaha!
TanithRyudo: smart kitty, to wait until it had a safe landing net before jumping... ;-)
Gaherfindahl: He landed on my shoulder, skidded down my arm and dropped into the bag. his owner gave me a brownie when I brought him to the apologetic.
TanithRyudo: heh... so it ended up good for you and the kitty. smart kitty! ;-)
Gaherfindahl: I never did figure out why he jumped me..I musta outweighed it by about170 pounds.
Gaherfindahl: Talk about ambition.
SirChristopher55: It did have the element of surprise, as well as the high ground
TanithRyudo: i think it was just looking for a safe landing rather than wait for the fire department to rescue it...?
Gaherfindahl: Possibly.
TanithRyudo: *nodnod*
SirChristopher55: That cat's a tactical genius
SirChristopher55: Someday it will lead the feline revolution, and I will salute it as my new lord
PhrozenWSU: High ground is only good if you have ranged weapons or are defending.
SirChristopher55: Or for ambushes from above
Pellcia has left the room.
Gaherfindahl: Well, it did have a stealth advantage-I was suprised as hell. :-P
VCreed33: and prep time
SirChristopher55: And a backup plan -- if the vicious clawed death failed, it could cutely tumble into your bag and allay all suspicion
SirChristopher55: A devious, cunning master of surprise...
TanithRyudo: ha! :-)
Gaherfindahl: Yeah, I was completely fooled by that ploy.
Gaherfindahl: Now if only the brownie had been poisoned beforehand....
TanithRyudo: lol
TanithRyudo: but why? i'm sure it could tell that you're already a loyal follower ;-)
Gaherfindahl: I think I justsortof broadcast that to all felines.
TanithRyudo: yeah
TanithRyudo: prolly why it jumped you and not just any other random... passerby... or somethin
SirChristopher55: Is the forum search function not working for anyone else?
Gaherfindahl: Works fine for me.
VCreed33: not working for me
Gaherfindahl: Can't help you, alas.
Gaherfindahl: Are you getting an error message of any sort?
PhrozenWSU: That was a stupid commercial.
VCreed33: what commercial?
PhrozenWSU: "You shouldn't smoke cigerettes because if you drop it on something flammable it might start a fire."
VCreed33: heh, sounds like that may have been made by one of the tobacco companies
PhrozenWSU: Nope Truth commercial
VCreed33: who's Truth sponsored by?
PhrozenWSU: Basically, the Tobacco companies are forced to give money to the anti-smoking lobby.
VCreed33: yep
PhrozenWSU: So they let Truth guys run wild.
TanithRyudo: is munchy still listening in here?
Gaherfindahl: He hasn't said anything in ages.
PhrozenWSU: Are you going to tell him off for spamming?
TanithRyudo: ...
PhrozenWSU: Seriously, it is getting annoying.
TanithRyudo: hey, Mg... can you IM munchy and tell me what his away message autoresponse says?
Gaherfindahl: Okay, be back in a few minutes. Supper.
PhrozenWSU: Auto response from Level100FFChar: Do not Bother Me for even the Great MunchKING requires his 5 seconds in the dark with the cute music. Begone PhrozenWSU!
TanithRyudo: ah.... so the last line is twigged to whoever is sending
TanithRyudo: just checking
PhrozenWSU: Okay
SirChristopher55: I guess it was my network, search is working fine again
TanithRyudo: ah...
TanithRyudo: we need a new topic, I think
PhrozenWSU: South Park is on all night
VCreed33: the movie?
PhrozenWSU: At 1 am
SirChristopher55: It's been episodes from this season for me
PhrozenWSU: Yeah
TanithRyudo: arg... board... so... slow...
TanithRyudo: raise of hands, please... how many here think munchy should be made to curtail his excessive low-quality posting?
VCreed33: there's only 6 people in here?
TanithRyudo: just getting a feel
PhrozenWSU: *raises hand*
TanithRyudo: not making any decisions yet, specially since moderation ain't a democracy to begin with
VCreed33: oops, that was supposed to be a :-(, not a question
VCreed33: *raises hand*
TanithRyudo: you can invite more if you want...
Metasarc has entered the room.
SirChristopher55: Agreed
Metasarc: Hello
TanithRyudo: hm... i see
VCreed33: hey
SirChristopher55: OT is one thing, but he pops off ALL THE TIME
VCreed33: raise you hand Sarc
VCreed33: your
SirChristopher55: With no apparent intention to actually participate in the substance of the thread
Metasarc: Lemmie guess...Munchy?
TanithRyudo: he hasn't been really listening to any of the subtle hints i've dropped or the occassional deleted post (much)
Metasarc: [Raises hand.]
TanithRyudo: hm...
AnOnymOu5 has entered the room.
AnOnymOu5: Hey
TanithRyudo: ola
TanithRyudo: is the board dead to anyone else?
Metasarc: To me.
TanithRyudo: le sigh
SirChristopher55: Yeah, I got nuthin
AnOnymOu5: Yeah, it's moving in super slow motion
AnOnymOu5: And making me sad
TanithRyudo: le sigh again
VCreed33: I dunno, not on the board
AnOnymOu5: Creed and his whole "I can be online without being at the board" thing
Gaherfindahl: Back again.
TanithRyudo: um... what's so hard about that?
VCreed33: I'm downloading..things
Gaherfindahl: Weird, Forum's still working for me.
TanithRyudo: i'm checking GJ right now... not that anything's going on there...
Gaherfindahl: I posted earlier. :-P
TanithRyudo: really?
TanithRyudo: lemme check friends
Gaherfindahl: Yup.
TanithRyudo: oh... already saw that one
SirChristopher55: It's good for me now
TanithRyudo: thought you meant a new one
Gaherfindahl: Ah no, not a new one.
TanithRyudo: *checks* yeah, working now
Gaherfindahl: Sasami surprised us..she came downstairs during supper and sat on top of the anti-puppy barricade.
TanithRyudo: ....and?
Gaherfindahl: Nemo ignored her.
TanithRyudo: ....and?
Gaherfindahl: She's never came that close to a dog before..I could tell she was thinking about coming into the living room.
TanithRyudo: did she?
Gaherfindahl: Nope.
Metasarc: okay, did I miss something?
Gaherfindahl: Miss something?
TanithRyudo: Nemo = dog that is temporarily staying at Gah's place
TanithRyudo: Sasami = one of Gah's cats
Metasarc: Never mind, just confused.
TanithRyudo: ok
Gaherfindahl: Cougarwill post up pics of Nemo later on GJ.
TanithRyudo: cool
Gaherfindahl: And during supper he slobbered on my foot! Thanks alot for even thinking about that.
TanithRyudo: haha!
TanithRyudo: I guess it was in betwee chewing your shoes and chewing your toes... ;-)
TanithRyudo: *between
Gaherfindahl: You'd fine that amusing, wouldn't ya? =-O
TanithRyudo: well, okay... no...
Eagle299 has entered the room.
TanithRyudo: *hides grin*
Eagle299: Hello.
TanithRyudo: lo
Gaherfindahl: Uh huh.
Eagle299: Whats up all?
VCreed33: wow, Soldier has how a fight in my dream looks
TanithRyudo: O:-)
Gaherfindahl: Ah well, I must concede the obvious..I have no spine where these beastiesare concerned. :-\
TanithRyudo: well... that's not a bad thing
TanithRyudo: *hugs Gah*
Gaherfindahl: Heh. Thanks.
TanithRyudo: :-)
Gaherfindahl: Anyhow, back to Munchy (never answered your question).
Gaherfindahl: He's a pain, but I dunno if more aggressive moderating would be a help in his case.
VCreed33: just to be preventative
Metasarc: Nah, he'd likely just call you a nazi.
VCreed33: lol, Highlander's about to come on
TanithRyudo: well... if it's aggressively getting rid of the problem posts, then his griping isn't gonna do much
TanithRyudo: HL? what channel?
TanithRyudo: the series or the raven?
Metasarc: Movie or show?
VCreed33: how delighfully coincendtal
VCreed33: the movie
TanithRyudo: oh
Metasarc: Bah.
VCreed33: TNT
TanithRyudo: which movie?
VCreed33: not sure
TanithRyudo: hm...
SirChristopher55: It's the original
VCreed33: it's funny because VCreed33 (02:21:07): wow, Soldier has how a fight in my dream looks
TanithRyudo: and munchy can gripe all he wants about being nazi... but only 2 ppl have any power/weight in their opinions of me
VCreed33: and now Highlander is coming on
SirChristopher55: Exactly
TanithRyudo: Llax would just laugh in his face, and Watcher would only resist b/c he's too polite to laugh
SirChristopher55: There's two ways to take fair moderation: like a man, or like a whiney bitch
VCreed33: because it was a dream that I had about Highlander that started how my fights in dreams go
SirChristopher55: Since I feel this moderation, should it be enacted, is fair, I think you can take it from there
VCreed33: Tani, and Jonah
TanithRyudo: Jonah does not tread the ground of Rumbles
TanithRyudo: and therefore defers judgement in all Rumbles related matters to the Rumbles mods
Gaherfindahl: Even if he cared, he has no time to backseat mod.
TanithRyudo: yep
TanithRyudo: busy man
VCreed33: so his opinion of you doesn't matter?
TanithRyudo: his opinion on my moderation duties doesn't b/c it will never come up
VCreed33: that's cool
SirChristopher55: So theoretically, you guys could reign over Rumbles with an iron fist any everything would be kosher
TanithRyudo: hm... yep
VCreed33: heh, I remember back in 95 talking with some people that thought they just knew everything about Highlander
SirChristopher55: Assuming you had a good cover story for the inevitable e-mails (I always prefer "it's a hacker spoof, pay no heed")
TanithRyudo: actually, a lot of the other mods would be cheering us on if that happened
Metasarc: And then Munchy would be right.
SirChristopher55: Oh, I bet
AnOnymOu5: What did Munchy do this time?
TanithRyudo: there's a lot of anti-rumbles sentiment out there
VCreed33: I asked them what other names did Duncan use besides Russel Nash
VCreed33: they didn't even know about Russel Nash
SirChristopher55: Yeah well, it's lonely at the top
TanithRyudo: V: ... augh!
Gaherfindahl: Screw what the other mods long as Jonah or Parallax won't pull the ban button on me, whatdo I carewhat they think?
TanithRyudo: heh
TanithRyudo: well, i get along with a lot of the other mods
TanithRyudo: BA and I sorta bonded over our love of Jin Yong wuxia
VCreed33: some of the anti-Rumbles stuff is anti-Chuck stuff
Gaherfindahl: By the way, no offense to either you or Ben, whose opinions I value highly.
VCreed33: maybe most of it
TanithRyudo: and I've had a few late night chats with Mike Smash and Justin
Koba The Feared has entered the room.
TanithRyudo: hm... there's a lot of anti-chuck stuff... but there's also quite a bit of anti-rumbles stuff from those who've never dealt w/ chuck
Koba The Feared: Subject of the moment?
TanithRyudo: i think... some of it may be before my time, so i can't be sure
TanithRyudo: koba: moderators and moderation
TanithRyudo: @ cbr
VCreed33: and munch
Koba The Feared: Ah/
Gaherfindahl: Sure. Conn has always hated Rumbles from dayone.
TanithRyudo: and munch
Koba The Feared: Conn Seanery? Why?
TanithRyudo: er... i used to know
Gaherfindahl: AlthoughChuck surely made a bad situation worse
TanithRyudo: but i forget... it might still be in one of my icq logs w/ him
TanithRyudo: but whatever the original reason was, i think it's become just a habit now
Gaherfindahl: Hardly matters anyhow now that Conn's moderating days are behind him.
TanithRyudo: he didn't seem very antagonistic when i struck up a conversation w/ him
Koba The Feared: Heh.
VCreed33: it has seeped into his soul
TanithRyudo: heh
Gaherfindahl: I have to admit though that my once very negative opinion of T'Omm has turned around completely.
Koba The Feared: Howy hates Rumbles.
TanithRyudo: i've never gotten the impression that t'omm was anti-rumbles
PhrozenWSU: Joe Rice does alos.
PhrozenWSU: *also
Koba The Feared: Provoking a rant directed towards him from Yours Truly.
Gaherfindahl: He isn't.
TanithRyudo: joe is... eh...
VCreed33: I only have a slightly negative opinion of T'omm
Koba The Feared: What's with Joe
TanithRyudo: thin skinned
TanithRyudo: looking for trouble
Koba The Feared: Psh.
TanithRyudo: that's what i got from him the few times he's been on rumbles
TanithRyudo: brb a sec
Koba The Feared: I never saw T'Omm as anti-Rumbles.
Koba The Feared: There are other things about him that annoy me though.
Koba The Feared: I think he over-moderates.
Gaherfindahl: I don't relate well to TOmm at a personal level, but he's a damned fuine mod.
Gaherfindahl: *fine
SirChristopher55: He annoys the hell out of me, know why?
VCreed33: same here Koba
AnOnymOu5: Joe is actually a part of You vs World 2k4
SirChristopher55: J'onn is NOT spelled with a capital O!
SirChristopher55: Until this situation is rectified, he will have my undying contempt
VCreed33: lol
Koba The Feared: T'Omm closes down threads he thinks are pointless. And he has this bizarre obsessive-compulsive thing about the Front Page.
Koba The Feared: Because he's always complaining that politics or sports threads are ""
Koba The Feared: "Bumping things off the front page."
AnOnymOu5: Rumbles needs more Sports threads
Koba The Feared: Like there's anything else regularly worth talking about on Comm.
TanithRyudo: back
VCreed33: I had to plead with him to re-open a thread of mine once
PhrozenWSU: They used to talk about sex all the time.
Koba The Feared: They still do to a lesser extent.
Koba The Feared: One poster once started a thread for the sole purpose of saying "I got some!"
Koba The Feared: It went for 150 posts plus.
Gaherfindahl: V, that thread was treading a very fine line.
Koba The Feared: Never got locked.
Koba The Feared: Which thread was that?
TanithRyudo: hm... so hey, if i do get nazi-ish on a few problem posters that most would agree w/ me on anyways, i'd still be better than some mods? :-P
VCreed33: about my thing with robeteer
VCreed33: but I wasn't trying to start anything
VCreed33: I wasn't even going to give details but then people started asking me about it
Gaherfindahl: Tanith, you aren't capable of being Nazish on your worstday.
TanithRyudo: awww.... arncha nice to say so
TanithRyudo: *hugs*
SirChristopher55: *calls the SS to drag Gaherfindahl away*
TanithRyudo: meep?
SirChristopher55: That's why she hires lieutenants
AnOnymOu5: Tanith, you should ban Munchy from posting on Naruto threads, and in return, we will not have more than three Naruto threads at any time
TanithRyudo: hm.....
Gaherfindahl: Well, I wouldn't necessarily make moderating decisions exactly as you do but I'm in close accord with your approach or I wouldn't be there.
VCreed33: Gordon Smith, what line was my thread treading?
Gaherfindahl: It coulda got ugly real fast.
Koba The Feared: Tanith, who would those problem posters be?
Koba The Feared: *Looks innocent*
AnOnymOu5: *Looks semi innocent*
VCreed33: because of the "faggot" remarks?
TanithRyudo: well, he-who-shall-not-be-named-tho-he'll-no-doub t-be-back-soon-enough to begin with
AnOnymOu5: Wow, I have no idea who that means. Hotbranch, I guess?
TanithRyudo: mhm
Gaherfindahl: Quite possibly..the whole thread was an accident waiting to happen even though it ended well.
TanithRyudo: a few other trolls come to mind
Koba The Feared: Guh, again I express sympathy that you have to go through that./
Metasarc has left the room.
TanithRyudo: only one's actually had 30 or so handles doing so
VCreed33: anon, it's supposed to be shall not be named
AnOnymOu5: I'll keep that in mind in the future
Koba The Feared: What more can we do to stop him?
TanithRyudo: munchy definitely needs a sterner talking to, and more if he still won't listen
TanithRyudo: nuke argentina
Gaherfindahl: Nothing that's practical.
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Koba The Feared: OK, I suppose I could hang onto the rest of my arsenal and still be feared...
Koba The Feared: *hands Tanith a nuke*
SirChristopher55: Ban Argentina
Gaherfindahl: The only real way is to require admin validations of all new accounts..not gonna happen.
SirChristopher55: That's practical
TanithRyudo: we may yet come to that
TanithRyudo: the ban argentina thing
Koba The Feared: Yeah, how can he get away with threatening to rape and murder people like that?
Koba The Feared: Doesn't the kid have parents
Koba The Feared: ?
TanithRyudo: eh... more easily for that i can't do much legally over international internet threats
AnOnymOu5: Well, do we have any positive posters from Argentina?
TanithRyudo: but the only upside to that encounter is that i gave the other mods on the mod board an eyefull of what we have to deal with
Gaherfindahl: I don't think so.
SirChristopher55: Haha
AnOnymOu5: Well, then the balancing act is easy
TanithRyudo: which gave us a step closer to banning argentina
SirChristopher55: There you go, always find a silver lining
Gaherfindahl: Well, that's an extreme measure to be sure.
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TanithRyudo: instead of the last three strings of numbers... we're now banning his ip's down to the last two
AnOnymOu5: Well, to be fair, ever since World Cup 1990, and the Argentinan player hit a German player in the face
AnOnymOu5: I haven't been a big fan of Argentina anyway
PhrozenWSU has entered the room.
PhrozenWSU: Thank you Tani
VCreed33: wb
TanithRyudo: welcome
TanithRyudo: i would love to see the day when all 200.* ip's are banned
AnOnymOu5: *checks his ip*
Gaherfindahl: Heh.
TanithRyudo: :-D
SirChristopher55: Whew, good thing I'm 207.* at home
TanithRyudo: lol
AnOnymOu5: *sighs*
Koba The Feared: So HB's ips all begin with 200?
TanithRyudo: yep. all 30 so far
AnOnymOu5: Does anyone else have a 200 ip?
TanithRyudo: i dunno
TanithRyudo: i can only check ips on rumbles
TanithRyudo: and it's not like i check everyone's like i have nothing else to do
Gaherfindahl: Is it wise to be advertising your blog on CBR like you do, Tani? he might tumble onto it one day.
TanithRyudo: he ain't intelligent enough
TanithRyudo: plus i have ban abilities on my own journal
Koba The Feared: Cooooooooooollllllllllllllllllll...
TanithRyudo: and also, he's never been to NEB
TanithRyudo: it's too intelligent a board for him
Gaherfindahl: True.
PhrozenWSU: We aren't intelligent. I feel insulted. :-D
TanithRyudo: ...
TanithRyudo: <_<
TanithRyudo: >_>
TanithRyudo: ^_^;;
Koba The Feared: Hehe.
Koba The Feared: I, on the other hand, have posted on NEB several times.
Koba The Feared: And therefore am superior to most of you.
Gaherfindahl: I wish I had saved is post from years ago when he gave what purported to be his real name. It might have been useful to us.
TanithRyudo: well we certainly do have a much higher troll ration than neb!
TanithRyudo: *ratio
VCreed33: lol, if it were rations...
TanithRyudo: Gah: I wouldn't believe it... the guy's a pretty compulsive liar
PhrozenWSU: *pants Koba*
Koba The Feared: "Pants?"
PhrozenWSU: as in de-pants
Gaherfindahl: Possibly. But there was detail in there that had the ring of truth, even if his name was phony.
TanithRyudo: hm. how 'bout a 'denial of service' attack on the prima internet service?
Koba The Feared: Uh huh.
Koba The Feared: *Nukes Prho*
Koba The Feared: *Phro
Gaherfindahl: That's an option.
Gaherfindahl: Although I suspect an illegal one.
TanithRyudo: if i spoke spanish better than i do i might try calling the service
TanithRyudo: and try talking them to taking the idiot off their service
VCreed33: prima is cousin
PhrozenWSU: You just have to get Overmaster to do it.
Koba The Feared: A friend and I are watching The 5th Element and Bruce Willis just jumped through a hail of gunfire.
PhrozenWSU: That was a decent movie.
AnOnymOu5: Is the friend, Kain the Feared?
Koba The Feared: I started saying "Character Shield" in a singsong voice and my friend looked weird at me.
AnOnymOu5: Because that would be awesome
Koba The Feared: Anon, nope. Kain and I live somewhat far apart. Or at least we did.
Koba The Feared: He's just Michael.
Koba The Feared: And he looked at me and said "Sometime you'"
AnOnymOu5: Michael the Feared?
VCreed33: yeah!!
Koba The Feared: "Sometime you have to teach me all those weird fanboy terms you use."
VCreed33: I can dig that
Koba The Feared: Believe me, it is literally impossible for Michael to scare anyone.
Koba The Feared: I just moved in the TV we're watching, his new one. By myself.
Koba The Feared: He's too weak to help.
VCreed33: I moved a 27 or 32 inch by myself
Koba The Feared: This one's a 32.
Koba The Feared: And I spent all day lifting parts of dead trees for a neighbor.
PhrozenWSU: I don't know. From all accounts Doc Holiday was very weak but I doubt anyone would want to mess with him.
SirChristopher55: That's because he was a gunslinger with a reputation
Gaherfindahl: Ugh. falling asleep here. Think I better call it a night.
VCreed33: *sniff* the days when I was 160
VCreed33: farewell Gordon Smith
Gaherfindahl: G'night all.
Gaherfindahl has left the room.
AnOnymOu5: Man, all of your friends should be members of the Feared clan
AnOnymOu5: That way, I could be a better Koba fanboy
PhrozenWSU: Is Koba getting a jobber aura?
AnOnymOu5: He doesn't need one, his micro is mad l337 yo
Koba The Feared: *beams*
Koba The Feared: Yep. You should see my muta-ling.
AnOnymOu5: Can't see anything SC related
AnOnymOu5: I'm retired
Koba The Feared: I have a perfect jobber aura. I've been fine-tuning it since I was born when I single-handedly offed a SWAT team from the delivery room.
AnOnymOu5: Heh
AnOnymOu5: Your micromanagement is very good
AnOnymOu5: Although really, what's a Swat Team?
Koba The Feared: Yep. I can micro with one ha-...uh, hand behind my back! Yeah...
AnOnymOu5: Like the equivalent to one marine
AnOnymOu5: Haha, I imagine you played a lot of UMS games with Kerrigan
AnOnymOu5: And made a lot of Medics
AnOnymOu5: To have learned about "behind the back"
Koba The Feared: Nah, I'm a Valkyrie man myself.
Koba The Feared: I'm a sucker for accents.
AnOnymOu5: Your Craft-fu is good and creepy
AnOnymOu5: A good combination
Koba The Feared: Hehehe.
Koba The Feared: I always thought that the Valkyrie was an underrated unit.
AnOnymOu5: Tell that to ten million dead Mutalisks
Koba The Feared: They shred mutas like nothing.
AnOnymOu5: Which is the primary reason they were added to the game
AnOnymOu5: They drop Scouts and Wraith too, for what it's worth
AnOnymOu5: And go reasonably even with Sairs, per cost
Koba The Feared: I usually got them to own sairs.
AnOnymOu5: That's because you are elite
Koba The Feared: They own Devourers too with Science Vessel support.
AnOnymOu5: Bah, Sci Vessels aren't support
TanithRyudo: mmm... tis late here, i be getting to bed
Koba The Feared: But they're practically useless against Carriers and entirely useless against BCs/
AnOnymOu5: They're the arm of the Terran Army
PhrozenWSU: Night
TanithRyudo: night all
Koba The Feared: OK, Tanith!