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The Idaho Star Cluster

Solar System #1 - Shiva (Leviathan, NPC), Adel'ain (Mighty Mouse), and Gothica (Mg_knt) confirmed. They're probably the furthest away from the Idaho Star Cluster center

Solar System #2 - Olympia (Metaphysician), Valinor (Watcher), Wyrmgard (Locke), Terra-Mars (Ramz), Pokelypse (Z-man)

Solar System #3 - Arcadia (Tanith), Kensho (Brendak), Pax (Airshark), Hillanor (Ramz)

Solar System #4 - Tiberius (Leviathan), Krinos (Lord Darkwolf), Proletaria (Media Man), Jovia (Perfection), Empirex (Crimson Avenger)

Solar System #5 - Raelin (Great Gumbo), Sandtopia (Mr. Sandman), Shadowstar (Born of the Canucks), Esthond (Airshark), Uranus (MasterChaos)

Solar System #6 - Elysia (Brief), Lain (FTO), Eden (Trickster God), Malkin (FBH), Earth V (Carny)

Wormholes interconnect System 2 to System 3, Sys 3 to Sys 4, Sys 4 to Sys 5, Sys 5 to Sys 6, and Sys 6 to Sys 2.

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Idaho - Starting guide and revised rules.

Note: IF we were going to start again, these would be the limitations in effect. They are, right now, just on the table.

Your Own Private Idaho - Revised


How to detail your world:

This is a rather large project in an of itself. To help, here are some guidelines you might want to fill out:

Planet Name - The name of your planet (obviously)

General Environment(s) - Is it tropical or temperate? Watery or desert?

Inhabitents - Defaults at baseline humans. Detail what KIND of people inhabit your world.

Flora - What's the plant life like? Just a sampling is fine. Not asking you to compile an encyclopedia here.

Fauna - What's the wildlife like? Again, just a sampling is alright.

Government - How is your planet governed? Dictatorship? Theocracy? Democracy? HOW does your government work? What are its inner processes?

Foreign Policy - How do you deal with other worlds?

Domestic policy - What are the primary needs of the people and how do you accomidate them? How do you feel your people? How are they housed? is there a justice system? A code of laws?

Religion (if any) - What do your people believe in?

Technology Level - How high of a tech level have you given your people?

Magic level - How much magic is allowed on your world?

Evolution level - How advanced, biologically, are your people?

Additional Notes - Here is where you really get creative. Anything else you want to add in that isn't applicable to the rest of the form, put in here.

Restrictions -

Your world is roughly the size of Pluto, with a landmass roughly the size of Eurasia.

Whatever your world, Superman should be able to kick your entire empire's collective ass.

You cannot abdictate and you're clinically immortal. You do not age, though you can be killed and catch disease in the regular ways.

Please remember your people have feelings and will probably (I say probably, not absolutely; there are exceptions everywhere) not like being under the brutal heel of oppression.

Starting population is about five million, give or take a few hundred thousand.

Special properties of your world (water flows upwards, dreams take physical shape, fire will not burn, etc.) apply only to YOUR world and any worlds where your population is the majority.

This is the part that would really be in effect should the restart go in effect.

On Technology, Magic and Evolution -

Please, please, please, please PLEASE use discression when taking your technology, magic and evolutionary traits. First, let's discuss what's what.

Technology - You should be able to get a handle on this. Technology is the use of tools to change or manipulate your external environment. A very low tech level would be stick and rocks. A very high tech level would be, say, Galactus. Remember the Superman rule: The highest tech you can have is that which Superman can utterly destroy with only having to wipe the sweat from his brow a total of once. Or, rather, you would not be able to beat Superman.

Magic - You've seen magic in enough comic books here. For the purposes here, magic is the imposition of internal will on external environments, almost always performed through some sort of focus like chanting or rituals. The solar system where all the worlds are have a rich ambiance of mana. Magic in this system is the manipulation of the ambiant mana according to the user's will. The better the wielder, the more mana can be channeled (power) and the finer mana can be manipulated (skill). Because of Superman's vulnerabilities to magic, it's more difficult to pin down a Superman rule here. So we'll take the magical equivilent and say that Loki should be able to completely and utterly destroy your entire population. I'm not talking one on one duels. I'm saying if Loki came to your world, he could kill everyone there. You cannot beat Loki with your magic level.

Evolution - More difficult to pin down, but think the Zerg. Think the Tyrranids. Think the natural telepathic abilities of the Protoss, or the enhanced senses of, say, an animal-person. While your citizens default to baseline humans (and any details you miss will assume to work on baseline human levels) you can give them things like killer claws, the ability to burrow underground, exist both underwater AND on land, extremely fast gestation times etc. Evolution covers things that are inherent to your people. Powers, abilities, all that jazz. The maximum evolution level is that Superman would be able to plow through your entire population like cannon fodder. We're talking things like more efficient metabolisms, digging claws, gills, etc. Basically, it provides abilities that are not countered with limitations. If your species can survive on both land AND water, this is an evolution trait. If it can survive ONLY in water, it's not. That is just a trait of your species.

Now. Here comes the hard part. Balance. You can go tech heavy, magic heavy or evolution heavy but not all three, not as any sort of inability to perceive such a society existing, but as a safeguard against twinking. If you choose to 'max out' on any one, assume the other two will be much weaker. If I maxed out on technology, for example, my magic and evolution would not be able to be more than 1/4 as powerful as my tech. Which means I'm pretty much a non-magical, typical human flesh-sack with some impressive technology. Again, this measure is mostly to avoid twinking. Exceptions can be made, but must be evaluated on a case by case basis. The alternative, of course, is to balance things out.

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Created by: Might Mouse
(Note: descriptions still tentative as of 08-02-2002 at 02:06 PM)

Planet Name - Adel’ain

General Environments - Diverse availability. Deserts, tropical, temperate. All depending on the location on the land mass. Three large continents exist, as well as numerous island - most notably an archipelago nation (more on that later), over 200 miles separated from their nearest neighbors.


Elves: The most common folk display characteristics that we would call Elven. Tall, slim, pointy ears - you know the sort. Although, they do not call themselves such. Physically, they have more stamina and dexterity (agility, speed, etc.) than baseline humans, but have similar strength. They are one of the three sentient forms of life on Adel’ain. Many have had some slight alterations to better suit their environments. The people of the archipelago nation of l’Rhothmerr have had a special adaptation, the ability to breathe underwater as well as above water. They are slightly bluish in color, for some reason. Depending on which sub-species, some have greater intellect available (actually, this is true for all inhabitants).

Minotaurs: Not your standard looking minotaurs (and they do not call themselves such - I merely haven‘t a better term at the moment), think more along the lines of Darkness from the movie Legend. All have horns, generally white in color. They have greater stamina and strength than the elves, but nowhere near teir dexterity. Their legs are also thicker than normal minotaurs, as well as having larger hooves. This race has standard, short ‘fur’ from the waist down, but grow little hair above their waists. Although, they have thick hides, to combat against the cold. Their faces are also quite human looking, very unlike a bull.

Dragons: Save for the Dreaming Kings, most dragons only reach 20-30 feet in length. They are divided into different colors: blue, red, green, black & sea-green. They also have normal breath attacks: blue = lightning, red = fire, green = poisoned gas, black = acid, sea = steam (burning mists). All dragons abhor the use of technology, but do not mind collecting them for their troves. Save for the kings, they merely have one psionic/magical ability - the ability to commune with all living creatures, even the elves and minotaurs. Of each color, there may only be 15 existing at any one time. Each dragon can be good or bad, but many like to stay neutral in world’s affairs.

The Dreaming Kings: Beings of immense power, these dragons slumber indefinitely, subsisting on the natural mana which saturates the entire world. They are each 150 feet in length and command vast magical/psionic abilities. The first of which, is to command all the dragons of their color without fail - when they wake. Have you read Dragonlance? Think of them on the power scale of the Dragon Overlords. As well as given the ability to change from a dragon to a human form.

If anyone asks where the Dreaming Kings are located, I’ll supply that information. But for now, they’re just sleeping.

All races of Adel’ain speak Common, but each have a separate dialect. Among the “elves”, the inhabitants l’Rothmerr have gone further and developed their own language as have some other elvish people living on different parts of the world.

Flora - Standard fantasy-like growth. Some are reactive, some carry great poisons which can be used, or have incredible natural healing powers. Not to mention some trees, which may grow as large as sequoias and redwoods (but have hardier wood)

Fauna - Again, a fantasy-like creature setting. Of course, ordinary real life creatures still exist. Many grow to large sizes, due to the lush, available environments and are capable of fulfilling the diets of the dragons.

Note: Processing works differently here, as well. Animals breath carbon dioxide, letting out oxygen as waste. And plants use oxygen, but give off carbon dioxide as a waste product. Diseases should be addressed as well: only my people have built up immunities, or resistances, to the diseases on my planet. They shall also be granted superior resistances to diseases and chemicals, as well as healing abilities.

Government - Separate nations have many options of government available to them. l’Rothmerr is ruled by a king, for use as an example. All kings of that nation must be magically capable - and he among the most powerful in the world. Other countries have communistic and democratic bases, all in differing degrees. Thus far, they all live peacefully with one another and maintain friendly relations with one another. The world’s economy has been stable, “money” losing much value as the technology for the entire world has risen. To maintain the world, a conclave of 100 representatives hold session in a city in the clouds - neutral territory for all who reside on my world. Here, Adel’ain’s military operations are also governed.

Foreign Policy - All worlds shall be dealt with on a case by case basis. We like to remain fairly isolationist, relying upon ourselves to fuel Adel’ain’s economy, technology and evolution. As such, subspace beacons have been set up, alerting all ships and planets (that have the tech to sense this kind of thing) that they are entering our territory. All passersby are given notice to stay away from Adel’ain as well, and are given instructions on how to communicate on our diplomatic channels. To even be able to set foot on my planet shall take 3 weeks of consideration. If allowed, all visitors shall be limited in access to the planet and what they may bring & take away. Temporary visas shall also be issued, which visibly mark them as ’visitors’. This extends to everyone - no exceptions shall be made.

Warning shall also be expressed to heed our ‘xenophobic’ nature, and to not touch down onto our planet’s surface - or send anything to our planet without permission. It is a very simple request to leave us alone if that is our wish. Any planets who disrespect those simple wishes, while having full knowledge of them, shall be attacked - without warning and without mercy. No questions asked and no quarter given.

Domestic Policy

Humanitarian Laws: Murder, rape and real child abuse shall be the most severely punished acts - save for treason (actual treason), but that is another thing entirely. In fact, no one guilty of these acts shall ever be let into normal society. All punishments shall include torture - based on the level (sheer number, frequency, etc) of the crime - and eventually death. Spankings do not qualify as child abuse, but a father becoming drunk and lashing out at his child is.

Other Laws: Normal, more fair. Systems set up to crack down on corporations which seek to cheat others for their profit. Nothing really, truly more advanced than anything else - just incredibly efficient. Ie. No lawyers.

Food: Revealing the technological side of my people, we have access to replication technology. In the big cities especially, this is as prevalent as any stove top or microwave in modern day society. Many still prefer naturally grown food and, depending on your location, may turn out to be quite expensive. This is because all replicated food is simply masses of flavored & textured proteins. While perfectly nutritious and delicious, there is still something missing, when you get down to it. Tubers, meats, fruits and vegetables are all really standard.

Housing: Advanced polymers and metals are available for housing, as well as synthetic “stone”. These all lend to great wear for structures, as well as the ability to extend higher into the sky, so people may live in enormous buildings, which can nearly serve is self-contained communities.

Education: Everyone within the age group of 5-18 has free, standard levels education available to them. Teachers still exist, but many educations systems rely on holographic technology for lectures. Special vocational schools are also available at age 14, for all students who only wish for education for specific jobs, such as medical fields, mechanics, computers and art (although it is not merely limited to these subjects). Normal education requirements are:

*Science & Mathematics - enough to attain low-end jobs within the tech-heavy society upon graduation.

*Law and Ethics - This is very important within my society, 4 years mandatory study.

*History and Modern Culture

*Language Arts (Common) - optional courses on learning specific languages are available

*Health, Psychology and Sex Education

*Whatever I can’t think of at the moment

Religion - I prefer to leave that up to natural progression. Thus, I have no control over the things my people come to worship.

Technology Level - Very high. Whatever I can be allowed. Sensors, communications and medical are as good as what you’ll find anywhere. Nanite technology has been highly developed, but really only heavily used in medical applications. Contraception is available to all, from low-end to hi-tech method. Cloning technology is expressly forbidden, however. It shall not work on my planet, not even to simply create chickens or cattle to supply food. Robots and androids exist on a limited fashion (save for unmanned fighters and ground troops), but not enough to cause my people to be lazy. I have instilled a sense & appreciation for hard work (or a “job well done”). Some of the top engineers have developed schematics for sentient/adaptable computers, but none have been put into actual development. However, none may ever receive emotions.

Holo-technology is put in heavy use as well, through teaching, advertisements and virtual environments *coughgamescough*. Through the use of force fields, it is also interactive (like Star Trek), but lends for no heat or texture. Teleportation devices are also available, which are also built in large scale to allow ships or buildings to be moved easily. Terraforming technology is also underway of being developed, but it’s not as if the world needs it. It’s just nice to know you’ll have the technology if you want to colonize a hunk of rock somewhere.

Food: I believe I’ve covered food. See Domestic Policy.

Weapons: Nothing really out there. Standard energy sabres and whips (can he modified into other weapons, though), large powered suits of armor & mechas.

Planetary Defenses: Shields are important. All craft are equipped with the most recent technology, as are shield satellites. Are PSP (Point Singularity Projectors) weapons available? They’re from Andromeda…….. High class warships/cruisers are outfitted with them, as are the defense satellites. In fact, some satellites are made solely for orbital defense and carry PSP’s, fusion cannons and smart kinetic missiles. Kinetic missiles, for those that don’t know, are simple projectiles projected at intensely high speeds - I *think* the reason for them is that they turn whatever they hit into plasma, upon impact. I may be wrong, of course.

As for the bases on the two moons………. Well, that’s classified.

Ships: All space going craft are outfitted with shields/deflectors, not to mention normal complement on sensor arrays available to the Star Trek universe. Battle craft and diplomatic ships are also equipped with ablative armor (U.S.S. Enterprise).

Slipstream drives have been developed for space going vessels as well. But, as of this moment, none are equipped with these FTL engines.

Magic Level - I’d like for the possible high-end magic level to be as his as allowed as well, with my following stipulations. Magic users can only comprise 1% of the population at all times. This does not even have to mean they are powerful or adept, only that they have the ability. Magic shall be based loosely in Mage: the Ascension, in terms of capabilities. This allows for a great deal of versatility in my world, magic-wise. People can still be druids, or enchanters, shamans, wizards, or whatever - it really lends no distinction. “Spheres” are roughly defined as so, just to break apart magical fields of energy in terms Adel’ain’s races can comprehend. The nine spheres of magic are: Correspondence (spatial), Entropy (luck, curses, etc.), Forces, Life, Mind, Matter, Prime (primal, fundamental), Spirit & Time

We haven’t the Traditions, or the Conventions, in the manner that M:tA has though. Paradox is uncommon as well, not as prevalent in the ordinary gaming system. Yes, there must be penance for completely botching a spell, but no harm shall be done merely for flagrant use. However, offenses against “reality” will trigger backlash - or even Paradox realms.

Magical progression on my world shall also be based on knowledge, skill and understanding. Why? Because I will it so. Power should not be able to be attained through mere time and practice. And because power, without enlightenment, means nothing.

If it can be done, I would like only my kind of magic be usable on my world. Also, only people born of my world (through blood and of true birth) can be capable of using these Spheres of Magick. Again, this all adheres to the principle that only 1% of the population can have an affinity for magic at any time.

Evolution Level - Advanced biologically? Just what I’ve given them. Some tweaks to better suit their environment. Of course, their evolution rate is standard, base. Only really lending evolution traits to adapt to a specific environment. Nothing fantastic like what may be seen on other worlds, such as advanced psionics. Most are purely physical means.

Additional Notes - I, myself, am one of the greatest magic workers upon my world. In fact, my command of entropy is so great that if I am killed (murdered - even by “natural” means) the Dreaming Kings shall awake. As such, I merely travel from place to place, teaching others in magic as I see fit - all the while, keeping quiet my position as the secret Lord of Adel’ain. I have not set myself up as God, nor do I intend to. I merely wish to live on and guide my world benevolently as time passes.

Have I missed anything that should be addressed? Did I miss something everyone else is dealing with? Like...... whatever problem people have with Cheeks' world and whatnot. Updates may follow, when I fully have time to think about my world. ie. cleaning up things I may have missed.

As far as magic vs. tech vs. evolution limitations, I think mine would be acceptable, wouldn't it MediaMan? Only a small population will be able to use magic, and even a small amount will really to be able to go very far with it.

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Created by Tanith:

Planet Name

Arcadia (The irony of the name will become apparent to YvtWers, hopefully before the end of next week.)

General Environment(s)

The planet is generally Earth-like with various climates and settings. The average temperature is higher though, resulting in larger tropical and temperate regions and smaller polar regions. As such, there is a small reduction in the percentage of oceans (which are, in turn, deeper than norm) and polar ice caps.

Rules of Reality

1. The Laws of Karma shall be enforced. And anyone who lives on the planet will *know* that to be 100% true. Therefore, what you become in your next life after death is totally dependent on your actions in your current life.

2. The three-fold-law (I think that's what it was called) of Wicca is also enforced. Anything good or bad you do to another *will* return unto you 3-fold.

3. Drugs that are harmful in effect to the body above a certain threshold (such as hallucinogens, cocaine, nicotine, tabacco, and so on... but not excess sugar or such) will have ZERO good-feelings-inducing-effects. On the contrary, they cause extreme nausea and/or headaches. Similarly, alcohol causes the painful effects of hangovers *without* any of the "feel good" effects. Caffiene is okay... in moderation. No drug or substance will be habit-forming or addictive.

4. All those people entering the area of influence of the planet (extending out to midway to the neighboring planets) will be subject to all of the rules of reality herein. Especially #2. Natives of the planet also retain the reality changes in this section even when they leave, although the effect is localized (eg. they'd still reincarnate karmaicly upon death, and #2 still affects them or people who harm them, etc.)


The majority of the sentient natives of humans on the planet are humans that look exactly like RL humans do. However, in many isolated regions of the planet, there can be found small communities of a few other sentient species.

0. Humans -- They are the main focus for much of the rest of this post. The humans on Arcadia live in two communities. Due to technology, they tend to live in one of three categories.

* Spread out in high tech (but low environmentally impacted) mini-cities. These are mostly practicioners of magic, though there is a lot of traffic and trade between these communities, who trade magical services for the technologies that make their communities possible.

* In large self contained arcologies (ala Sim City 2000)
* off world in space stations or lunar/planetary colonies.
These are the people who chose to follow the ways of technology and science (and they are generally more in number).

1. Elves -- Not quite the Tolkein type, though they certainly look the part. The Arcadian elves live generally in tropical or other forested areas, in tribal type societies. They practice mostly green and white magic to protect their lands. They are also connosieurs of Art of all types. The main problem is that their society is mostly stagnant. Due to their very long lives (measured in centuries but less than a millenia), their biology makes it nigh impossible to conceive (a factor that's beyond the ability of magic or science to change). Thus, their society and mentality remains mostly static, and they're not known for any sort of innovation or creativity, although they can mimic and embellish already created artworks/music/etc very well. Those few elven communities that form relations with the human communities usually trade forest goods and magicks for new works of art, music, etc. (but rarely anything too technologically oriented like holograms or TV).

2. Dwarves -- They have the same problem as the elves, actually, though the cause of their reproductive problems are a severe tendency for more male children to be produced than females (again, a condition that's uncorrectable). The dwarves live in clan-like communities in the mountains and subterranean caverns of Arcadia. They generally practice red and artifact magic and do a lot of heavy mining/smithing, which they then trade with elves or humans for foodstuffs and other goods. Some dwarven communities have also taken up with the human technologies, founding large factory communities and droid manufactories.

3. Merfolk -- Think "The Little Mermaid", except less human looking. Merfolk have bluish to greenish skin, with gill slits along their necks. They have the opposite problem of the elves and dwarves. The merfolk lifespan is very short, and they make up for it with a very high reproduction rate (again, neither trait is correctible via magic or tech). The merforlk live in either patriarchial or matriarchial family clans in oceans or deep lakes. They also practice some blue magic. They do trade and interact a little with coastal human communities, though they tend to be flighty at times.


Earthlike for the most part, though with an average of more plants that are beneficial for the sentient beings there, but only if one knows how to use/process the plant correctly. Some people have theorized that this was due to the long term effect of elven influence on the land.


Many of the Earth's animals exist there, though in smaller numbers, of course. A great many mythological/magical creatures exist there too, a few of the most prominent/populous are:

1. Unicorns -- Their very presence have beneficial effects on the environment and any living creature nearby. Their horns emit music of a certain range of tones, which is different for each unicorn. Herds of unicorns have been known to play entire (inhuman) orchestral scores. Although almost no predator would willing attack a unicorn unless desperate, unicorns often die for no apparant reason at all, and their deaths usually serve to strengthen and revitalize the environment. Some people have theorized that unicorns are just a manifestation of the karmaic cycle of Nature, which returns to the soil when the cycle is complete.

2. Pegasi -- These winged horses are often sighted near mountains and mesas. A few attempts at domestication have all failed. The Pegasus will aid someone *when* they wish to (or need to), but they will *not* be tamed. Human and Elven artists generally regard them as a symbol of wilderness. They have no other remarkable traits or magical abilites besides.

3. Dolphins -- The sentience of these Earthlike marine mammals is still being hotly debated in the human community. The other sentient races see them as very smart animals, but the telepathic human community is pushing for a new ruling giving them the status of rudimentary sentience. What everyone can agree on, though, is that the dolphins, even more than the merfolk, are the symbols of the Sea.

4. Dragonates -- Although no 'real' dragons exist on Arcadia, these dainty creatures come the closest. Although they also look as if someone had shrunk a replitilan dragon of myth and merged it with a fairy. Dragonates tend to travel and live in faires, usually led by a 'queen'. But they are not hive creatures, and are actually fairly intelligent. They also tend to congregate in warm sandy tropical shores during sunrise/sunset, and in mana-rich places. The have no real magical abilities except perhaps the ability to glitter in multicolors under any light as if a kaleidescope.

5. Gryphons -- These creatures generally live in mountainous or rocky places, and tend to nest on cliffs. Although they are commonly seen in the skies near such regions, rare has been to occurrence to find them close to ground.


Arcadia is a democracy, headed by the Assembly of Councils, all of whom are elected by the people on a rotating 9 year basis, with one third of the available seats up for election every 3 years. The Councils are divided into Divisions, with the Chairpersons of each Division reporting to the Chairpersons of the Council itself, who then report to the assembly as a whole and to to President of the Assembly, also known as the Speaker of Arcadia. The position of the speaker does not have a term limite, and lasts until impeachment or resignation of the Speaker. The current Speaker of Arcadia is Lady Tanith.

Voting: The legal age to vote is 16, upon completion of the Political Science and Economics courses which are required in school at about 9th grade level.

Foreign Policy

Extradimensional and extraterrestrial contacts are treated very cautiously and conservatively. Tourism and trade are allowed, but might be monitored. Immigration and exchange studies are strictly regulated.

So far, Arcadia already has a few alliances as well with neighboring worlds.

Domestic policy 1 - Economy

Free market with some government intervention. Much of the setup will be up to the inhabitants.

Agriculture/Food -- generous use of genetic engineering and repicator tech will be used to make hunger nonexistent.

Domestic policy 2 - Education

Education is mandatory for all humans before they can have any kind of medium or high level job on the planet. Education is also free, and may be privately or publicly sponsored. Adult education and remedial classes are also encouraged. The core cirriculum for education for youths (age 6-18) *must* include the following:

1. *Science*: including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Political Science, and Economics. Optional but encouraged topics include Astronomy and Anthropology.

2. Mathematics

3. Critical thinking/Logic

4. Philosophy, Ethics

5. Language arts, Analytical reading (optional: Linguistics)

6. History

7. Metaphysics, Comparative Religion (Theology)

8. Sex Education (upon ~12 years old; contraceptives are to be allowed free to everyone at the local drugstores.)

9. Hands-on mentorship/training for powers (psionic and/or magic). Or, hands-on internship/training in Engineering and other such technical areas (usually takes place during or after last 4 years).


Freedom of religion is practiced. The majority of the planet's people subscribe to 1. aetheism, 2. some kind of Taosim, 3. Wicca, 4. Buddhism, 5. spiritualism such as Shinto, Hinduism, Native American, etc. There are plenty of monotheists about, but they're a minority.

Technology Level

From Star Wars:

1. Sheer industrial capacity. This is only limited by the limited resources on the planet, the speed of getting those resources, and the reluctance of the Arcadians to exploit nature ruthlessly for raw materials. Once they get off world, though, this will increase.

2. Low level droids (all base-programmed with Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics with the first one tweaked to include all sentient beings and not just humans). "Low level" would be something like the droids on Geonosis, not something with semi-sentience like C3PO.

3. Hyperspace and FTL tech (which is limited to previously explored places until the unexplored places have been explored by other means). As thus, there's no real hurry to even install hyperspace tech on any vessels for another few decades or so. The slower means of FTL tech is much slower... maybe to about warp 5 in Trek terms.

4. Communications tech (the holonet, basically, though with nowhere near the range as SW since the rest of the galaxy is still relatively unexplored.)

5. Shield Technology -- Ship and planetary shields for defense. However. The shield tech that we have now are much smaller in scale due to resource limitations. No planetary shields will be going up until we have a colony or two up and running. By then, scientist would be able to finish fixing the bugs in the technology anyways.

6. Bacta tanks -- it may feel disgusting, but it works...

From Star Trek:

1. Clean industrial environmnent -- this basically makes things more aesthetic, but *without* sacrificing function for form.

2. Holo-technology -- fairly limited in area. The largest a group of emitters can hope to perform when syncrhonized is a large room. No entire holo-cities.

3. Replicator technology

4. Sensor technology

5. Medical technology -- this is more due to the efforts of biokinetics than actual technological innovation.

From StarGate: Stargate portal traveling technology - like hyperspace, this is useless unless the terminals are known quantities. Stargates are also extremely difficult to build, and takes the coordinating efforts of cyberkinetics, telepaths, clairvoyants, and many, many engineers years to build even one. This technology is reserved for well-established colonies, later on in the scheme of things.

Magic level

All sentient beings on the planet have access to magic (MtG style), though the skill must be learned. And remember, Reality Rule #2 applies to anyone seeking to harm another using it. This magic is also learnable by people from outside of the planet/dimension.

For humans, a cap of 3 mana spells are set for their maximum level of spellcasting. And of course, a human can only hope to learn one of the 6 areas/colors of magic (red, blue, white, green, black, colorless/artifact). Non-human sentients such as elves, dwarves, and merfolk have no mana restriction.

Another less formally studied but still praciticed form of magic that's also available is the ritual type found in reglions such as Wicca and some forms of Taoism. These operate more sympathetic in nature. Their effects are generally not observable except to highly sensitive people. But, if used correctly and intelligently, they can be very versatile and useful indeed.

Evolution level -- Psionics

1. All living beings capable of thought on the planet has some degree of Empathy powers. The animals less so than humans. This empathy would be more sensitive to *reception* of emotions than broadcast. The range of empathy is limited to perhaps a mile or so in radius. It is also an on/off power with very little control possible. One can learn to filter out the emotional noise and to shield oneself, or learn to distinguish one person's emotions from a small gathering... but it's not possible to narrow the focus of the power onto one or even a few targets, nor to distinguish one specific target from a large crowd.

2. All sentient beings on the planet have the capacity to manifest ONE medium level psionic power such as: Mindhealing, Clairvoyance, Precognition, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation (short range), Cyberkinesis, and Biokinesis. No more than a room size of people can be affected by mental powers at one time. Ranged powers extend over terrestrial ranges only. All of these powers are also very prone to fatigue, and can only be used for short sittings straight (about an hour) with plenty of rest in between sessions. They also take a long time to master.

These powers either manifest at extreme need (though one would have to be very desperate for it), or by activation of a 'mentor' in said powers at an appropriate age. This 'mentor' would manifest as a ghostly spirit, a sort of cross between angelic being and Force spirits. They are the sentient manifestations of Karma itself. They choose which youngsters to activate powers in soley by one criterion: need. If such a power might/will be needed in the future (and the karmaic beings would know of both future and past), they would be there to ensure such. These spirits are in charge of teaching the student, and they can also boost the student's power if *truly* neccessary. However, they will usually take more of an advisory role or perhaps as another conscience/sounding board for the student, while the psionic does the real work. Karma spirits can also take solid form rather than their usual ghostly form. Off world, they tend to take on forms of domestic animals such as cats in order to remain inconspicuous. The spirits themselves also have just about all the psionic gifts possible. They cannot 'die', and if banished by an outside force, another will come to take its place. The student-spirit bond is rather much like a deep empathic/telepathic bond. Not leaving one dependent on the other, but it generally makes the student more stable in mind over the long run.



* Many different forms of spices, herbs, incense, plant-based medicine, exotic flora (tweaked so they won't get out of hand).

* Music and entertainment. Kinda like MTV mixed with the Classical Station on a broadband cable network over interplanetary distances.

* Shield technologies

* Skills: including diplomats, exchange students, engineers, healers, teachers, etc.


* Nanotechnology, moreso than we have now

* AI technology

* FTL technology faster than warp 5 that doesn't require setups on both sides of the terminals, which Stargates and hyperspace drives do.

* Students - Arcadia has the most prestigious institutions of learning among the planets, the equivalent of Oxford or Stanford on an interplanetary scale. Arcadia not only trains in practical skills like engineering, medicine, etc, but also comprehensively covers more abstract areas such as theoretical physics, high level non-Euclidean mathematics, philosophical rhetoric, and so on.

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Created by: Carny

Name: Earth V


Earth V is a world ruled by the GOD-emperor (yours truly)

His religion has taken 99,95% of the population and all prays for him every day at the five prayers...

The world itself is water... Great Kraken-whales swim the depts, miles long deep inside their brains the strange Duackiul is made... This substance which is known as the mind-stormer... When eaten or otherwise absorbed into the human organism it releases a psionic Surge transcending all... For centuries the natives has used these surges to psionically launch space-capable vessels, referred to as Caravels into Hyperspace... a refined form of Mind-stormer provides a slower easily controlled Rush that allows navigation...

The world is harsh but the people has chosen to follow the God emperors command and only those who live with the nature are accepted into the world therefore no Computers are allowed... advanced tech yes but no machine may think for a man...

The only permanent city is NOVA Atlantis where the central government is placed and where the cathedral/palace of the god emperors stands... Here also is found the only legal place for foreigners to land their space-crafts...

The people of Earth V are free. They are charged with living in symbiosis with their nature and only through skill and bravery to attempt to master it... In remote places the the test of the black tiger-shark is still taken by youths at age twelve who armed with nothing but spear are sent into the water to fight the Black-tiger or the devil-shark as it also called... Only those who kill the shark and survive its poison blood are allowed to become accepted adults...

Physical characeristica....

Earth V has a pressure making the average G-pressure at the surface around 2 G at habitation debts (far away from the Sea-dragons that haunt the upper-waters is the habitation dept where pressure is 2,4 G... This has resulted in short people with extraordinary strenght and speed... Few are actually Amphibians but many have increased lung-capacity...

The people of Earth V were once warriors and pirates but under the Iron fist of the God emperor´and now piracy is outlawed even against foreigners... The manly virtues are held in high esteem courage and strenght are admired however the most priced virtues is survival instinct: as they say even the bravest eventually die, better make sure that you survive....

The god-emperor is friendly towards extra-terristials but has so far denied to grant export licence for mInd-stormed drug...

For planetary defenses powerfull atomic-weapons are stored deep under the sea and powerful EM-weapons are capable disabling electronics... ALso the when threatened by invasion the inhabitants of Earth V is known the wield special warlances that channel and amplify Psionic energy making them comparable in power to light anti-ship weapons dependent on the skill of the wielder... It is said that the GOd-emperor has created blasts to rival an atomic explosion...

Psionics are common among the people. especially TK and various ESPS.

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Created by: Trickster God

Planet Name: Eden

General Environment

Tropical and Temperate except at the polar regions. 60% Water, 40% Land. 5 continents and lots of island chains. A variety of environments and climatological conditions.


Edenites are humanoid beings who are innate biokinetics, capable of altering physiology to adopt a wide variety of useful traits, which enables them to adapt themselves to many different types of environments and extend their lifespans indefinitely. Many have the potential to develop other psionic abilities as well.


Eden is a garden, literally. Plants flourish everywhere, including the polar regions of the planet. All of the many varieties of plants on the planet have been shaped and tailored by the Edenites to serve a purpose for them. If nothing else they are aesthetically pleasing, and many are not only edible but delicious.


A multitude of species, all of which have been domesticated and shaped to serve the Edenites in some capacity. Many have psionic abilities honed to serve various functions.


Constitutional Monarchy. The planetary government consists of a coalition of tribes and nations united under one monarch, which is me at the moment. There is a Council of Advisors, which consists of represenatives from every nation of Eden, who vote on and pass laws, with the King having final power to veto. The King has all the powers appropriate to a Head of State, such as the ability to negotiate treaties, declare war, and pardon criminals.

Foreign Policy

All life flows from the Source, and thus ultimately all life is kin. But life preys upon life. Thus the Edenites are friendly but cautious when dealing with other beings. They are happy to make friends and learn new ways of adapting and shaping, but they are aware of the possibility that some beings may wish to do ill to them to benefit themselves.

Domestic Policy

The planetary government mostly involves itself in things which affect the prosperity and well being of Eden as a whole. Aside from umbrella policies enacted to insure the above, the King leaves each of the tribes and nations to run their own affairs as they see fit.


Edenites worship the Source, the supreme being or force ultimately responsible for everything in existence, especially life. Life flows from the Source, and ultimately all life returns to the Source. The Source wants life to spread and prosper, and that is what the Edenites have done.

Edenites hearing about other dieties consider them either a different aspect of the source, or children of the Source, born to tend to parts of the universe, with some faithful and others errant.


High, in an alternative sort of way. From one standpoint, on Edenian technology and evolution are entertwined. Edenites technology's roots stem from Edenites using their innate mastery over biology to shape other lifeforms to better serve them. All of their technology is biological in nature, living things bred and altered to serve the Edenites in various ways. Technology isn't manufactured on Eden, it's grown or cloned. With things like living starships, organic supercomputers, and psychokinetic weapon systems, Eden's technological level is roughly equal to that of the most advanced worlds of the Idaho system, albeit on a different path. In matters of biological science and medical technology, they may be the most advanced race in the Idaho system.


What's that? While magic may be possible on their world, it is an unknown phenomenon to the Edenites. With their ability to adapt themselves and others to accomplish various tasks, there seemed to be no incentive to develop the means to use magic. It is an unexplored field on Eden.


Very high. All Edenites are innate biokinetics, all capable of adopting any biological trait they think they need. All have highly developed immune systems, superb reflexes, and incredible overall health. Edenites live almost everywhere on their planet, adapting themselves to many places, including under the oceans and the polar regions. They can even adapt themselves to survive the vacuum of space for very short periods of time. The master biokinetics, called the Shapers, have honed their abilities so that they are able to alter other creatures with their powers at the genetic level, thus enabling the Edenites to develop their incredible biotechnology.

Aside from biokinesis, many Edenites have the innate potential to develop other psionic abilities, such as telepathy or telekinesis, but unlike biokinesis such talents are not innately mastered but must be developed by training.

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Created by: Brief

Planet Name - Elysia

General Environment - Earthlike, with a tilted axis. In general Elysia tends to be cooler than Earth due to it being slightly further away from its sun. The landmasses are mostly small to moderate sized islands.

Inhabitants - Basic humans, adapted for slightly cooler temperatures. They speak a common language, the origins of which are unknown. The average male Elysian is about 5,2 with females tending to be slightly smaller. Nearly all Elysians are of peak human status. Elysians live in cities

Flora - Since there is a relatively low amount of land on Elysia there are fewer forms of Flora than on most worlds, discounting marine life of course. There are also very few variations on the types of plants. For example, there are only a few different species of tree on the planet. However, those species that do exist are widespread.

Fauna - Much like the flora, there are very few species of animal that fill the same evolutionary niche as one another, with the exception of sea life in general.

Government - Government is similar to Ancient Athenian democracy on the local level, but is ruled globally by a council formed of one representative from each city. The head of the council is always known as Lord Prime and is elected every 5 years. The Lord Prime performs the functions of a Head of State while the Executive is the council itself.

Foreign Policy - Elysia is a friendly world, and its open our borders to any who wish to visit. Be warned however that the Elysian people believe in Peace over all and will not look kindly upon warmongers.

Domestic Policy - Elysia is formed of the 13 Island Cities. Each city manages its own affairs with a basic democratic system wherein each citizen (all peoples over the age of 20) has a vote. Relations between the cities are for the most part friendly (this is helped by the fact that war is impossible on Elysia), although rivalries do exist, the worst being between Corinth and Ithaca. Although travel between cities is easily achieved by Runic Gates the majority of the population do not yet trust them enough. Therefore most travel is by boat.

Religion - There is only one organized religion on Elysia - the Temple of the Runelord. The Temple believes in the existance of the Runelord, who created the world and gave sentience to the Elysians. They also believe that he bound the Greater Runes at the centre of Elyisa to protect his children. It is said that the Mages possess some ebvidence of the Runelord's existance, but that they do not share their knowledge with the Temple. This has caused a rift between the two factions.

Rules of Reality - The main change in reality is the existance of the three Greater Runes, bound in the centre of the planet. The three Runes correspond to the three stages of existance - Birth, Life and Death. The Birth Rune is Health, the Life Rune is Peace and the Death Rune is Bliss.

Magic - Magic on Elysia is Runic in nature. There are two forms of Runic magic: Speaking and Binding. By Speaking a Rune a Mage may shape the world according to their desire and willpower. By Binding a Rune Mages may "enchant" something. All Elysians have the capability for Magic and the majority of the population know a few Runes for everyday population. In addition, two thirds of the population are born with a particular Rune on their right hand and have the innate ability to speak and bind that Rune with relatively little effort and training.

Technology - True technology on Elysia is pre-industrial, but Elysians can achieve may of the same effects as true technology through their Runic Magic.

Evolution - Evolution is at normal human levels, except Elysians have an evolved ability to use Runes. Normal humans can be taught to use Runes, but not as easily and they cannot achieve the same levels of power.

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Created by: Crimson Avenger

Planet Name - Empirex

General Environment- Several continents spread throughout the world, with ample fresh water in the many lakes. All kinds of enviroments are represented, from deserts to rain forests to rocky highlands. Each continent has ample space set aside for farming and ranching.

Inhabitants - Regular humans, different ethnic styles from different continents, naturally.

Flora - Just like Earth's.

Fauna - Similar, except no mosquitoes or horseflys or any of those damn annoying bugs! Lots of game for hunters.

Government - A Democratic Dictatorship (see Yeoman's description, I really like that idea). The people can vote, but I'm the one calling the shots and have supreme veto power.

Foreign Policy - Basically, I won't bother you, don't bother me. I would be more than happy to have political relations with the other planets, but I have no real interest in expanding my sphere of influence.

Domestic policy - My rule is supreme, don't try to challenge it. People can go about their buisness, they are about as free as we are in most democratic nations, but any armed resistance against the government will be swiftly and harshly delt with. Peaceful demonstrations are fine, and their concerns will be addressed, but any violence is not accepted. My Colonial Guard (see Tech Level for details) has a garrison in every major settlement throughout the planet, ready to defend the Empire. Law is based on morality, and policing duties are handled by a division of the Colonial Guard. Education teaches the value of honour and courage, and gives the students real-life knowledge such as carpentry, harvesting, basic first-aid and machine repair. Advanced education in medicine, engeneering and training to join the Star Sentries (again, see Tech Level for details) is available to those that want it.

The Colonial Guard: Formerly known as "His Majesty's Imperial Armed Forces," the military was dubbed the "Colonial Guard" after the final defeat of the Wula'su Kingdom which united all of Empirex under one flag. The sole purpose of the Guard is the safe keeping of the Empire, against all threats.

The Colonial Guard envelops every facet of military, judicial, and political operation, making it much more than a fighting force. All government officials have a commision in the Colonial Guard and command garrisons in defence of their constituents. Nearly half the population of Empirex is employed by the Colonial Guard, as a commision is required to work for the government.

Nearly every male on Empirex has served in the Guard, with priests and few farmers being the only exceptions. It is very unusual to come across a man who has not, at one time or another, held rank in the Guard. The fighting strength of the Colonial Guard is roughly 200, 000 soldiers at maximum deplyment. Under emergency situations, the entire Guard could be mobalized to raise the number to 3 million.

Females are not, under current law, permitted to join the combat arm of the Colonial Guard. Many are enlisted in the engeneering, medical, logistical, and intelligence fields, making them a vital asset to the continuation of the Guard. Women on Empirex have become the captains of industry and the corporate world. Most civilian companies are owned and operated by women, and they have become very influential in the Empire. Though they cannot fight in the ranks of the Colonial Guard, they can, interestingly enough, join and fight in the Star Sentries, where there is complete equality.

Religion (if any) - Religion can create many problems, but they will have religous freedoms.

Technology Level - Split into two. I have a small but highly equipped and trained space force, dubbed the "Star Sentries," to protect the planet from outside invasion. It is specifically created for defence and does not have much in the way of offencive capabilites, but for the role it was created, it excels. On the planet, however, it is a different story. While high level technology is used for things like waste managment and food production, most of the people use low technology. My Colonial Guard armies are equipped like British soldiers from the end of the 1800's (check out the movie "Zulu" to get the basic idea), and use period weaponry, like Martini-Henry rifles, Maxim machine guns, and horse-drawn artillery. Transportation across the world is by horse, ship (old style galleons and steamers), or train (again, think turn of the century). The everyday person does not have access to weaponry beyond those of hunting rifles, as I do not want my might challenged by my own citizens.

Magic level - No magic, thank you. There is a field surrounding the planet which cancels out the use of any magic. It is created by minerals found in the rock everywhere on the planet. The mineral won't harm magical beings, it just eliminates any powers they might have.

Evolution level - The people are generally like us. Some are good, some are not, but there's no Hitlers or Stalins or Osamas, of course. The average person is very knowledgeable in the ways of the world, and are very content with their lifestyle.

Additional Notes - I think I'd be very happy here.

Addition to my World Profile: Special mineral found everywhere on the planet creates a field that cancels out any use of magic. Ti does not kill magic beings (it's not like kryptonite to Superman), but it will cancel out their powers. The field stretches just beyond the planet's atmosphere, so the Star Sentries can patrol without fear of a magical ambush.

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Name: Esthond

Planetary description: Esthond is unusually harsh and uninhabitable. Its thin atmosphere provides little protection from the sun's radiation, and it suffers from an enormous amount of volcanic activity.

Resources: Mines and water sources are the most important of resources. Historically, long and bloody wars have been fought over these. They are now under the control of the Queen Mother.

Ability: The citizens can communicate with each other telepathically, which is almost invaluable to the Warriors. The Mystics are capable of unpredictable magic, but strongest are their psionic abilities, including a limited form of mind control. Most have a strong ability to affect the emotions of those sensitive to the feelings of others.

Populace: After multiple wars, famine, and natural disasters decimated the population, the entire planetary populace of Esthond underwent a very selective breeding program under the direction of the Queen Mother. This resulted in six races. Warriors were bred from lines with the greatest size and fewest genetic defects. Researchers were bred from the most intelligent lines. Workers were bred first for strength and stamina, then for engineering ability. Mystics were bred purely for their rare ability, but slight build and stature were added, to make them stand out as well as decrease their ability in physical combat. Pilots were bred for small stature, tactical thinking, and quick reflexes. The Queen's Security was the most carefully handled project, involving the crossbreeding of the Warrior and Pilot lines to make the planet's police forces.

Each individual is trained throughout their lifetime to be capable of everything associated with their race. Workers can be turned to agriculture, architecture, labor in orbit, or building ships with little transitional difficulty. Pilots whose only job is to fly freighters are also capable of handling a fighter craft.

Mining has taken place on the planet's two natural satellites, greatly increasing production. The miner's job is the worst known to the races, since even the satellites are prone to earthquakes, and seismic activity is worse on the planet. For this reason, convicted criminals make up the bulk of the mining population. Someone made a miner in punishment remains a miner for life. His health is cared for by the Researchers. To accomodate the balanced use of resources, the Researcher's attention is in proportion to the value of the miner's unit.

By this time, each line has developed similar physical characteristics. Royalty has the privelege of choosing mates from any race but the Mystics.

Traditionally, throwbacks or individuals who did not share the characteristics of their lines were placed aside and allowed to choose mates with the same major background, and their children reintroduced. More recently, these are rare enough to simply terminate the chance of a new line.

Esthond's females are traditionally given the dominant role in society. Royal families control their own countries. Each of these families are ruled by the matriarch, who answers to the Queen Mother. The power passes on to the sibling of age between the eldest and the youngest. The eldest takes care of the country's bloodline records, while the youngest traditionally watches the consumption of natural resources and takes care of military matters and events involving Mystics. Other siblings take positions of command or authority throughout the country. To the second eldest goes the job of making sure that the education programs follow the strict guidelines of the Queen Mother, and no new material has ideas that go against the Estethon society's grain.

The Queen Mother's agents, handmaidens, and bodyguards are chosen from royal lines or Warrior lines who have deserved the privelege. Children are sent to the palace from their parents and raised by the daughters of the Queen Mother. Legally, Mystic's children can be withdrawn without the voluntary election of their parents, due to the dangerous nature of this line.

Technology is similar to that of the Star Wars galaxy before the discovery of hyperdrive. Most farms are orbital, to prevent the destruction of crops by volcanic activity. These rely on solar power and stored energy. Factories on the ground are usually powered by geothermal energy.

Finally, the Esthon have had to deal with another race before. A small, elliptical planet with an erratic orbit and strongly telepathic citizens threatened the Esthon with invasion. At the time, the Esthon did not have the proper technology to counterattack. However, the Mystics were able to cause a passing comet to hit the planet while it was in the best position not to cause collateral damage to strike their own planet.

Since the alien race attempted to use propaganda to incite rebellion and divide the Esthon as a whole, the Esthon now withdraw from alien influence, and are highly suspicious of reported alien ideals. Esthond has become highly isolationist.

Business: The wardens of the mines are usually the Queen Mother's Security race, who make sure that the operations run smoothly. Once ore is extracted, it is processed in the mining facilities and sent to the factories. In the past, only females were able to head companies and work in free trade; all male-owned companies were considered property of the Queen Mother. However, the Queen Mother has allowed the extreme of having males simply use a female figurehead, who does not have a share in the company, but who is cared for by the company itself. This has been invaluable to male Researchers.

Fauna: Esthon's fauna largely consist of insects, birds, and batlike mammals. There are also large, gliding lizards.

Flora: The most prolific vegetation are lichens. The forests are dense and compact, since the gravity is so strong.

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Created by: Mg_knt

Name: Gothica

Enviroment: Tropical at the equator, then temperate, and tundra at the poles. Slighty rainer then average.

Orbiting Gothica are six moons. Five of them are false or null moons. These moons are actually weapons. Inside each null moon is a special mineral called powerstone. Powerstone sucks up ambient mana from the atmosphere and keeps the power in. When the correct trigger mechnaism is sprang the powerstone explodes sending all the mana collected out in a shockwave. Depending on the type of mana collected the effects of the shockwave are different.

Fauna: A variety of common animals and magical ones. Pegusi, Unicorns, and Drakes are common. Djinns, elementals, and wurms are not so common but not unknown. Dragons, demons, angels, and shapesifters are very rare.

Flora: Normal plants for the enviroments.

Magic/tech: MtG style magic. Varying degrees of power depending on study.

Humans: Normal humans for the most part but some of the northern tribes would be like the Keldons. Stronger and tougher then normal but with with less of a grasp on magic. Magic power would be able to go to Nailah levels.

Religon: Whatever the people want to believe in.

Goverment: Small kingdoms but with five houses of magic, each for a color. These houses would act like a nuetral third party in disputes between kingdoms.

Heads of the Five Houses:

Black:The Arch-Lich- This powerful wizard long ago shrugged off the mortal coil becoming a lich( an undead wizard). As his body rotted away he gained power finally leaving only a skull for his spirit to inhabit.

Blue: Magus of the Unseen- The Magus is are unusally long lived though not immortal. Knowledge is passed between the Magusi(sp) by use of meditation to call on the psychic imprints of the dead Magusi.

Green: Ley Priestess- The Ley Priestess is always female. The life of a Ley Priestess is cyclical. When each Priestess dies her essence is spread throughout all the forests of the planet. A special ceremony is preformed and the essence of the former priestess chooses who will be the new Priestess.

White:Master Healer-Unlike all the other house leaders the Master Healer is elected by his peers. He serves a life term though he can be impeached.

Red:Storm King- This wizard is the best at combat. He has earned his rank by winning duels in his school. The Storm King can be deposed at any time. Due to this the Storm Kings are brash and impatient.

Places of Interest:

Necropolis- Just on the edge of the Polos Swamp lies the ruins of a once great city. The swamp is slowly reclaiming what it once had. The city ruins have gained a reputation as a place of evil for many Will o' the Wisps have been seen there. Rumors of ghosts, zombies, animated skeltons, and other undead creatures have spread. The Black mana based house is headquatered near the Necropolis but even they walk inside the ruined city with care.

Inverse Mountain- Looking like someone stuck a huge solid spike into the ground, the Inverse Mountain is thin at the the bottom and gets wider as it increases in height. It sits at the foothills of the Durant Mountains and can be seen out across the Ruol Plains. A thin wooden walkway spirls up the mountain and at it's flat peak lies the headquaters of the Red mana house.

Tower of Rajah: Towering four hundred feet over the Ruol Plains. The Tower of Rajah is made of white marble magically enchanted to be stronger and resist wear. At the top are several gargoyles who guard the tower againist attack. The White mana house makes their home in this tower.

The Mirage Islands- A chain of islands that seem to disappear and reappear every few days. Every time the islands reappear the plants and animals have changed in some way. Many theories have been put forth to describe some of the mystery but the two that are widely accepted are that the islands were either the site of an ancient duel between two very powerful wizards and the result of their duel was that the surronding islands temporal existence has been twisted or the islands are actually a large colony of shapeshifters.

Gaia's Cradle- A grove of the tallest trees on Gothica. The trees reach an amazing height of over 2000 feet. Many druids believe that this was the birthplace of their patron Goddess Gaia. The druids also claim that the grove and surronding forest is sentient and communicates with them. Gaia's Cradle is home to the Ley Preistess and the higher druids of the Green mana house.

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Created by: Ramz

Planet Name - Hillanor

General Environment(s) - Very dry world, not too much water but enough. Temperatures are like that of earth, except alot more extreme in the summers and winters. (verrrrry hot summers, and verrrry cold winters)

Inhabitants - Basically human, except others evolved differently in different climates.

Warriors - Bigger, stronger, more physically durable than you're average Hillanorian, average height for male would be around 6,6, with massive muscular and bone structure. Average height for female is around 6ft, same as male, but more dexterous, and slimmer. They can lift around a ton or 2, have hard skin to deal with the harshness of the wilderness, all and all physically superior.

Regulars - There basically you're average human, except their skin is also very dense. Different from the Warriors... magic will tell all.

Flora - Mainly desert, some place can get extremely cold though (around - 75 Celsius) some tropical areas, where most of the water is.

Fauna - Mainly like earth, except with some mythical creatures thrown in (dire wolfs, dragons, sea monsters etc.)

Government - However they want, unknown at this time I guess.

Foreign Policy - Kind, I guess. Unless the world will be bring on the ruckus, then it's on like some butter scotch.

Domestic policy - My people are hunters by nature, the farm obviously, but they mostly eat in the wild. The more populated areas have more of an earthly approach. People work, buy food, and live.

Religion (if any) - That there is one God, with maybe a grope of other smaller God’s; they don’t think the universe was created by chance basically. Also, they believe (it's true) that if they live life like an ass, they will be reborn as an ass. Literally. And vise versa.

Technology Level - Decently high, as high as a world can get with maxed magical abilities. Space travelers, defiantly, how fast and powerful their ships are is yet to be answered.

Magic level - All you can spare. They're 'magic' comes from within. Think Exalted Monks/D&D monks/anime ki. There race is kind of like the sayjins. They love a good battle, especially the barbaric types. The Human style people can control there ki to a much higher degree, while the nomadic rely more on using their ki to heal themselves when injured or sick, and what not.

Evolution level - biologically, the outlanders are more advanced, spiritually, the inlanders take it.

Additional Notes - The people of this world do not battle with one another. They love to battle yes, but only when provoked from outer sources. The Nomadic and the inlanders trade constantly, there relationship is as if there was no difference from the too. I forgot to add about planetary gravity (after reading someone's post i was reminded) it would be around 7.4 times earth grav. Another reason as to why the skin and muscle of my people are so dense.

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Created by: Perfection

Planet Name - Jovia

General Environment(s) - Temperate, with fertile land, a gentle, hilly topography, blue seas/sky, sandy beaches...

Inhabitents - A tan skinned people, with long black hair. Jovians subsist on psychic energy, which they are fed through Jovia's psionic matrix. They posess psionic abilities including telepathy (mind probing, communication, and mental blasts. Only commuicaton works on natives), telekinesis, limited precognition, and limitied mind control (works only on off-worlders). They live pretty long lives, 140 years.

Flora - Normal. Green grass, pretty flowers, edible fruits.

Fauna - Mostly grazing animals, with a few predatorial species, that pose no threat to the Jovians. Same thing goes for the waters.

Government - The Jovians collective psyche forms The Overmind, a benevolent being who acts as judge, ruler, and defender of the people. He can tap into the minds of the people at any time. Killing the Overmind would throw the entire populace into a Hell-like existence, until they die.

Foreign Policy - Jovian society thrives on the collection of knowledge. Hence, deep space probes are sent out to gather information on the other planets. Jovia is a peaceful world, hence they would never attack another planet, unless in defense.

Domestic policy - Robots do all menial labor. The Jovians may have free enterprise, or work for The Overmind, in areas such as Knowledge Accumulation, Favor Offices, etc, etc. They live in government issued floating pods, filled with the best tech they can afford on their "favor". The people are judged by The Overmind. Major offenses are dealte with temporary expulsion from The Overmind, a state akin to Hell. Minor offenses are dealt with loss of "favor". The more good things you do for The Civilization at large, the more "Favor" you get with The Overmind. You "spend" Favor for goods/services.

Religion (if any) - Atheistic society.

Technology Level - They have Homeworld/Protoss levels of offensive/defensive tech, and pretty normal levels of domestic tech...think a century from now.

Magic level - None

Evolution level - As previously stated, they possess numerous psychic powers.

Additional Notes - Off-world Jovians can subsist on the psionic matrix through crystal implants. (Think Protoss Pylons)

Special properties of your world-Any hostile off-worlders can be put into psionic stasis by The Overmind. However, this may not work if the off-worlder is too powerful. (Say, a normal human would easily succumb to it. A slightly/well advanced human would take a little more effort. Anything JLA level? Nuh-uh.)


Domestic Tech, used to improve the quality of life.
Research/Science Tools.

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Created by: Brendak

Planet Name - Kensho

General Environment(s) - Mostly temperate, though there is enough of an axial tilt to create some variation

Inhabitents - Human base, Differs because every individual has some level of psychic powers, Powers vary, but everyone posses empathic sensativity, enabeling them to feel other's feelings, with the sensations stronger if their involved in their provocation. Also they all posses the capacity to learn magic, though it's still a difficult study.

Flora - Varied, there are mixtures of evergreen and deciduous forests, intersperced with grassy plains. Nothing too exotic.

Fauna - Varied again. Nothing too dangerous.

Government - Weak Meritocracy. There are university's across the world, and anyone who graduates from one aquires the ability to vote and run for the offices available. Though all the offices have strictly limited powers. And when an official swears their oath of office, they are magically bound to carry out the provisions of that oath.

Beyond the officers, there is an EXTREMELY major spell that's permanently woven into the fabric of the world. Whenever anyone attempts to commit Murder, Rape, or something similar, they will be seised by a figure dressed all in black, and taken away. Though the empatic nature of the populus will make this incredibly rare.

Monitarily the government is funded by a single low flat tax. Most governmant programs work through Taxtime- Every adult is required to contribute a certain amount of time, totaling 35 days a year to performing appropriate functions necessary to the government's functioning. Taxtime keeps the roads repaired, sees civic buildings constructed, and more.

Also the government offers doctors, mages and other highly skilled individuals the option to recieve an education for free in exchange for an increased taxtime. Sort of an alternative to the GI Bill.

Foreign Policy - Fairly open to visitors and imigrants, however ofworlders do not recieve any protection against being taken if they attempt a violent crime. Trade is encoraged, and anyone who wants to emegrate can.

Domestic policy - One of the Official offices is Population management, they have access to an enchanted globe that can be used to adjust the overall fertility of people in different regions. Which his is obliged to use to keep the population from growing too fast. Which means that the farms, herds, Fishing fleets etc have no troubles feeding everyone. There are judges and some law enforcers, but since violent crime is delt with automatically they aren't that buisy. Especially factoring in the Empathic feature.

Economy - Thanks to nanotech generators in the roads, electrical power is free and plentiful. One application tapping the power is a very large number of micro sised hydrogen production stations, turning water into the Hydrogen that powers the cars in my world.

Religion (if any) - No official faith.

Technology Level - A little higher than modern day, Just enough Nanotech that all roads double as solar generators. And cars run on pure hydrogen.

Magic level - Everyone has the ability to learn magic, however the magic they can learn is somewhat limited.

As I said ritual enchantment is what's most effective, and there's a lot of work by both engineers and sorcerors to improve technology with enchantments, and other magic-tech combinations. One project underway is a way to create satelites which together will generate a powerful protective forcefield around the planet. (My people are neither hostile nor expansionistic. They also realise while invasion by armed troups will inevetably lead to the troups vanishing one by one as each tries to use voilence against others, and gets taken away. However orbital bombardment is not something that they want to risk.)

1. On the fly magic is fairly limited. Effects are fairly rigid, and nothing on the fly can affect an area larger than a large house.
2 Ceremonial magic is the strongest, with long ceremony's being able to create magical artifacts and generate more widespread effects. Though the ceremony's take a long time to complete and many people to perform.

Evolution level - Close to modern humans, except for the psychic powers

Additional Notes - I am the technical leader, and final voice of authority of my world. I am also the World Mage, and all magic in the world flows through me, allowing me to boost or cut off any magic at the source, except for the magic I created to make the government function.


Psychocrystals - there is a semi-common mineral which can be formed into crystals which interact with psychic energy. These can be built to amplify, focus, or store different psychic energy types. My world's scientists are studying their use, but the applications are still limited. Current applications include,

And the artists are working with Sensation art: using crystals to record and playback specific emotions. Note these are mostly restricted from export because they can have unpleasant effects on non-empaths.

Oh, and most credit cards are implanted with crystal which makes the card unusable except in the hands of it's owner, or someone they allow to use it.

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Created by: Lord Darkwolf

Planet Name: Krinos

General Environments: Planet has a 4g gravtational field , Various temptures and weather systems, most land covered by lush forests with large cities molded into them, special tint gives the sky various colors depending on season .

Flora: Various types of trees and plants . Some have high phamecitcal applications . Various trees bear several types of fruit.

Fauna: Various types of beasts which adapted to the high G atmosphere . Even the plant eaters are a bit hardier than thier Earth counterparts.

Government: The Krinorians have a pack mentality .The entire race is seen as several hundred smaller packs connected to 3 big castes each under what defines them . The Science Caste , The Mystic Caste, and the Warrior Caste. At utmost of this is the Kari'lel , the Triad, and the Council . The Kari'lel is the leader ,the king or queen who is the highest among the Krinorians except for one. This positon is usually succeeded by bloodline . The Kari'lel makes policy at the conusel of the only one higher .... the ageless mysterious Wise One (guess who? ...) It is then sent before the Triad who are voted in . The three members go to thier respective Councils (Science, Mystic, Warrior) made up of members of various packs who are also voted in ,debate then come back and discuss the views among themselves before voting whether or not to enact the policy .. The Triad's vote is final . Two must agree to pass the policy . There is an old tradition where the Kari'lel reserves the right to challenge one of the Triad to a sparring duel to change thier vote though it rarely happens anymore . After the policy is past it is up to the Councils to enforce it .

Foreign Policy: Krinorians are very strange race . They rarely call each other by name perfering to speak to each other as One . So it often you will find them saying things like " One is greatful for your assistance . One would be honored to help you ." Most Krinorians are very big on honor though there are a few rougish ones with looser morals. To make friendly relations with this race ,One will find them noble , friendly, and in an alliance absolutely loyal . They also have a very logical way of thinking . Be warned however that they are also fiercely territorital. It is not wise to enter thier space without sending advanced notifcation and recieving an invite. The Warrior caste patrol ships has been known to shoot warning shots across bows of uninvited guests followed by a firm cominique to leave immeaditly.

Domestic Policy:

There are three main caste to Krinorian soceity . Each has thier duty to the whole race . Though every Krinorian gets a basic education from each of these caste he or she is truely defined by his or her caste which is usually decided by what pack he/she belongs to. The canadite is then trained to thier field by the caste . ( There have been cases of switch overs ) You can tell what caste a Krinorian belongs too by the color of their cerimonal scarves they wear around thier neck .

The Science Caste (Blue) is one of the most important caste. Do not let the forests of thier homeworld fool you they are very advanced in the sciences despite thier affinity with nature . It is the science caste job to teach the whole race in mathematics ,reading , physical science , and applications of such .The also are the engineers of the race , inventing and mataining the technological advances of the race . Among thier many advances was the invention of the hyperspace link , a way to draw a clean energy source from hyperspace itself without harming thier enviroment .... this tech became the base for many of thier other advances . Among other things they learned was replication technology for a better food supply . A lot of Krinorians however still love a good hunt in the forests though they are realistc and realize you can't feed the enitre race that way . And another device is anti gravity field.. A small belt version of this was made to let offworld vistors come to thier otherwise uncomfortable high g enviroment .

The Mystic Caste (Green) are the religious leaders of the the Krinorians . Krinorians all have a high affinity with nature and are empathic to each other with a sort of "pack mind " . It is the Mystic caste job to teach shaminstic and druid magiks that enhance these abilites . It is also thier task to teach protcal, culture, history, and diplomacy . Many Krinorian diplomats and ambassadors are of the Mystic Caste .

The Warrior Caste (Black) is the backbone of the Krinorians. Serving as both a workforce and protectors it is the largest of the three castes . It's main duty is to see every Krinorian gets a decent physical education . "Decent" Meaning pratically from birth a Krinorian child is taught Ger'ka Ken a Krinorian martial art takes all it's forms into account. Hunting, tracking and basic survival are also part of the profile . Avanced studies at the Acadmey are in weaponry , tactics, space navagation and ship to ship combat. The Warrior Caste also serves as law enforcment . A fully trained warrior caste member is a fierce adversary.

Religion: Very spiritual in nature.... has a special bond with moons .

Tech Level: Very high . One of the main things about this society is thier understanding of hyperspace. They use hyperspace to both power thier ships and to travel phasing into and out of hyperspace .. This also allows them to phasecloak thier ships perfect for a wolf's ambush mentality. The Warrior and Science caste realizing of that made Stealth tech become one of thier main focus in designing thier ships and weapons. Thier latest device made them able to cloak thier entire planet.. and for a long time thier planet remained hidden under it from the galaxy at large. Recent debates however made them decide to drop the cloak revealing themselves ..

Magik Level: Farily low consisting of Shamnistic and Low level druid spells mainly for healing and buffing thier already formidable physical traits . Not many attack spells for Krinorians have a high natural immunity to them .

Evolution: Krinorians are both humaniod and canine in features . Much stronger,denser, and more agile than a normal human they are able to shift thier forms to that of a powerful wolf depending on the phases of the moon . (For look and concept think canine Ctarl'Ctarl ) A high resistance to magic . (attack spells hurt but they fare better than most races ... charm ,disease , etc highly resitant ) , The whole race is empathic to each other and have the ability to enter the Dreaming . Expert trackers and hunters with thier enhanced senses they feel right at home on planets with forests and jungles though they have little problem with populated areas .

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Created by: FTO

Planet: Lain (must check that anime out sometime)

Rules of Reality: Basically normal, but for Earth-level gravity, instead of Pluto-level gravity. Oh, and there's a version of Optional Death, as explained below...

Flora: Lain trees had always been semi-sentient, their "brains" spread out through their masses in a sort of neural net. Eventually, individual trees began discovering latent mental abilities, ranging from suggestion to telekinesis to precognition. Most common was empathy, the sensing of the emotions of others.

As discovery of talents spread among the trees, they began to become aware of each other's existence, and reached out. Thus the first dream minds were formed, collective unconsciousnesses that aided individual members in times of need. When any one tree was in danger, the combined mental powers of that dream mind could be brought to bear on the threat, neutralizing it more effectively than a single Lain tree could.

Soon, all the trees of Lain formed a single Dream Mind, a union crossing species, oceans, and continents. It was a collective bond of such power that the trees of Lain effectively became fungible (does that word mean what I think it means?). Upon the death of one tree, its (un)consciousness was taken into the Dream Mind, remaining in existence and held like a hologram in the "minds" of all the trees of Lain. Such a(n) (un)consciousness could reenter the material world as a new tree, effectively a limited form of reincarnation.

Fauna & Inhabitants: The trees of Lain, and by extension the Dream Mind, were empathic. They sensed the cycles of life coursing about and through them, sensed all the world that they could not see but in their mind's eye. They sensed, too, the suffering inherent in life, the concept of death that they themselves had left behind. The Dream Mind, in simple curiosity and compassion, brought its mental powers to bear and caught the (un)consciousnesses of the dying creatures around it.

From observing the "dreams" of the fauna in life after death, the Dream Mind learned of the world as animals perceived it. And by extension, it began to wish to experience the world; for real, and not in dreams. It also understood that the catching of dying (un)consciousnesses could not go on indefinitely with only the Lain trees to support it.

The Dream Mind coaxed animal (un)consciousnesses into the bodies of individual trees, and began (though it did not know it) playing god. Within the seeded trees, wombs slowly began to develop, and the Dream Mind began the gestation of bodies for the animals. It modified them, toughening their makeup with plant-related materials, augmenting their life processes with photo/chemosynthesis-capable cells that utilized the waste products of respiration. Fascinated by the five senses, it augmented the relevant organs as well as it knew how to.

In this way, the Dream Mind brought the fauna of Lain into the collective unconsciousness, and truly experienced their lives in the material world through their eyes.

Basically all the flora and fauna of Lain are now components of the Dream Mind, and all possess semi-latent mental abilities as individuals.

Finally, the humans of Lain evolved to the point of self-consciousness. For the Dream Mind, the birth of full consciousness within itself was like discovering sensations all over again. Society and language developed rather slowly, since individual needs for sustenance were quite small, everyone basically understood everyone else already. Art and imagination flourished.

Biotechnology advanced quite rapidly. Intercontinental travel by sea or by air was soon no problem. Exploration of the ocean depths followed, then advancement into the upper atmosphere and space. They even began to terraform one of their moons.

About Lain humans, though. Their bodies have plant-like characteristics, including tissue capable of photosynthesis. With the internal recycling going on, they don't need to eat or breathe very much at all. They are also more durable than Earth humans.

Appearance-wise, the plant elements sometimes tint their skin slightly. Their hair is also somewhat stiffer and more lustrous thanks to the protective coating around the strands, with a tendency to clump up in slashes. Colors vary from Earth human tones to unusual flowerlike tones.

Also, their eyes are larger, due to the Dream of Lain's continuing fascination with the sense of sight. A clear, protective sheath encases the eyes, keeping them in focus and incidentally making them unusually reflective. (Bwahaha... I'm sure you all caught what I just did, there... )

As with all Lain life forms, their unconscious is a facet of the Dream of Lain. All have mental powers, be they latent or not; all have active empathy.

In their late years (lifespan is about 100 years, for simplicity), their bodies become stiffer and their eyes shrink slightly (no effect on vision). They spend more time sleeping. Eventually, their body goes to sleep for the last time, and their heart stops. Their consciousness sleeps as well, while the body converts fully to plant-mode and grows into a new tree.

Eventually, of course, they wake up in the Dream of Lain. From there, they can either dream on, or be (effectively) reincarnated in a new body, born from a tree. This is called being Dreamborn, and people who do it usually choose to retain their memories and selves.

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Created by: FBHthelizardwizard

My world: Malkin

General environment: sub tropical all over, fresh water seas, jungle forest and grassy plains. frequent light rain.

Inhabitants: two groups

Humans: not quite normal humans they have the ability to shape shift (to any living thing with the same mass) over a period of a few months.

AIs numerous sentient and semi sentient machines and nano constructs. see technology

Flora: normal earth like plants, things like mobile plants clusters of plants that float about the air and land coral.

Fauna: some what earth like but with many alien bits for example: giant flightless parrots, apes that yodel, feathery snakes and such.

Government: Demo-socailist anarchy basically do as though wilt as long as it harms no one, If there as decision that effects the whole then every one votes and the majority decision hold sway.

Foreign Policy: friendly unless your an evil government (I.e. one that represses its people or is hostile)

Domestic policy: Socialist since tech basically produces unlimited quantities of whatever any one wants. Sort of culture lite. Criminals (when the infrequently appear) are psychologically accessed if they are sane they are imprisoned, if not then they get therapy. Food is grown in machine run hydrophobic farms or created by nano machines or replicators.

Religion: generally atheist but with religious freedom.

Technology Level: High. Sort of Total Annihilation meets Larry Nivens Known Space meets Star Wars, space travel is done by FTL ships, or by warp gates.

Travel on planet is by repulsor vehicle or teleporter. Teleporters are very long ranged (around 0.5 an AU ) and go through shields but require a teleport device at the other end.

Cheap tranmutation, making matter from energy and and virtually unlimited power generation are all available as is advanced AI and nano machines.

Weapons are an array of plasma/laser/graser/other beam weapons, Anti matter Plasma or X-ray Laser war head missiles and molecular disintegrators. For defence shields and high tech armor are used we also have temporal shields. For mass destruction we use big molecular disintegrators. Most fighting is going to be done be sentient and semi sentient machine.

Medical science is very good including body transfer anti aging and the like pretty much all disease have been eradicated.

magic level: very low, Malkin is high mana but the natives do not use magic.

evolution level normal humans + slow shape shifting.

Additional Notes

Malkin is surrounded bu a large spherical shell on which additional inhabitants may live since this shell cuts of sun light between the planet and the shell there is large grid of energy radiators that light the planet.

note that the planet could in an emergency provide its own heat and that the planetary shield is below the energy grid and ring so it could be blocked if it fell.

The Habitat at has its own shields and gravity generators.

Above the habitat ring is a large AI collective of defence satellites (kept cloaked to prevent an enemy learning of there location) ships approaching the planet are warned to stay in the proper lanes so they don't ram one of the cloaked D sats.

Malkin has a large fleet of exploration vessels (which can double as war ships in an emergency) and a few specialist war vessels. More could be built fast though.



FTL drives,
nano technology,
molecular disintegrators,
long range teleporters,
galactic gates.


Magical items,
Art works,
new music,
new sports,
Interesting foods,
And any technology not on the above list

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Created by: Metaphysician

Name: Olympia

Basic gist: Everybody on the planet is more than human, one way or another. Whether its by superpowers, psionics, magical talent, incredible intelligence, or a knack for derring do, everybody would fit in in a comic book, if they went for costumed heroics. Most do marginally more mundane jobs, as befits their capabilities. However, said capabilities are pretty much random among the populace, and prone to boosts, drops, or changes.

Overall tech level is akin to Watcher's status quo, with the magic level akin. However, individual people routinely break these levels, albeit in a manner that cannot be mass reproduced. Note that such access to power on an individual scale is as much a blessing as a curse; we have our fair share of those less morally inclined, some of home have taken up supervillainy, some of home take up more mundane bad stuff.

Oh, and me?? I'm the overall most capable person on the planet. Others exceed me in areas of specialty, but never in more than one area.

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Created by: Airshark

Name: Pax

My people would be considerably smaller than humans, perhaps slightly over knee-high. There would be two races. The first would be at least semi-aquatic, possibly going through a land-living child stage and growing up to be capable of life in the deep seas. I'd have a thick cloud cover and a *very* wet, but not cold, planet. There would be large island-continents and plenty of smaller islands. (Bring slickers and umbrellas, tourists.)

The second would be largely subterranean, but larger than the first. The two races would have a symbiotic relationship. The subterranean race would be able to hunt large animals for their calcium-rich bones (lacking in the ocean depths) and keep predators away from the aquatic children. They would be repaid with passage to other islands (they're subterranean, think they want to be sailors?) The aquatic race would also serve as the messengers, the storm-warning system, and watch for deep-sea creatures that might prove a threat to either (or both) races. The on-shore races would take care of written books and house factories, but since the planet depends on water power, the aquatic races have equal control. They can also handle magical books, the ink of which rarely runs.

Government would consist of many small councils of both races answering to one council. (Edit: council members are elected. Elite forces of hunters answering to the Council are sent to handle deep-sea creatures or, if necessary, criminals.)

Each individual would be capable of empathy, and telepathy would work within family groups or close-knit groups that depend on each other for survival, such as the hunters. Magic would be far ahead of technology, which is probably still in the Industrial Revolution.

As of now, magic is used mostly for health care and deep-sea living. Only hunters need aggressive magic, and the aura of that magic makes it hard to hide if someone else is using it.

Flora: Plants have found various ways to seed themselves throughout the islands, including floating mats of blossoms that hang in the air and are carried by the wind.

Fauna: On land, most animals are at least similar to what we have. The water has some nasties and many deep-sea predators, however. Most deep-sea cities and outposts are magically protected, but groups of hunters still have to handle predators that go up-river into the islands, or animals that threaten the safety of their colonies of young.

Religion: Theocracy

The deity that the people of Pax follow is a kind of magical essence shaped by mass belief. By the time they began to understand the concept of what it was, it was firmly rooted in their civilization. . . in a way, the sprout that they planted became the tree that shaded them.

The magic is at least partly sentient, although by now it's evolved into something too complex to get a handle on and too widespread to effectively test. If everyone stopped believing in it at once, it would probably not collapse.

By now, it has its own rules, ingrained into its structure by generations of being thought of and respected. It shows the people the results of what they wish for if their plans will go wrong. . . or it shows them the wrong they have done.

After all, empathy for someone you hate may be ignored.

If the wrongdoing was serious (such as murder) but the vision brings no change, it shows the vision to a group of priests, who can then inform the elected council. The elected council can then take steps to correct the problem.

The deity basically keeps natural disasters and smaller calamities from the population, and reflects back the discord that individuals create.

It is a common belief that the deity can more easily reach those who are on places most connected to nature, so many islands and deep stretches of water are left alone for visitors to meditate on.

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Created by: Z-man

Name: Pokelypse

Summary: The world is a feudal society, although there still remain some ruins of a far more advanced society. For the most part no weapons of the old world survived, and no books remain to tell of the previous civilization. The capitol tower is built over an underground cloning lab.

Every city is ruled by a gym leader, an archmage, or, in the case of Cerulean, the CEO. The social hub of each city is the gym or school of magic.

Many rumors exist to the affect that, at the capitol tower, you will be tested by the greatest trainer or mage or the like in the world. No one who has been there has returned to tell.

And the only free psychic is Sabrina, CEO of Cerulean City. She uses psi-blocking technology to disguise her presence from the, as yet unknown, mysterious collector of psychics. She is likewise immortal.

Laws of Reality: I only just now thought of it, but no tech functions in the upper atmosphere. Space shuttles going into and out of it must be organic, or they're systems will be irrevocably fried.

Transmissions through the field would be allowed, but the actual tech does not function. I still wouldn't risk teleporting through it, if I were you.

Inhabitants & Wildlife: Guess. Pokemon. All Pokemon exist, in roughly the proportions seen on the show. Except for the unique ones, their populations have exploded, however, and they are largely the dominant species of the planet. Whole Pokemon cities have been built in the wilderness. The Pokemon know of the old world, and they have passed it down by their word of mouth for generations.

Humans form walled cities, and potential Pokemon trainers regularly venture out into the wilderness to capture some of these pokemon to help run their situation. Some Pokemon even come willingly, wishing for food and shelter in exchange for the work their powers are capable of.

The government is, as I said, feudal, run by an Emperor living in a capitol tower built over a cloning lab, and super powered Pokemon clones are regularly sent out to enforce the will of the Emperor. I am, technically, the Emperor, but I am also a puppet. The one who holds my strings is no one else than Mewtwo, who is immortal in the same way I am. In this reality, he destroyed all civilization shortly after his creation, and has now set himself up as this world's ruler.

Magic is present, mainly used for illusions and other useful spells, such as lighting tunnels and fires. Mages earn their ranks by entering themselves into Pokemon battles, and holding their own against wild Pokemon.

All burgeoning psychics are located by Mewtwo before they themselves know about their powers to be secretly trained in the capitol tower for some unknown purpose.

High tech is available to citizens of Cerulean city and their ancestors, who pass it off as magic. Cerulean City is the only still functioning city left over from the old world. They value money above almost all else, but will not sell their technology, because then no one would pay them to use them. They largely find work as either mercenaries or entertainers.

There are also some martial artists. Any who can find a Machamp and convince it to train them are capable of becoming such.

Their non-Pokemon weapons are all hand to hand types. Swords, maces, that sort.

Vampires and Werewolves of the Buffy variety exist in small numbers. The Slayer is a female Scyther, who so far remains undefeated.

Many of the primitive walled cities are guarded by gargoyles, of the Disney variety. They are about on par with some of the stronger Pokemon.

Though few can access it, the internet still exists. Living in it are Digimon, though they have yet to find access to the real world, and have no idea what they will find when and if they get there.

There is also a small traveling band of 5 do-gooders, dressed in multicolored spandex. No one knows who they are, where they come from, or what their power source is.

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Created by: Media Man

Planet Name - I shall dub my planet... Proleteria!

General Environment(s) - The vast majority of Proleteria has been, unfortunately, stripped of its natural beauty. On the other hand, the cities that cover most of this planet are amazing. Extremely urban, extremely technologically bent.

Inhabitents - Mostly baseline humans, though with slightly more stamina on average (nothing superhuman, though each would be able to complete a marathon, on average. This will help in how I want to make my planet).

Flora - Plants? What are those? Oh, wait! You mean the things we eat that grow in the greenhouses! Proleteria has virtually no non-edible plant life. I never said none, so don't cry oxygen depreivation on me. Ultra-efficient, ultra-hardy microbes inhabit most of the ocean surface. They pretty much provide the same oxygen generating capacities that the trees do in our world. Most plants, though, are things people eat.

Fauna - Unfortunately, also, the population has killed off a lot of the natural life in its ruthless urban expansion, save for a few speciments in zoos. There's humans and there's... Well, humans. We don't even have livestock anymore. However, the seas are deep and have not all been explored. Legends persist, still, of some huge beings lurking under the waves. Industry has just gotten to the water's edge, though, so we'll see soon.

Government - A unique blend of Communism and Capitalism. Bet ya never heard that before, huh? Authority is delegated in a hiearchial fashion. At the top is the Chairman, the supreme executive power. Under him is the Executive Council. Under them are governers and under them are regents. Governers rule sectors and regents rule sectors within sectors. The Chairman is elected by the Executive Council from within their own ranks. The Executive Council, numbering twelve, are all chosen democratically by the People, as are the Governers and the Regents. Anyone can be a Regent. Before one can be governer, one must first have served as a Regent. Before one can be on the Executive Council, one must first have been a Governer. I shall be the first Chairman, though after ten years, I can be voted out. Though, if I keep getting voted in, my term could last... Indefinately.

Foreign Policy - Aggressive trade. Contact with other worlds promotes the economy here! You give us jobs to do and that employs the people! We get your money or other goods in exchange and you get our services in whatever businesses you need. Of course, we're far from free-market. We're still a bit Communist, after all. No foreign businesses can set up shop here, but ask the Chairman for any job and he'll, almost without fail, begin production, if the price is right.

Domestic policy - Here's the odd thing: we firmly belive in trade with as many nations as possible. We want to have industry booming. Easily outdo industry anywhere else. Not going for military superpower here, but economic, hell yea! But... Most business is in the hands of the government. Don't worry. I'm not turning Mao. I'm going more for a Leninist style, back when he realized that pure Communism wasn't best for Russia and started putting in some capitalistic elements. But at least 7/8 of all industrial power will still be nationalized. Nationalized industries: mining, production, farming, construction, water-purifying, shipping. Health care is free as is education. Everyone is entitled to food and shelter. No one shall starve. Maybe more Socialist than Communist, for while industry will be nationalized, basic economics will not (though the Chairman and the Executive Council reserves the right to nationalize/cannibilize private businesses upon a unanimous vote from all the council and the go-ahead from the Chairman). The USSR was done in by a fantastic industrial capacity with little to no consumer economic base. With the admittance of private business (though, VERY closely monitored by the government) I shall hope to avoid all that. Robot workers exist, though only in support roles. They rarely replace human workers. This keeps unemployment down and with the tools I'm planning to give the workers, robots really aren't needed :-)

Religion (if any) - The masses need no opium.

Technology Level - High technology. Food is genetically engineered and grown hydroponically, thus more manufactured than grown. They're produced in massive greenhouses and each ear of corn has enough basic nutrients to feed you for an entire day. So, theoretically, you could live on super-corn your life, though such an existence would be sorta bland (no pun intended). Growing and distribution of food is controlled by the government. Corn is free and is the primary crop, though things like super-wheat, super-potatos and super-peas and super-carrots are dirt cheap. Things get more expensive later, but all food is super. Meat is produced at special factories, using stem cell cloning to create just animal flesh without animals. Therefore, no grazing is needed. My greatest trumps is nano-paste. Industrial grade stuff, nano-paste can conform to any single shape by re-arranging molecular bonds. This means near anything can be formed with enough of the stuff. However, you still need human hands to manipulate it. Once it take on the bonds, all you need to do is set it and the nanites die and for all intents and purposes, the stuff is what you wanted it to be. The other key to my uber-industry is power-armor. Construction armor, as it is called, increases nearly everything. It increases strength, durability and HIGHLY speeds up human reaction time to rival that of the greatest super-processors. The workers need the construction armors for many jobs. It allows for fine manipulation of the nano-paste that human perceptions and reaction times simply cannot allow, for people who work with nano-paste are also sculptors of a sort. The machinery allows for fine manipulation of these malleable molecular bonds. I could have everything be automated, but this means unemployment. This way, I get to keep peak production levels and still keep jobs around. The materials created by the nano-paste are then speedily assembled by the workers (the paste can create an engine, a seat, a wheel and a frame, but it cannot create a whole car by itself). In times of war, however, the Executive Council and Chairman reserve the right to slide Military Moduels into the factories, completely automating factories. However, this complete automation produces a heavy drain on power and cannot be maintained for long. Military technology is right now at starships, though most Proleterian ships tend to be shipping barges. Matter manipulation of all sorts through the nano-paste is possible, though, and with the right schematics we can make ANYthing and in probably 1/16 of the time it would take our competitors to make it :-D. Did I mention nano-paste can also heal damaged tissue? So we pretty much become the Batman of the Idaho system: prep time gods, so you better take us by surprise.

Magic level - I'm trying to follow my own system here (this doesn't exactly mean you HAVE to follow it) and thus most of my budget is taken up by technology. Magic, though, does exist in Proleteria. It takes two forms: those in government are able to cast Detect Lie at will. The smaller effect is in the supplimentation of my industry. Computers work partially on technological principles and partially on magical ones. This means that whatever technology cannot do, a magic will compensate for. In other words, my computers have infinite processing power and infinite storage space. This will allow administration to flow more freely, and avoid the sea of red tape that might plague my mighty nation.

Evolution level - People have slightly more endurance. Not even peak human. Just, on an average, better than average.

Additional Notes - Proleteria is open for business! Come! Trade with us! Give us jobs! We are prepared to make a deal. Though, cross us and you will find you are facing a very well armed populace :-) We do protection too! If you're not able to fight your own wars, we'll gladly devote a portion of our own military if the price is right :-)

Exports - If we're talking about trade, the industry of Proleteria is at your disposal. Anything imaginable is possible for us to make. We've got super-food to feed your world if you'd like. We can make starships, we can make weapons, we can make near anything. We would rather not give out the secret of our magical computers, though.

Agriculture: we can provide for you ultra-fortified crops. One heaping serving of these can feed a single person for an entire day, though one supposes they might want a little variety in their meals. Unfortunately, these are grown hydroponically in our special agri-water and will grow much more slowly in soil. In addition, any food we ship out will be sterile.

Contracting: we can build near anything. Give us the details and we'll have it for you faster than near anyone could comprehend. Our hope is to aggressively expand into the ship building market.

Banking: Several private banking firms have cropped up on Proleteria. While under monitoring from government to prevent abuse, they'll be happy to store your money.

Shipping: With the largest freighter fleet in the system and ultra-fast Graviton Slingshot technology, we can get anything anywhere in near record time.

Robotics: We offer robotic workers. Accustomed to working in hazardous environments where my human workers cannot yet go, they can easily be mass produced and exported to your world. Of course, the consumer version will not have some features that the industry version (the Proleterian versions) has. But for your purposes, they'll more than likely get the job done.

Oxygen generating plankton: We've found they can be utilized for deep breathing underwater if consumed as well as oxygen renewal in space. Looking for an infinite air supply? Look no further than our Oxygen Generating Plankton!

Data storage: Our computers, through magical means (mostly sub-space pockets microscopic in size and micro-teleporation spells) are able to store an infinite amount of data and process that data at near instantanous speed. We can host any information you might wish to store, all under the proective aegis of our expert network security.

ANY natural resource you might want to find. Nano-paste can copy any molecular structure and set itself so it BECOMES that thing. Want gold? We got it. Want iron? We got that. Want neutronium armor? We got that :-) The only limitation is, well, it's not a good idea to eat the stuff.

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Created by: Born of the Canucks

Planet Name: Shadowstar

General Environments: This planet is alot like Earth. It contains all the various climates and environments that Earth contains.

The Western Hemisphere (aka the Light side): With the main sources of heat on this side of the planet, such environments like deserts and rainforests are abundantly located. To be precise on their exact locations, the planets only desert lies mainly on the equator due to the concentration of heat is most there. Surrounding immediately from the deserts are the tropical rainforests and varoius small bodies of water. Water is spaced out on this side of the planet due to the higher levels of heat, also resulting in the lower volumes of water in an area (the desert has no signs of water to ever exist due to that the highest concentrations of heat lie here). Bordering the planets "light barrier" (which is where the light from the star extends no further), boreal forests line this circular border due to its evolutionary ability to not necessarily need light to survive. Various lakes and streams flow through the boreal forest into the "dark lands." This side receives 24 hr sunlight. Temperatures lie in the 35-50 degrees Celcius range.

The Eastern Hemisphere (aka the Dark side): Opposite of the west, this land receives no light at all, 24 hr darkness. The temperature lies between 20-30 degrees Celcius. This temperature provides the land to flourish with the bordering boreal forest (as mentioned above) and grasslands which occupies the majority of this side of the planet. The grasslands also have evolved to deal with the 24 hr nightlife. All the water flowing through the rivers and streams, drain into the largest lake which occupies 30% of the eastern hemisphere. Only one lake occupies this side. The land revolves only around one season, summer.

Inhabitants: The humans which occupy this planet have evolved to adapt to the light conditions of the planet. Humans in the western hemisphere have the ability to go through the day with only few hours of sleep. Only 20% of the human population occupy the west, the remaining 80% lie in the east which have not had this evolution advantage. There are four cities on the planet, one in the west, three in the east, along with various villages and towns in each. All humans genetic make-up has been influenced by an energy (will give more detail later) derived form the planet, which allows them to use magical abilities.

Flora: Same as Earth, adapted to its location.

Fauna: Same as Earth, adapted to its location.

Government: The worldly government consists of a democratic council which consists of 10 representatives (called Talons) from each city, plus an athority which controls the entire council (called Crown). Various ambassadors for other worlds are elected by the Crown for Shadowstarian embassies.

Foreign Policy: An open door policy to allied peoples. Enemy forces will be met with a zero tolerance policy, and will be annihilated. Peacefulness is preferred.

Domestic Policy: Same as today's Canadian way of life. Food will be derived from farmers, and it can be accessed through various markets within the cities. Canadian laws and policy are used on this planet. Criminals are kept in an orbital space station until properly dealt with in accordance to the laws. The military is the only source of surveilance and discipline on the planet. The military is comprised of the first born of every family plus various applicants interested in this field. All remaining citizens have various options for future careers. Everyone is documented on Governmental computers, and all criminals are judge in one of two court houses (one for each side of the planet).

Religion: All citizens are open to their religion of choice, if any.

Tech Level: On the surface of the planet, modern day devices are used. In regards to space technology, Shadowstarians are quite advanced enough to engage in space exploration, defense against attack, as well as attack an outlying planet. Medical equipment is also a technlogical acheivement in which the planet prides itself on.

Magik Level: Shadowstar emits not only a magnetic field, but a magik field aswell. Certain core chemistry emits such a field which radiates from the poles. The humans over time have evolved their genetic make-up to use the waves of magical energy for their own good, thus meaning that they could only use magik on Shadowstar (on the surface and in the atmosphere they can use magik, any further they cannot). They don't rely on magik to survive, its more like an advantage in competitions against the various.

Evolution: They are normal, modern-age people with the evolutionary gift of magik in which they derive from the planet.

Additional info: The axis of the planet isn't tilted, plus the planet does not rotate on this axis (hint the 24 hr whatever). Only Shadowstarians can harness the magical energy radiating from the planet. Don't be confused by the non-axis rotation, the planet still revolves around the sun with the same side (western hemisphere) facing the sun.

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Created by: Mr. Sandman

Planet Name - Sandtopia

General Environment(s) - Same as the normal earth enviroment. Warm around the equator and cold around the poles. Going north and south from the equator the general patten of ecosystems is Tropical Rainforest, Tempeate rainforest, Desert, Boreal Forests and finally Tundra. A small aqua biome also covers about 20% of the planet.

Inhabitents - The types of people and there ways of life differ from one region to another. In the deep part of the tropical rainforest area there are several tribes of primative humans, while the magic users live much more to the east and the high technological society lives to the north.

Flora - Average plantlife can be found here, nothing special.

Fauna - Same as Flora.

Government - As there are many types of people there are also that many types of government. The magic users of the east have a government where there is no actual leader, the majority decides what is good for the there country. The Many tribes of the east are ruled by there individual chiefs and the high tech society is ruled by an elected President like the US.

Foreign Policy - Depending on how my people see the other planet three things can happen.

1) They like the planet and its people and open trade with them.

2) They dislike your planet and decide not to have anything more to do with you.

3) They get mad and take over your planet. (Note, number 3 will only happen if you come acting hostile towards them.)

Domestic policy - Due to high technology the advanced society has been able to tap into vast amounts of energy and resources but in such a was as to not use them up, they live in tall bulidings that resemble skyscrapers but much taller. The magic users of the east tend to live like average people in small homes and use magic to provide them with their need and wants. The tribes of the west on the other hand live off the land. Due to a special law placed and agreed with by the three socitys there is to be no hostile actions against each other, besides for that the rest of the laws are the same as here.

Religion - In this world there is one god that no matter what socity they live in he is worshiped. In the language of the tribes he is known as Srubnirrla. To the magic users he is life bringer, Sandlea. But to the advanced society he is known as the great, just and powerful.........SANDMAN!!!! (You could tell I was coming to that, right. )

Technology Level - Nither the Tribal or the magic society have ever had a very high tech level except for what the high tech soicity traded them. The high tech society on the other hand has an advanced lech level(As high as this thread will allow).

Magic level - Magic exists on a high level here...But only to the tribes and the magic users. The tribal chiefs have learned to cast a low level amount of magic and teach it to others while the magic users have he highest amount of magic skills possable. The high tech society has tryed in the past to aquire magic but has only done so by combineing magic with there Technology. Nevertheless, it produed very favorable results in the eyes there eyes.

Evolution level - All the people are evolved to the point where they can all possess telepathic ablilitys and thus can tell if invaders are hostile or not. But, the power of this ability can vary depending on the people. The magic users are better at using this power then the tribal people who are better then the high tech people. Now, the tribal people have much better evolution related traits then both the others. Like the ability to live on both the land and in the sea, some have even gone to the point where they have grown wings and can fly.

Additional Notes

Tribal society info: Among all the tribes that make up the great tribal society there are a select few tribes that stand out anomg the others. They includ the Klasio tribe, Klasio being the tribal word for bird. The entire tribe is make up of humans evolved with wings, they live in the very high and large trees of the Lahious forest region. There, they build treehouse/nests and feed off forest animals. They are highly skilled in fighting but are very peaceful and will not attack unless provoked. Another well known tribe is the Rolpral tribe, Rolpral meaning mole. This tribe's majority has a special adaptation that allows them to dig under ground where they build there homes. They are very intellegent and skilled at laying traps. Moving on we have the Syualious tribe, or the wandering tribe. It is this tribe that makes regular contact with the other two societys. It is also the only tribe that has every lived outside the forest. Being not as evolved as the rest they seeked a place to live where they were not as different as the rest. Finally, we have the war-like Houtious tribe, or tiger tribe. These humans have evolved with legs able to carry them a max speen of 90 km/ph and have sharp claws that can tear a human in half. But thankfully they keep there distance from others.

Tribal Language: As you have come to know, the tribal people have a certain language that is very difficult to pick out. Even the other societys have only picked out a few words that have been taught to them by the wandering tribe. These include...

Tribal word-Meaning

Biope po-Thank you
Yit Senihuoa- Your Wecome
Aloto gito- Good day

These are just a few of the words that have been uncovered but there are still a lot the other societys don't know. more info for ya later.

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Created by: Yeoman

Planet Name - Terra-Mars

General Environment(s) - Earth-like. IOW a mixture of lots of different types.

Inhabitents - All kinds. I'm not forcing my people down any particular overarching mental or social path.

Flora - Earth Standard.

Fauna - Earth Standard with the addition of Land Dragons.

Government - Dictatorial Democracy. No really. The people can make their own choices, I just reserve the right to step in and force them away from a path I have huge issues with (Like say they try to institutionalize slavery, I'd definetly be stepping in to say a big no to that sort of thing)

Foreign Policy - Open trade. Our military policy is "Don't start none, won't be none."

Domestic policy - This is their decision.

Religion (if any) - See Domestic Policy.

Technology Level - Fairly high.

Magic level - Low. Allows for the occasional mage, and supernatural ability. Magic isn't unheard of, just uncommon enough that most people don't run into it in the average decade. High level mages types arn't unheard of, but are very very rare.

Evolution level - Human standard, but I just gotta give em the occasional Force user.

Additional Notes - I'll still give my world deposists of float stones. Gravity defying rocks that sink when heated.


Security: Terra-Mars Force users make excellent additions to native security forces. With their speed, mystical senes and lighsabers, having one on staff for missions where security is a must is always helpful.

Energist: The crystal heart of a land dragon is an awsome mystic energy source. Useful for mages, and with the proper equipent, power vehicles and other mechanisms in need of large energy sources. All energist is mined from deceased dragons.

Tourism (more of an import really): The laid back planet of Terra-Mars with it's multitude of environments makes for an excellent vacation spot.

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Created by: Leviathan

Planet name: Tiberus. Enviroment: Like Earhts, a tad warmer and wtter... THree main land masse snot counting the islands and chains of islands. Not counting the Relic Star Spawn base. 2/4 of the palnet is land.. Other half is water.. Majority of the ultra riche palnets goods are in the ocean.

Inhabitants: The Tiberuains seem to be the only natural Reptloids in the Idaho system, they have gone great lengths good and bad.

Fauna: A wide range of plants... Msotly like that on our planet, though osme starnds more violent or larger.

Flora: Mammals,reptiles,fish,antropods,cephapods, birds, and ampibans live on this world.

Domestic: THey belleive all should be educated in their field of coruse.. Plsu the common sense ones like Language,math,sex, and hsitory.. THe sex part to try to prevent the dreaded baby boom. THye also belif in equal rights, and rights.

Foregin: The Tiberuains welcome all forms of intellgient lfie with concernation.. THoguh if ha da bad past with them then.. Wathc yourself. The hat ementino of the Planet "Sin." GUilt gets the military there.

Magic: Mana does give life of ocurse.. But Magic on Tiberus is a SPirtual tihng, and not that very common... THose with the hgihest read outs with "the Glow" get speical training.

Paths of Magic.

Way of the Sai (Light): The Healers apth an dmost common of them. Also has some magics in Clarivoance.

Way of the Bau (Flame): The Secret Brand of Protectors that guard the goverment and its secrets.. ALso has spells like pwoering up the bodies, and making the tougher to mind screw.

Note:Magic is EXTREMELY rare and takes alot of the casters.. SO it is lowest form.

Technology: The Tiberuains are feared to become the Super Power of the Idaho system.. Yet due to their Honor COde forbids dominating Lesser beings unless they have did them wrong.. or they have a extremely good world. (Out of Desperation for last one.) But they are not back stabbers.

Fields of Technology:

Weapons:This is what makes the Tibeurains stand out... They are notroious for bieng feared for over dose in researching weapons back (Like in the 20s.) They have Gaus Wepaons,Fusion,Sonics,Netruon rays, hyper kintec rockets, and currently working on "Non lethal" wepaons. Of ocurse they have lasers too.. THoguh not used anymore.

Engines:They are horridly slow compared to toher beings.. THough they have Star Drives technolgoy.. THey no lnoger trust the engines they got form Sandtopia. They are currently also working on osmething involing ANti Matter in this field... (The ANti Matter from Particle acclerators and the Five full silos in Basin.) They also have Warp Jump Gate aka ole trusty ring.

SHields:They relied on Phasable shielding beofre having a permantly stable shield system.. Not to mention the infamous Lighting Fields, and sub space bubble they is use dto increas moblity of ships in usb space. Also the additonal personal defelctor fields they found and replicated. (Not really useful.)

Chemsitry: THey got Adamantuim from the Bot sinside the Star Spawn basin. .They also have CHemical reproccessoors, and Atomspic Purfiers... Not to mention old Zorthium plastics.

Computers:THey have targetting computers, security stations, nerual scanners, basic AI, and good lab equipment. Not to mention Snesors.

Construction: Hover craft, exoskeleton armor, titan chassis (Not for sell.) robot workers, recyltron, and orbiting planforms.. SUbterran sturctures in work as well. Naturally we have missle bases and groun dbatteries.

Biology:They had the Dreaded Death Sproes (Which they destoryed) Medcienes, hydroponic farms, and some terraforming.. As well as a soil enrichment device.

Energy:Fusion is their rpide and joy..

Eovlution: They evolved from Drosurien breed of Raptors, now they have enchanced senses, a tad better agility, and the Hieghten Intlelgience formula that made their brains store more knowledge.. (ANd enlarged scienists heads by two times.) They have not yet achieved Psionics, or better magic.

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Created by: MasterChaos

Planet Name - Uranus

General Environment - The world will have its land masses split equally 50/50. On one side of the planet is a continent that has very diverse habitats, each geographically seperated. The majority of current earth's habitats will be represented here. On the other side of the planet a similar continent will exist but with habitats that were present during the various epochs that dinosaurs existed, again each habitat is geographically isolated. Each half of the world will be seperated by a ring of massively high sheer cliffs (to prevent the spread of species).

Inhabitants - Basic Humans

Flora - On modern earth, a large variety of plants from a majority of habitats. On ancient earth, a variety of plants from a majority of varying habitats.

Fauna - See flora, substitute plants with animals.

Government - I am a benevolent dictator, my word is law. All issues are brought forth to me by representetives of different "cells" (think villages).

Foreign Policy - I am willing to open dialogues with other planets, but it'll be on my terms, no trying to push me or my people around.

Domestic policy - Only the modern earth continent will be colonized by people. The inhabitants of my planet will be subsistance farmers who do raise cattle and various wildlife (pigs chickens you name it, it depends on which habitat they fall in), their lives will revolve around feeding themselves and maintaining their animals, though they will have free time of course, but much of their time is spent farming and raising wildlife. They will live in wee little communes or "cells", isolationism between cells is not permited.

There will be a rudimentary moral law system, though judgement of guilt and punishment of crimes can only be done by my robot servents (my people will always be watched, even when they don't realize it).

There will be an education system on the fundamentals of the universe (knowledge of the elements, the scientific method, astronomy, mathematics all that good stuff). So they will not be ignorant of the universe, despite the low level of tech, they would be equivalent to many modern farmers, they aren't exactly brimming with technology, but they certainly are not ignorant of it by any stretch of the imagination.

There will be somewhat varied methods of entertainment. There will be television, limited to a few hours a day, with the programs I dictate should be on (many from earth proper). They can travel to a theater and watch a movie once a weekend. Twice a year people will be able to visit my palace on a holiday/celebration and will be given time on simu-decks to nurture their imaginations (though my whole population will not come at the same time, it'll be broken up to different periods of the year). They will also get field trips once a year to the other side of the planet to take in the wonders of ancient earth.

Religion (if any) - They believe in me and a rudimentary single god/universal being, something akin to the role the universe plays in Babylon 5. Basically the universe and god are interchangeable terms.

Technology Level - The tech level of my people are low, the only technology they come across is from me. My robots can help them in certain tasks, like the refinement of certain foods (churning butter, or other very menial taxing tasks, since there probably will not be large machines mass producing said refined foods). Any technology I give them will almost invariably deal with farming relatively efficiently. My level of technology on the other hand is Empire tech. My planet will be brimming with it (for defense). I personally wear a robotic suit nearly at all times and ride around the planet in a transformable robot/plane.

Magic level - Using up most of my "power" budget on tech leaves precious little magical capabilities, but whatever is left lies within me. There should still be enough left to control weather locally ala Storm.

Evolution level - Up to half the human genome is genetic junk, literally serving no purpose. So, my people will be cleaned up of such junk, and will basically be peak humans like Captain America.

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Created by: The Watcher

Planet Name - Valinor (Because like it's namesake, it's a land where death has no sting)

General Environment(s)

Mostly temperate or tropical, with small polar regions. Like on Earth, there are a variety of terrain types. Five continents with island chains peppering the areas between them.

Rules of Reality

1. Death is now optional. Upon expiration of the physical body, the soul has the option of sticking around rather than being shuffled off to the afterlife, and can use reality manipulation (see below) to create a new body for themselves to live again if they wish, or hang out as a ghost if they don't.

2. Reality is Malleable and can be manipulated by anyone with a conscious exertion of will, with some condtions and limitations.

A. The personal integrity of sentient beings is inviolate. No one is capable of altering someone else in any way against their will through the use of reality manipulation. People can of course alter themselves and other consenting parties anytime they wish. The one exception is that the Supreme Administrator can force any individual to return to baseline reality at any time, erasing all modifcations and enhancements they might have adopted.

B. Localized changes to reality only. No one is capable of altering things on a planetary scale, to prevent people from destroying the world. Only one's immediate environment can be affected.

C. When two parties have a conflict in reality manipulation attempts, the party with the most "clout" is the victor. All sentient beings possess an equal baseline amount of clout, so with everything else being equal, the party with the majority of sentient beings present wins. Authority figures, either appointed or elected, possess varying amounts of extra clout based on their position. The Supreme Administrator has infinite clout. If clout is equal to both parties, baseline reality is the tie breaker. Also note that status of parent or legal guardian confers a degree of clout which allows them to overrule their charges in matters of reality manipulation.

D: No change to local reality is unchangeable. If a party has enough clout, they can override what someone else has done.

E: Optional Death and Malleable Reality can not be negated by reality manipulation. These two basic laws of reality will remain in effect no matter what. Note that this does not stop an individual or group from locking reality in place and keeping those without sufficient clout from manipulating reality or disallows certain kinds of manipulation, so a group of people can establish a zone where it takes a majority vote to alter things and reality functions as they desire, but anyone with sufficient clout can override their imposed rules.

F: Creation of truly sentient beings is impossible via reality manipulation. I don't want imaginary friends running rampant and making a mess of the planet.

These laws do not violate the rule that the inhabitants of the world must be regular people. They are regular people. Regular people just happen to have more power on my world. Anyone who comes to my world enjoys the benefit of Optional Death and Malleable Reality and if one of my subjects leave the area of influence of those laws (which extends outward to midway to the other planets, and also is active on colony worlds) they don't benefit from them. Also, if Superman attacked Valinor he could manipulate reality at superspeed and blitz the entire planet


Most are human. Thanks to malleable reality though, people have the option of altering themselves , taking on new forms and traits. Most only do this on a temporary basis, reverting to human form after a short period of time. Some however have taken to adopting a new form on a long term basis, incorporating it as a intergal part of their identity.

A lot of times the above is done as part of a fad, hobby, or subculture practice, which means a number of people adopt the same basic form. Which means while the majority of the populace is human, one can find thriving communities of "elves", "klingons", "werewolves", "dragons", "atlanteans", and other "races" on the world, all adhering to the appropriate cultural practices. Think of it as live action roleplaying taken to a whole new level.


A wide variety of Earthlike plants for the most part, with a smattering of exotic plants created via reality manipulation by various individuals and groups, like the gumdrop trees and the singing pines. Some of the more nature loving subjects have even decided to become sentient plants, spending their days soaking up the sun while contemplating existence.


Many of Earth's animals exist in their appropriate ecological niche on the planet. As with plants, there are some exotic animals which were created by reality manipulation running around, either as lone specimens or as part of a viable new species.


The best description of Valinor's government would be that of an absolute monarch ruling over a federal system.

At the national level ultimate power is held by the Supreme Administrator, which is me at the moment. The Supreme Administrator's edict's are law and his rulings are final. He possesses infinite clout. He can appoint or dismiss people from any position he wishes. The term of the office is perpetual unless the incumbent decides to depart for the afterlife. In the event of this decision, he may appoint his successor. If he doesn't, the the next Supreme Administrator is chosen by election.

Below the Supreme Administrator are Administrators and below them Moderators, appointed by the Supreme Administrator. They all possess an amount of clout appropriate to their position. Administrators are responsible for a particular region of the planet, and the Moderators below them are given jurisdiction over a particular city or community. The functions of the Administrators and the Moderators are to enforce the national laws and resolve matters which can't be settled at the local level.

At the local level individual communities are free to organize their affairs anyway they wish. They can have their local governments determined by election, tournament, or even lottery if they so choose. They can pass any sorts of laws or regulations they want, as long as they don't conflict with national laws. Members of the local government possess appropriate amounts of clout for their position only when using reality manipulation to carry out the official duties of their position. Acting outside of their jurisdiction and official duties, they are just ordinary individuals.

Foreign Policy

As far as relations with other worlds goes, there will be no attempts to initiate contact with them. Should other worlds contact us, cordial relations shall be established with them unless otherwise warranted. Tourism and trade will be relatively open, but immigration will be strictly limited and regulated to prevent a massive and overwhelming influx of would-be citizens to what might be the closest thing to paradise this side of life.

Domestic Policy

For the most part as Supreme Administrator I'll take a mostly hands-off approach to my subjects. No matter where they live they will enjoy some basic human rights, including but not limited to those enumerated in the Bill of Rights. As long as no one's rights are being abused and Planetary Interests are not involved, they're free to do whatever they want. Administrators and Moderators who abuse their position will be dealt with most severely.

One thing that will be mandatory is education. Every subject will be required to to receive a comprehensive and broadbased education at least up to the undergraduate level. One can choose between public education provided either the national or local governments, or private education from any qualified institution. The national government will cover all costs for such education, no matter what the source.

Another thing that will be mandatory is national service. People will be taxed so much of their time a year to be spent performing duties the government deems necessary. This does not mean they will have to necessarily work all of the time that year. People are only called to duty if it's necessary. If there's no need for someone, they're time is simply accumulated into a debt account until the government finds it needs to cash some of it in. The time accumulated in an individual's account is transferable. One can take on some or all of someone else's time debt if one wishes. One ramification of this is that time itself has become a medium of exchange on Valinor. Transfering increments of somebody's time debt has become widespread method of payment. Time has literally become a valuable commodity.

At the local level communities have a wide amount of leeway in regards to laws, regulations, customs, and traditions, as long as they conform to the few paramaters set at the national level. If an individual doesn't like the way his community is being run, he's free to try to change it or just leave. Many communities tax their member's time the way the national government does, and also impose time debt fines for various misdemeanors.

Economically, it's almost totally lassaiz faire. Anyone is free to offer whatever goods and services for sale they wish, within reason (slavery and other things which violate a sentient being's rights are of course outlawed). With people able to will into existence their basic necessities or change their bodies to render themselves free from such needs as food and water, there's no need for welfare programs or safety nets of any kind. Private property rights (including intellectual property) will be recognized and enforced, as will contracts and anti-fraud laws. On matters concerning their property, with everything else being equal, the owner has more clout than other individuals. Aside from barter, popular mediums of exchange include the aforementioned time debt transfer, real estate, and off world currencies (which have been rendered unduplicatable by the national government).


Religious freedom is one of the fundemental rights recognized and enforced by the national government. Members of many faiths can be found on Valinor. With the existence of the soul and an afterlife an accepted fact, almost everyone believes that there's some form of divine element to existence, even if they disagree on what the nature of it is. Religious tolerance is prevalent and encouraged in the populace.

Technology Level

Even with the ability to accomplish things by will alone on Valinor, they still try to develop and maintain technology. One reason is that because reality manipulation is limited to one's immediate environment, and thus technology is needed for tasks requiring a larger scale such as a complex planetary wide communications system or tasks that need to be accomplished with no one around. Another reason is for ventures beyond Valinor territory where reality is more solid. Yet another reason is because some communities of scientists and engineers, who spend their leisure time reserching and inventing things for the sheer fun of it.

Because of these factors, Valinor has managed to achieve a level of technology roughly equivalent to what might be developed in the near future. In GURPS terms, Valinor is a mature Tech Level 8. Fusion power, interplanetary travel, laser weapons, cybernetics, advanced computer systems, and anything else that wouldn't look out of place in a cyberpunk setting is available to them. Numernor, Valinor's moon, has been heavily settled and efforts to explore and eventually colonize other worlds and moons in the solar system are now underway.

Magic Level

Due to being so used to manipulating reality, the people of Valinor have an almost intuitive understanding of magic. Coupled with a government progam established to research mystical tools for use beyond Valinor's malleable reality, it results in a fairly high level of magical achievement.

Valinor's magic works like spells do in GURPS. With the knowledge of the correct spell formula and the expenditure of the appropriate amount of mana, the desired effect can be achieved. Valinor has also worked to synergize their magical efforts with their technological, thus allowing them to develop spells which take advantage of scientific knowledge and technological achievements such as Machine Possession, Extinguish Radiation, Particle Beam, and Manipulate DNA. Valinor's level of magical knowledge is equivalent to that of the Earth of GURPS Technomancer. Every member of the populace has a strong magical potential (Magery 3 in GURPS terms. Some spells, such as those which can affect another's mind, are classified by the national government to prevent their potential abuse.

Evolution Level

The majority of the population is human (most of the time). Undesirable traits such as poor eyesight, asthma, and weak hearts have been eliminated, while desirable traits like high intelligence, quick reflexes, and peak physical attributes have been almost universally adopted, though there are a few communities who adhere to the "imperfect and proud of it" creed.

As mentioned before, there are a number of beings who have used malleable reality to adopt a different form or species as their long term identity, such as vulcan, kzinti, hawkmen, or dwarves, enjoying all the benefits and abilities of those species. They are a diverse and colorful minority of the populace.

Miscellaneous Notes

Balance: I've lowered the tech level considerably. Magic remains high, but it's not the highest among the worlds. Evolution is fairly high, but due to the fact that the majority of the populace is merely peak human, the minority who are at higher levels are diluted, so when everything is averaged out, Valinor falls short of the highest level of evolution.

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