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Name: Raelin

Enviroment: smattering of many different enviroments

Inhabitants: Fakar: Space-black skin, many have no hair on their bodies, but some do, due to a interesting evolutionary trait are totally dependent on what most species would consider polluted air, food and water to survive, aside from that totally human. Breathe air; live on the planets surface, on the moon, in orbit and under-water due to technology.

Flora: There is regular non-mobile plants; there are predatory mobile plants. All of them come in many different colors and shades. They have many medical uses and uses.

Fuana: Due to the many technological wonders of this race; the amount of diversity in species is amazing.

A small sample would be:

-Mammals: Most are rodent sized, can vary between gliders and crawlers, some are large like bears

-Reptyles: Can be small and tiny like Salamanders or large and thunderous like a Brontasaurus.

-Insects: all are tiny creatures

-Jellatin: Basically a jellyfish of sorts that lives on land

-Flying beasts: all the above catagories have species that can fly in one way or another.

Goverment: A very military-istic goverment, the four main leaders are the-

Ra'lir: The main tactictioner of the armies; decides all the big moves and decisions. All Ra'lir's are genetically enhanced and made from the gene's of the best military leaders in history and are constantly kept up-date. Every thirty years a new Ra'lir is made and the old one's are regulated to a inferior position as a subordinate/adviser to the new Ra'lir.

Kalin: The one who is in charge of the economic situations; all major decisions in regards to how money is spent is ultimately up to him.

Fatya: The lead scientist; is the one who constantly tries to increase the comfort and offensive/defensive capability of the empire and its civilians. Often are considered something other due to the enhancements they make on themselves; are so different and bizarre to the rest of society that they are avoided though respected.

Traeyi: Something of a jack-of-trades of the other three positions; basically some-one who has knowledge and abilities from the other three positions. But is inferior in position and ability in any of the three leaders in their own area's. Its advantages over the other three are that it has ruling in all three area's of leader-ship. The one who commands the men on a more personal level; helps smooths things out between the three positions. Takes care of the things not the most important if the big three are needed for something in a emergency. While they have the say-so in the major decisions; in things of individual state/country importance he rules.

Excepting the Ra'lir all these positions are available to AI's as well.

Obviously there would be all the other middlemen and rules of smaller parts etc..but these are the main ones.

While its expected that all Fakar serve in the military for a four-year term; for the most part many military expeditions and jobs are now taken over by the drones and AI's. To be a life-time military man is both a great pride to their families and a sign of extreme skill and capabillity.

Foreign Policy: The Fakar look at outsiders badly; they aren't hostile but will take advantage of them and try to rip them off etc..wouldn't treat them as anything but a second-class citizen. In essence they would try to take what they can from you and give you little in return but are quit fair and polite to each other.

Domestic Policy:

My people's needs are like everybodies else's; except their air is polluted to the extremes(much like everything else). Auto-Factories are made that chug out smug and inject acidic and poisonous elements into the air; oil is dumped in the water sources; bodies are left to decompose in rivers etc...

They basically feed off animals raised to be eaten by mass factories in the cities and country-side.

All crimes are decided on by a military court. The four main offices are exempt from being tried while in them for their periods of rule.

Religion: While religion exists, most aren't very religious and only go to any thing in that way as tradition more than any real belief.

Technology Level: My people have a hi-tech level of science.

Misc. Technology:

Psi-Enhancement: Small devices that can be put on the forehead that magnify the wearer's psi abilities by a thousand-fold or more(People who could only move small pebbles one at a time with trouble; can now make stone hands out of rubble etc..)

Psi-Protection: Small electronic devices that give protection against telepathic scanning; not complete and total protection, but enough that any normal to mid-high level telepath couldn't read thier thoughts.

Mind Control: When attached to the person; drains them of most self-control. Some left; might get a sad look on their face if forced to do/say something they don't want to.

Cloning: Have a mastery of it; can grow the bodies to specific ages; combine the genes of up to 7 different people. Can even clone/combine things dead for billions of years.

Gene Manipulating: Can give races the characteristics of other species; some are extreme.

Protective Suits for Foreign Enviroments: This is one field where they haven't exceeded to hugely high levels. They have suits for going underwater and into space etc.., basically what we have today but a level or two higher.

Space Transport:

The only space vehicles are military oriented, large mobile bases or attack craft carriers are needed to get to space.

The fastest a Mobile Base can move is sixty lyph; the air-craft carriers can move at two-hundred lypr but are under threat of burning out and needing to be replaced.

Mobile Defensive Satelites: Orbit the planet, have sensors that can detect things twenty light years away; offensive energy discharges that can also hit things at that distance away. The blasts are capable of destroying asteroids thousands of miles wide; at highest settings can destroy them totally, but will run out of juice within 30 discharges. Are also in charge of protecting the weather control satelites.

Weather Control Satelites: Control the weather to the most safe levels.

Are very large; bases are situated on them, taken care of by humans and drones/AI's.

Are defended by vessels.

Tractor Beams: Energy beams that attach to something and move it without harming the said thing.

Cloaking devices: Protect large ships/bases from scanning equipment of other space vessels. Appear invisible to eye's that work on the same spectrum as humans.

Energy Shields: Total protection from any attack from Hydrogen bomb and under; as the intensity goes up; protection goes down. Shields can only be fitted on submarine sized objects and up.

Robotic Technology: The shells of robots can be humanoid in appearance or animalistic. Most of the AI technology for the robots are drones with a human level AI leading packs of up to two-hundred drones. The pack leaders are able to filter and process all information from the drones with little difficulty and give drones the neccessary information or new orders when they feel the need.

The drones have no emotions and no real intellect. They can do chores and other things of programmable nature; but are not creative or inuitive. All drones have some level of self-presevervation included in thier programmings unless it goes against the given orders(depending on the orders given).

Sentient AI's pack leaders: They, due to the way they are made, can't think any faster or be any smarter than humans. They do have advantages that humans don't have; perfect memory, far larger memory space, can interact with machines and computers in ways humanoid creatures couldn't.

Drones bodies/Sentient AI's and what they are equiped with obviously differers. For Drones its what specific job; for AI's its basically whatever they want

Protective Armor: Aside from things like Helmets, elbow pads etc..there is almost no research in this area

Sonic Weapons: Basically about rifle sized and shaped equipment that can cause painful vibrations; useful under-water for driving off attacking animals.

Energy Weapons: While in use by the planets military; the common people for the most part use weapons comparable to today's achievements for self-defense and hunting.

Es-Pistols: Can emit blasts from being unable to damage a wall vent to a setting that could pump through a stone statue; they can do up to three thousand energy discharges before needing to be replaced or allowed to recharge for one to three hours.

Es-Rifles: Similiar to the pistols but have larger energy units so can either do blasts of up to 15x more powerful capabilities; do sixteen thousand energy discharges, or recharge in five to eight minutes

Electro-clubs: Basically like a cross between a cattle-prod and a base ball bat

Primitive Weapons: Basically any thing you can think of from the past

Attack Vehicles:

Mobile Tanks: Have rotating eight-baralled canon that can rip through the armor of say a tank with ease on its lowest setting; and could pound a hill into dust after a hours bombardment on its highest setting(but could only last a hour and would have to head back to base to recharge)

Single Manned Fighters: Tiny-One manned attacked craft, single energy blaster; with a few attack missles.


At one time Raelin was plentiful in magic; but eight individuals from the M'ren species(those who came before the Fakar) became amibitious beyond wisdom. Wishing to increase their power they planned against their race.

After time and research they made artifacts that could channel the magical essence of the planet itself. Using that power they forced all others into submission. But in time; they came to distrust and hate each other more than any thing else; those who had once been as brothers were nothing more than enemies. One rose above the rest; in an attempted assasination of the other seven, it redesigned its artifact to channel all their spiritual and magical energies into itself. But something went wrong, some flaw in the machine. It went haywire and began to affect things on a planetary level.

Of the M'ren there is only one; kept alive by the billions of soul's and magics poured into its own body. Stuck in the energy flow; the M'ren is now merely a living conduit for the few cults that have knowledge or the goverment institutions that delve into the supernatural.

The First of the groups that access the last M'ren are:

The Iarn:

Assasins; that hire out to the highest bidder, Fakar and outsider alike.

The common Iarn are known(by the few who have any knowledge about them) to possese three different magical abilities:

-Shadow Jumping:

Waiting within the Shadow Realm, Reori watches the paid hit enter his bathroom. While it is occupied; Reori's hand sneaks out and plunges a Es-Blade into its cortex. Then the hand withdraws back into the shadows.

-Energetic Weaponary:

Ienta has begun to make his first weapon; a blade, dark and blazing with his youthful ethusiasm, it is formed by his own inner Ra. Capable of slicing through blocks of solid reathinium; but in time we hope his knowledge allows him to keep up with the rest of his Sauryer's. But for now his primitive capacity is enough to train and mold.

Many Iarn have also trained to use this ability for the rare occasions when they are forced into a HTH situation of somekind to enhance their blows with either blunt force or cutting edges by covering the attacking part they are using with the dark Ra.

-Reliant Ra:

When hurt; the Iarn will find a Fakar and drain him of his inner Ra to heal their wounds; to put off fatigue, renergize themselves or for an extreme adrenaline boost to increase their physical capabilities to incredible levels able to leap thousands of feet; punch through fifteen foot thick steel walls and react at uncalculated speeds(think Jedi here). That last affect is a rare and hardly done thing; since over 95% of the Iarn who have done it in thier history have died within five minutes of involking the Ra Death, used only when a job might go uncompleted.

The Iarn's of the highest levels are said to be able to kill merely by looking at a individual; to have access to a lesser version of the Ra Death that is not nearly as efficient nor likely to cause death. What they can do has never been fully cataloged by any source; this is believed to be only a small amount.

In the past they were totally relianted upon the traditional magics; now due to the myriad wonders of science and their rich economic surplus in credits. Each individual Iarn has the knowledge of over two-thousand different armed and unarmed combat styles from memory enhancements and down-loads; tampered MC devices allow them to relentlessly concentrate on the job, no emotion, no pity, no mercy.

There are Iarn that have gotten cybenetic enhancements that allow them to see using X-rays, Infra-red, Nightvision, telescopic; some have sensors in them to help keep from ever being surprised and whatever desires they might have for improvement.

Others use genetic enhancements; either by increasing their own genetic potential or by crossbreeding their genes with other species both on Raelin and off-planet one's.

The Iarn are born, trained and raised in the Shadow Realm. They are more at home there then on Raelin.

Whereas most Fakar are space-black; the Iarn have a greyish tint to their skin.

The Rinarn:

Those of natural born; they who are from birth linked to the more primitive ones of Raelin.

Fierce and animalistic; as the Rinarn grow in age their minds are more and more affected by the primitive beasts around them. But not only are their minds affected so too are their bodies; large shanks of hair grow on their shoulders. Beginning as a small amount on their lower backs; by the time they get to their shoulder blades they are covered in hair shanks of over 6 inches in length. The skin of a Rinarn is ridged and tough; covered in a light layer of skeleton that increases with the years.

Animals of the predatory kind are calm and peaceful around them; though the weaker species flee from even the scent of one.

After awhile; many Rinarn join the primitive one's in the forest and never return to the Fakar.


Those who seek to know the ways of the M'ren; they know only the littlest of the "True Way" but seek to know more.

This is no true group; just a description of those who chose to follow this path.

Greedy, ambitious and willing to do what they feel is needed to further their knowledge. Those of the Baccari are often rich; bored children who were spurned by society and looked outside of its boundries. Though keeping their powers secret from all around them; unless they were discovered and taken in to be tested on.

Though there are logically discrepancies as to what they can and can't do the basic magical skill area's learned by the Baccari are:

-Protective Field:

An energy field that is able to stop even the most power setting of a Tanks attack. A body layer field under the clothing of the Baccari.

-Ra Morphing:

They can create creatures out of Ra itself to serve and protect them when needed.

-Gaic Control:

Able to manipulate Nature, they can totally control weather; force plants to grow to gigantic purportions, affect the seasons, cause plants to attack individuals; mentally dominate primitive life forms

-Ra Bursts:

A concentrated discharge of Ra in a single, multi or omni-directional blast. Unblockable by the shields of the Fakar; can bring a base to ruination within a few efforts.

Goverment Institutions (related to Magic):

There are some groups in the society chosen to study magic. They do it through a scientific view-point; they use no religion, no rituals. Just through scientific observation; attempting to understand how the energy waves work and what laws it goes under.

Of all the groups who use magic; this is the weakest, mainly because they look at magic as a foreign energy source to be used for powering objects. As of yet they haven't realized its other potential uses.


The average Fakar is similiar in physical ability to any humanoid race for the most part.

Psi's: They do have telekinetic's, telepaths, pryo-kinetic's etc..for the most part they are on an extremely low level. Starting a match or flipping a card would be hard; reading one seconds worth of information would be about the most our telepath's could do.

Intiative Fakar: Those who have taken the intiative and gone up the evolutionary ladder or mutated a different aspect from the rest of the fakar. Usually only have extreme capability in one aspect(speed, strength, mind, reflexes etc..) even then its at almost always low levels(able to heft a stone pillar on their shoulder, run one-hundred and twenty miles per hour, think at around three times the speed of any Fakar)

With the technology available the Psi's are now able to do far more than what they could before. Many of the intiative are able to blend in with society since people began to enhance themselves by adding animal characteristics or blending dna and genomes.

Fakar had gone to the extreme's and adapted themselves to one enviroment.

-Ragy: Given wings; they can glide from place to place on air-currents, extremely adapted towards living in the cold they all cluster on moutains to live among each other.

-Veta: Amphibious they live both on land and under water; their skin changed to be tougher and their breathing mechanisms have been altered to produce the neccisarry air from water.

-Kre: Those who have made themselves half-one species and half-fakar. Often having a extreme resemblance to a reptile humanoid; insectile, even Jellatin half-breeds have been seen.

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