Guidelines to Creating and Roleplaying Your Character

For the Mainstream/Alternate YvtW Threads

(Includes the 2.0, 0.2, 3.0, Ultimates, and Next Gen threads)

The (Original) Written Rules:

1) You cannot pick an all-encompassing power, like a Green Lantern ring or the Power Cosmic. The power(s) must do specific things. You cannot pick more than 3 specific powers.

2) The power you pick cannot effect a area around you bigger than your naked-eye line of sight. No world-shaking things. No Thor-level storms. (Ranges for Travel-powers like Teleportation or sensory powers being an exception. With those, you can go anywhere as long as you have been there before, or can see your destination somehow.)

3) You cannot increase your intelligence or other mental qualities at all. Nor can you simulate these things with technology. This is going to be you, underneath all the changes. (You can have power that creates technology, or controls it, but it cannot be any higher-tech than what's already possible in real life.)

4) The power must be intrinsic to you. It cannot come from a an item. You cannot have nanobots that you control, and so forth.

5) Any mind-control/reading or empathic control/reading powers, or anything else that effects the minds of others that you pick can only effect one person at a time, and they must be within your naked-eye line of sight .

6) You cannot specify yourself as unkillable or totally immortal. You must be killable by a heavy (non-nuclear) artillery strike.

7) You cannot mess with Time in any way.

8) Your physical powers cannot be Superman/God level, or anything close to that. As a rule of thumb, they should be not higher than the level of somebody like Spiderman, the old Quicksilver, the Fantastic Four, Generation X, or people like Jack Hawksmoor, The Midnighter, or Swift. In other words, impressive and versatile is okay, Godlike is not okay.

Thread 2.0 and General Rulings:

Co-Moderators: The Watcher and Manuel

(These addendums apply to all threads unless specifically excluded by the poster in charge of the Thread.)

Mirror Thread Rulings:

Moderator: Z-man

(All rules from 2.0 apply unless specifically excluded by the thread moderator.)

Thread 3.0 Rulings:

Moderator: Mg_knt

(All rules from 2.0 apply unless specifically excluded by the thread moderator.)

Other Important Notes:

For the Spinoff Roleplaying Threads

Divinity Thread Rules

1) You must chose ONE porfolio of what you as a deity represent in the world (eg. War, Lottery, Death, etc.) Whatever you chose, you will be granted full control of it, to certain extents (see 5).

2) You will also get to have the final responsibility to see to it that whatever it is works the way it is supposed to (IOW, you are held accountable if it breaks).

3) God would like to have a recognisable planet handed back to him when he returns in 1000 years, at which time all powers/portfolios return to Him. No goofing around.

4) In addition, you will get immortality, neigh invincibility (you can be killed, but it's daaamned tough) and the usual tossing bolts of lightning, shapeshifting, mega psi-powers, teleportation, granting miracles and cursing/blessing people. The usual Ancient Myth-kind of stuff. You can have saints, prophets, temples, the whole thing.

5) Portfolios that share a area of influence (such as War and Violence, for example) both have power over the grey area. However, if the two deities disagree, their diverging influences cancel out, and the event in question would occur as it normally would without divine intervention.

6) A majority of deities, under the votes and rulings of the Convocation of Gods, can directly take away the powers or portfolios of another diety.

Goal: Your prime directive is to see to it that everything flows smoothly, plus fighting off demons, recovering rouge angels and try to avoid getting conned of your powers by Ol'Lucy Downstairs, who is of course trying to take advantage of the situation.

Radioactive Animal Thread Rules:

Moderator: Metaphysician

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