Powers List for You vs. the World 2.0

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1. Advanced Inconspicuousness
2. Extreme Air Compression
3. Shapeshifting

1. Pheremone Based Super Charisma (20 meter range)
2. Superspeed
3. Mind Shield

1. Intimidation (low level aura, strong with eye contact)
2. Localized Psychokinesis (matter and energy, 1 m range)
3. Shapeshifting (from The True Game, can use powers and access memories of form but if in form too long that personality dominates.

Cain of Dreaming:
1. Deathlok Equivalent Enhanced Senses
2. Martian Manhunter Shapeshifting
3. Magical ability equivalent to 20th lvl D&D Invoker (spells bound by thread limits)

Captain Avenger:
1. Intangibility: Can make self and/or anything one touches intangible.
2. Teleportation
3. Smoke Creation/Control

1. Proportionate Physical Attributes of a spider.
2. A Second Layer of Skin with the capabilities identical to the Venom Symbiote
3. Spiderman Style Danger Sense

1. Animal communication: Can communicate with ANY animal, regular, magical or otherwise. Also, most of these animals respond well . WIthin line of sight, can control mindless animals, and see through animals eyes. None of these powers affect humans or humanoids in any way.
2. Can sense anyone's deepest fear. This is the ONE fear that drives a person. This doesn't mean he has the power to exploit this fear.
3. Can call up "The temple" a large, gothic church covering a 30 yard by 50 yard by 40 yard high structure. Has near total control over the environment inside the temple, but may not kill or immobilize for more than a couple minutes any who enter. Can also use the temple to transport things (non-organic) although the more stuff in the temple the harder it is to transport.

Chris Brimstone (Lord of Nothings):
1. Telekinesis
2. General spellcraft with a required verbal and written component, must write the spell, which must be at least 10 syllables long, on a notepad he carries on him, and then also say it aloud. He can use the spell effects to simulate teleportation, but only limited to within Earth Prime.
3. Superspeed

1. Superspeed (Mental Activity Only)
2. Immutability
3. Sinanju Mastery

1. Probability Control
2. Transmute Anything to Steak, Beer, and Potatoes
3. Psychic Invulnerability

1. Texture Gradient Manipulation
2. Claws
3. Nightcrawler Style Teleportation

1. Superspeed(w/ rainbow trail)
2. Theme Music
3. Super Virility (Can turn on any one woman within LOS)

1. Flight
2. Shapeshifting
3. Telekinesis

1. Tuning: The ability to manipulate and create matter by will alone.
2. The ability to make someone sleep by conentrating
3. Force Field

Dr. J:
1. Hex Spheres- Finite pockets of psionic energy that effect the molecular level probability fields around it's intended target, which will make unusual things happen.
2. Low Level Bad Luck Aura (100ft Radius)
3. Bad Luck Curse (1 target, weeks duration)

1. Telekinesis
2. Interdimensional Teleportation
3. Pyrokinesis (Can create and manipulate fire)

Emperor Doom:
1. Kitty Prydes' phasing ability (automatic if in danger)
2. Telepathy which blocks magical/mutant psionic attacks
3. Magic field defense blocking molecular/space/time rearrangment

Eowin Redleaf:
1. Luck Manipulation
2. Animal Communication
3. Bardic Magic

1. Interdimensional Teleport (Authority Carrier Style)
2. Scrying
3. Self Duplication (Duplicates do not get powers)

1. Controlled Lycanthropy
2. Healing
3. Can Extinguish Fires at Will

Gemna The Destroyer:
1. Spellcasting of a Maxed Out Saga Frontier Character
2. Physical Attributes of a Maxed Out Valkyrie Profile Character
3. The ability to pull from subspace any item from Saga Frontier or Valkyrie Profile

Genefly (Gumbo):
1. Telepathy
2. Super Soldier Physiology
3. Iron Fist Chi Ghost:
1. Jedi Level Force Mastery (No light/dark limitations)
2. Telekinesis
3. Biokinesis

Golden Guardian:
1. Energy Mastery (can control and shape all energy, and can even convert self to energy)
2. Super Strength (15 ton range)
3. Interdimensional Teleport

The Great Gumbo:
1. Healing Factor
2. Superspeed
3. Photographic Memory

Holy Swordsman Zlenn:
1. Ranged Vampiric Life Drain
2. Flight
3. Technology Spawner (Creates guns)

Jaffa (also 3.0 character):
1. Psychokinesis
2. Mind shield - nervous system and brain are heavily shielded against all psionic and neural attacks. Invisible to telepathy
3. Apocalypse Style Shapeshifting with color changing
Significant Possession: Eversharp (offsite link)

1. Molecular Level Control of Own Body
2. Force Mastery
3. Energy Manipulation

1. Interdimensional Teleport
2. Abberant Style Matter Creation (Includes creation of devices of low to medium complexity under 250 kg)
3. Professor Xavier Level Telepathy (bound by limits)

1. Density Control like the Vision's.
2. Minor Jean Grey Psionics: Very minor. But it would allow one to have a psy shield and to have some good telepathic/ telekenitic powers.
3. Good healing factor: Not as powerful as Wolverine's, but it should keep one safe from some minor injuries and diseases.

1. Mirror Master's Access to Mirror Dimension
2. Invisibility to Psychic Powers
3. Kinetic Control

Krispy Kreme:
1. Tactile Telekinesis
2. Photographic Reflexes
3. Holographic Illusion Projection

1. Shapeshifting (Mystique/Snowbird Style)
2. Photographic Reflexes
3. Betazoid Empathy

Lord Darkwolf:
1. The One Power Saidin with a natural ability to Travel
2. The ability to become a Carrotglance Wu . This means I have the power to remove my soul and place it in any object gaining the powers and stregths of a Wu . However if the item is destroyed .. my soul snaps back into my body and it become a normal human again until I find another object. Also yes being a Wu by Carrotglance rules means I have it's weakness.
3. The Sense ... how can I explain... kind of clarvioant yet not , can of precog yet not ... What it does is guide me like an instinct when I focus on it.... example I walk up to a keypad and concentrate a moment and suddenly the correct number pops into my head. Or if I'm looking for someone I walk a bit and suddenly stop and a few moments later that person walks by .. It really comes in handy with my Travelling as the place I want to go appears in my minds eye helping me get to know it for the gate..This usaully works for me...it also works against me as it guides me through the best path of what I wish to accomplish even if that path is not particularlly healthy for me as will be explained below as why I act the way I act.

1. Pschokinesis
2. Weapon Mastery
3. Shape and Power Mimicry (must touch subject)

1. Biokinesis (Trinity Style, Proxy Level)
2. Clairsentience (Trinity Style, Proxy Level)
3. Interdimensional Teleport

1. Invisible Woman Forcefield Powers
2. Super Durability
3. Spiritual Projection

1. Omniversal Language Fluency
2. Weakness Detection (physical, mental, logical)
3. Immunity to Age and Disease

1. All wu-shu (martial arts/chi-arts/weapons arts) from the Jin Yong stories.
2. Snake-spirit powers from "Bai She Zhuan"
3. Control-summon animal/myth-animal and spirits.

1. Spatial Manipulation
2. MegaStamina 5 w/ all enhancements (Abberant)
3. Mind Shield

1. Low Level Fire Magic
2. Super Strength (1-3 tons)
3. Super Charisma

1. Kenshin's Fighting Ability (speed/skills/etc)
2. Lord of Light Rakasha's Energy Control
3. The One Power (Ordinary Channeler, No Balefire)

1. Tetsuo Style Telekinesis
2. Highlander Style Immortality
3. Rogue Power Drain (Controlled, LOS instead of touch)

Mr. Big:
1. Energy Body (Can transform self to any form of energy)

Mr. Sandman:
1. Flight
2. Elemental Mastery (fire, lightning, water, etc)
3. Tien Style Multiple Manifestations

1. Can Summon Any *Modern* Item
2. Interdimensional Teleport
3. Healing Factor

Of Dragon:
1. Body Manipulation
2. Electromagnetic pulse generation. (Can discharge a local EMP at will, though charging up takes around 2 minutes. It disables all electronics within a local radius of around 5 feet, unless said electrics have special EM protection)
3. Not Chosen

Parallax (offsite link):

1. Visionary Travel
It is a sort of connection to fate/destiny/a higher power/the universe, somewhat akin to Lord Darkwolf's Sense. This connection also shows up in the "aura" of the "spirit", so that those who are sensitive to such things can discern that the person is being driven or led by a higher power.

The power manifests fullest in the form of lucid dreaming, but it can also be accessed through a zen-focus or a trance like state. It works like a combo of clairsentience and d-porting - the "spirit" self of the "dream" is shown the neccessary things, events, (which might also include the past or possible future) or places that he needs to be in (present only). Then, the person is either "pulled through" to that place, or he can choose to go through. In times of emergency, the power may act more instantaneously, but that should be *very* rare.

The power shouldn't be able to affect anything in the real world. By the same token, real life material can't affect the spirit either, even if it's tailor made for ghosts, etc. The person is not really "there" until he is transported physically. Only the point of view, the sensory viewpoint, is "there", similar to clairsentience, and not the actual presence of spirit.

2. Force Fields - creation of force field "constructs" of any shape or size (within reason), which are typically golden by default but may be changed to any color. It can also be made transparent or opaque (blocking all light). The force field, when shaped into a closed surface (like a bubble), is also capable of blocking out non-line-of-travel powers such as psionics and telekinesis from the area enclosed within. With much concentration, it may also reflect or absorb energy attacks up to a degree.

3. Aura of Command - Like a charm aura, it makes the viewer perceive the person more positively, especially exaggerating any preexisting admirable qualities. In general, it induces a lot of respect from the viewer; if willfully concentrated, it can induce active infatuation or obssession for a limited duration. While the intensity of the aura can be altered, it cannot be fully turned off, nor specifically focused on one or a select group of people. It affects everyone within LOS automatically, and is not sight-based. Standard mental protections such as mind shield or psi-blockers can block this power. Incidentally, this power also protects from mental attacks or influences, up to a degree, by drowning them out.

1. Spiderman Style Danger Sense
2. Animal Communication
3. Power Mimicry: Can mimic all the powers of any one individual within LOS and gains the instinctive knowledge of how to use them. Powers gained this way are retained until one mimics another individual.

1. Size Alteration
2. Flight
3. Intangibility

1. Magneto's Electromagnetic Manipulation
2. Cyberkinesis (Control of Machinery)
3. Super Strength (10 ton range)

1. Dragon Ball Z Chi Manipulation (bound by power limits)
2. The Force
3. Gravity Control

1. Photographic Reflexes
2. Mind Shield
3. Telekinesis

The Real Nemo:
1. Shapeshift (Any humanoid form, can change age and gender).
2. Super Strength in the 2 ton range.
3. Highlander Style Immortality

1. Super Durability
2. Quicksilver Superspeed
3. Magneto Style Electromagnetic Manipulation

1. Self-Inebriation at will
2. Power to create all forms of alcohol
3. Power to inebriate others at will

1. Magnetic Manipulation
2. Scanners Style Telepathy
3. Energy Absorbtion

1. Shapeshifting
2. Omniversal Language Fluency
3. Teleportation

1. Gravity Control
2. Healing Factor
3. Stretching

1. Peak Human Physical Attributes
2. Flight
3. Photographic Reflexes

1. Amberite Shadow Walking (including the minor probability manipulation aspect)
2. Polgara Style Sorcery
3. Highlander Style Immortality (including all side benefits depicted in fiction)

Tao of Steve:
1. Terramancy: Magical abilities gained as a result of communion with any given planet.
2. Telekinesis
3. Indomitable Will: Immune to mental manipulation

1. Regeneration ( the ability to replace any arm or missing limb and to heal any injury instantly that does not kill. An artillery barrage will kill.)
2. Doomsday's evolutionary abilities (permits that that which does not kill one to make one stronger)
3. Mimic abilities (can mimic anyones attack that seen in real life. Movies and tv do not count. Powers that one develops or mimc retain their original levels at all times, within thread limits.)

1. Fairytale Ninja Aptitude
2. MegaStamina 5 with all enhancements
3. Absolute Chi Mastery

1. Molecular Limb Morphing
2. Superspeed
3. Complete Resistance to all mental attacks

1. Superspeed
2. Tactile Telekinesis
3. Light Manipulation (Photokinesis?)

1. Shapeshifting
2. Absorbing Man Style Power Absorbtion
3. Superspeed

The Watcher:
1. Gate Manipulation (can open and close gates between any two locations, including other dimensions; gates remain until made to close)
2. Clairsentience (Can ascertain location of any person, place, or thing and can see and hear them no matter what the circumstances, such as darkness, invisibility, background noise)
3. Immutability: Preservation against drastic or unwanted change at all levels, such as physical, mental, spiritual, quantum, etc. One is unaging with this power. Can be killed by overwhelming physical force of artillery barrage level or higher while on Alternate, Prime, and Mirror Earth. Any damage or alteration which somehow manages to be inflicted despite Immutability is instantly undone when Immutability is in effect, as the subject is restored to his original condition.

1. Jean Grey Level Telekinenis
3. Pokemon Summoning and Banishment (Only 5 can be present at once. To summon another one of the 5 present has to be banished back to where it came from)

Yeoman (also a 3.0 character):
1. Luck
2. Super-Agility/Reflexes
3. Hammer-space like access to a pocket dimension (Touch something and I can put in in the pocket, anything in it can be removed at will.)

1. Luck
2. Super Agility
3. Razor Disc Creation and Projection

1. Kryptonian Solar Metabolism
2. Immutability
3. Psychoportation

1. Interdimensional Teleport
2. Clairsentience (See The Watcher's, but includes past and potential futures if desired)
3. Omniversal Language Fluency

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