Powers List for YvsTW: The Next Generation

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Arcadia - onsite link (Shadowstalker/Temptress)

1. Eriondis style sorcery, with special emphasis on shadow sorcery and mental defenses/effects.

2. Power stealing - Works along line of sight, though more easily through touch. It drains any special powers of the victim, or even free floating powers. Draining eveything in a single session would completely remove the stolen powers from the victim, but gradual draining over a longer period of time would achieve the same effects without permanently removing the power from the victim. This power does not give automatic control or knowledge of how to use the powers stolen this way.

3. Travel manipulation - While unable to teleport or do other travel effects under one's own power, this power allows one to manipulate or trace the travel effects of others. It allows one to redirect, block, or follow the travel powers of another (such as teleportation or planeswalking). It does not give automatic knowledge of the source or destination of the travel power being manipulated, though.

The Carny (Carny)
1. Jean Grey's Telekinesis
2. Jean Grey's Telepathy
3. Proportionate Spider Physical Attributes

Christine (Chaos Bringer Yeoman)
1. Luck
2. Phasing
3. Winged Flight

Claudia Semaan (Ramz):
1. Super Physiology
2. Sixth Sense
3. Minor Healing Factor

Damaon Moriarty (Michael Moriarty - Darth Vegita 3.0):
1. Beast Summoning
2. Vagrant Story Magic
3. Immunity to deception of all types

Eric Mage (Z-Mage):
1. Animal telepathy. Moreso than Cheeks. Animals like him and hate to attack him. He can also, temporarally, enter animals (much like Granny WeatherWax's borrowing) and/or see out their eyes (Like Dar, the Beastmaster)
2. Regular teleporting, no dimension travel capabilities.
3. he can heal all manner of living creatures from injuries, as long as they're not dead.

Flynn (Yeoman):
1. Luck
2. Slayerverse Magic
3. Ramna-verse Chi

"Hank" Jones (Meta):
1. Ramnaverse Chi
2. Photographic Reflexes
3. Regeneration

Ishtar (Pellacia)
1. Gate Manipulation
2. Clairsentience
3. Opposite Sex Manipulation and Control

Jason (Jango):
1. Photographic Reflexes
2. Elemental Mastery (Like Crystal)

Jennifer (Z-mage/Claire)
1. Dimensional manipulation: she can travel to other dimensions and strengthen or weaken the dimensional boundaries around her. She can find weak spots between dimensions and open temporary gates there.
2. Strengthening. Like the power amplification but also works on physical abilities. It can be used to heal at the same time.
3. Cheeks style animal telepathy. Animals like her, basically.

Jove (Perfection):
1. Cyberkinesis
3. Entropy Creation/Control

Julio Semaan (Ramz):
1. Regeneration
2. Indestructible Bones
3. Ringer Gene

Karen (Writerboy):
1. Telepathy
2. Telekinesis
3. Slayer Physiology

Lisa "Princess Darkbane" Yeoman (Yeoman):
1. Interdimensional Teleportation
2. Earth/Rock Control
3. The Dark Arts

Michael Ruiz (Manuel):
1. Physical Prodigy
2. Slayer Physiology
3. Mystique Style Self-Alteration

Samuel (Brief):
1. Tactile Psychokinesis
2. Attuning
3. Emotional Manipulation
Additional Info

Sarah BH (FBH):
1. Super Negation Aura (Can negate any powers within 5 feet)
2. Super Physiology
3. Palladium Magic

Simon BH (FBH):
1 and 2. Rifts Psi Ghost OOC
3. Carrier Door Style Dimensional Travel

(unnamed) (Sriad):
1. Immutability
2. LOS Acceleration Keeping Teleportation
3. Sharpness Aura

1. Phasing
2. Energy Blasts
3. Danger Sense

Zach Mage (Z-Mage):
1. Psychic powers. No TK or energy manipulation, though.
2. Dimensional gating.
3. Power boosting

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