Powers List for You vs. The Uberninja World

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1. Coda's ability to use 'hammerspace' (preferably with his weapons already included, but I can do without also).
2. Ability to master any weapon I hold.
3. Lore of Humanity (without Translate)


1. The skills granted by the lost Master Ring in "Way Of The Rat"

(I.e. -- skills with all weapons *and* empty hands greater than that of any opponent I face, up to the theoretical maximum that my bodily structure can execute. IOW, all the power of the other rings in WOTR combined. And yes, such a Master Ring existed at one time, or so I have been told.)

2.The same ability (inborn) as Zeiss' glasses gave him -- i.e., the ability to completely analyze every component of your opponent's techniques, to allow you to instantly counter and/or adapt and/or take them for yourself. I.e. -- the same things that let this schmo give such a hard time to the Batman even though he *didn't* have slots #1 or #3, like I do.

(Thus getting around the Master Ring's one weakness -- i.e., your collection of moves is static. Magically perfected, but static.)

3. Mai Hasegawa's (Konoko's) Chrysalis from the "Oni" PC game.

(IOW -- physical stats in the low-end metahuman range, insane endurance that makes Captain America look like Steve Urkel, a healing factor around that of Wolverine... and that's at the start of the game. As you grow and develop your powers more, your Chrysalis hyper-evolves more of your body tissue and you become more powerful.)

Dizzy D
1. Undetectability/Ninja stealth.
2. Tachyon field (a la Silver Samurai): can only be used by channeling through metal (sword, shuriken)
3. Libra-level Kree-martial art.

Dr. J
1. Shinobi-style ninja stealth dash - Short range stealth dash that leaves an afterimage. Can be done in midair.
2. Mind tricks - Can do simple things like putting someone to sleep with the wave of a hand, coaxing someone into opening a door, etc. The stronger the mind, the harder it is.
3. Martial arts mastery.

1. Hyper dexterity.
2. Gadget creation
3. super martial arts skills

1. Shadow Walking
2. Superhuman Learning Ability/Capacity
3. Magical Aura

Lone Wolf
1. Ghost-like intangibility
2. stone-like density increase
3. Spider-man type dexterity

1. Sinanju Chi/Fighting Skills
2. Domino's Luck
3. I'll leave this one open for now

1. Wolverine style regeneration.
2.Baron Zemo's various skills
3. Sam Fisher's physical stealth skills

Mr. Sandman:
1. Bullseye Evel aim
2. Tenchu Item summoning and creation
3. Shadow walking

Mr. X
1. Taskmaster mimicry: photographic reflexes + the ability to copy other abilities/powers
2. Karnak Vision: The ability to see weaknesses/flaws in just about anything. Structural, geological, bodily, mental....
3. Last slot left open. Might take enhanced senses if that can't be etrapolated from a copied skill/ability

MunchKING, The
1.Monk, Ninja, and Samurai powers from FF
2. Really Fast Blur speed
3. Down-sized Murphy Curse


1. the maxed out joss of a fully trained dhampyr at humanity 9, with several points of joss bound into my martial arts and general combat skills:

How does this work outside of game speak? Joss is sort of like a cross between innate luck and the direct favour of heaven itself making you more lucky to protect you, I'd thus see it as not really being copyable since, you can't really copy the favour of heaven onto yourself. How does it work? Basically, Dhampyrs fully trained on how to concentrate on and manipulate their favoured place in destiny can pull off a number of tricks. The most basic and passive of which are that potentially fatal attacks have a strong chance of just failing with regards to you, though always in a way that looks like extreme luck in action, the stronger the attack though, the less chance joss has of stopping it (the hardest things for it to stop are things like explosions, and agg damage attacks), luck only taking you so far. The favour of heaven also entirely ignores, which is to say, doesn't protect against, non potentially fatal attacks, since, they're not going to kill you (meaning things can still knock you the hell on out) The next development is being able to take time, meditate, and channel your joss into one particular action or set of linked actions, making them far more likely to succeed simply out of destiny wanting them to.

The final development of joss is being able to permanently bind the luck and favour of heaven to certain capabilities of yours, anything from gambling to martial arts (the straight mechanical function is that your rating in it goes up by as many points of joss you throw into it) any combat capability so enhanced means the damage you do with it counts as mystically empowered (read: agg). Basically, going to enhance my martial arts skill and capability to dodge things into above peak human levels and going into the super human (i.e. toss a couple of points into each, see number 2 for why they'd already be peak human).

So you ability duplicating monstrosities, weakness analyzing, "I have your skill plus one" types may copy my skill or figure it out or etc., but it will still somehow seem like something's missing from it.

2. mastery of the inward way:

it's a Kuei-Jin martial arts technique/discipline. Basically, mastery of the martial arts (well, one particular type of it) coupled with a few nifty chi tricks. Said tricks, translated out of gamespeak, being channeling chi for increased speed of attacks and reaction time, hitting a bit harder, durability enhancement from blunt force trauma from direct hand to hand attacks (with the ability to make yourself alot more durable to non blunt force trauma at the cost of mobility, at a really excessive cost to mobility the more durable you want to become), triple distance jumping, running up walls, and the mastery technique of the form "illusion shattering strike" Basically lets you strike spirits, ghosts, demons, and any other mystical boojum from another world that's not a god, and break parts of them off, sapping their resolve and will to act, with the effect of repeated strikes being that they get banished back, or just to if they weren't there to begin with to the spirit world.

3. spider sense.

1. Photographic reflexes
2. Ability to willingly mask oneself from all forms of detection at will.
3. Spider-Man's physique

1. Hitlers ubermensh Soldiers abilities described in Pitt: Ugly Americans. They were able to flip cars and laugh at machine gun fire hitting their iron hard flesh. Basically, one tough cookie.
2. Mastery over ever weapon touched
3. Cap level speed and endurance


1. Highlander Immortality: With all the Quickening tricks

2. The Shadow's Telepathy

3. Chi Mimicry: Like photographic reflexes, but better since it allows me to copy the Chi Manipulation aspect of other people's moves and abilities as well as just the physical component. The drawback is I have to actually see the move performed in person (or through a means which lets me sense the chi portion) in order to learn the chi portion. Clarification: I can learn purely physical moves and maneuvers which don't have a chi component through indirect visual observation, such as video.

1. Iron Fist's Iron Fist
2. Batgirl's reflexes
3. weapon mastery

1. Luck
2. telekinetic control of paper
3. Uber Chi/Martial Arts Mastery.

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