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1. Invisibility
2. Wraith Intangibility
3. Ice Generation
Disadvantage: Looks like werewolf

Aeon (Metaphysician):
1. Proxy Level Psionics
2. 100 Nova Point Eruption
3. 40 Inspiration Point Paramorphic Inspiration

Bestial (Ghost):
1. Jedi Master Level Force Powers (No light/dark limits)
2. Telekinesis
3. Biokinesis

Blacksand/Darksand (Mr. Sandman):
Note, both the names of Blacksand and Darksand were used for the same character.
1. The ablilty to use and summon ever spell and creature in magic the CCG as long as it's 3 mana or lower.( Of corse right now it's 4 mana or lower thanks to the power-up I got from DWFBH)
2. Can create matter that is exactly like and possess everything that the real stuff has.
3. Probability Control

BlackWarMewtwo (Z-man) -- deceased:
1. Rogue Style Power Drain
2. Invisibility
3. Teleport to Nearest Superbeing

Cain of Dreaming:
1. Anti-Magic Aura
2. Undetectability To Natural Senses
3. Ability To Halt Molecular Motion By Touch

Chaos Bringer Yeoman:
1. Dimensional Travel
2. Darkside Force Mastery
3. Zone of Fortune (Can alter probability for anyone within LOS to make the fulfillment of their desires more likely)

1. Power Plagurism (Mimics the powersets of existing superhumans from original or mirror threads at random. The switching of powersets occur at irregular and unpredictable intervals)
2. The Ability To Act Like A Fool
3. Can be drawn to Prime Cheek's Temple, or draw it to him.

Chief Defender (Genma):
1. Summon blunt objects
2. Super Durability
3. Aggression-based Strength

Cody (Mr. Sandman):
None. Depowered.

Dark Darei:
1. Acid Secretion (Immune to own acid)
2. Super Sticky Mucous Projection
3. Deep Water Adaptation (Includes ability to breathe under water, as well as enhanced strength and durability)

Deviljon (Saintjon):
1. Tetsuo Style Psionics (No Mutation Problem)
2. Coldfire Powers
3. Neural-based Sensory Manipulation

DreadwarlordFBH (FBHthelizardmage):
1. Plasma Bow-wave
2. Summon Gargoyles Susceptible To Control
3. Dimensional Phasing (Partial or Total)

1. The powers of all paladium magic OCC except those that directly sell one's soul to dark forces.
2. Null Zone with in a 5 foot radius of one where no power functions except as one wills.
3. Bullseye type Super Marksmanship

Lord Darkwolf:
1. The Sense
2. Soul Energy Control: Gathering it from others grants their powers temporaily ... and Can duplicate the soul energy and give small portions it to others after that.... Also gives access to memories and fighting skills . In some situations can fully drain a person in others possess them
3. Genetic Manipulation

Mr. Grimm (Mg_knt):
1. Low Level Blue Magic
2. Induce Weakness In Others
3. Convince Someone To Be A Fanatic

The Great Gumbo (offsite link):

1. Knowledge of the Gensetsu style of Martial arts - Basically know a form of karate with some super moves; can teleport(only to other places on the certain planet I happen to be on), turn undetectable(can't see me, smell me, hear me, no infra red, nothing) to all means of surveillance for three minutes(have to wait three seconds between each turn), do fireballs, make dark chi duplicates of others under my control(two at most), access others life force to enhance my own physical capabilities(could only enhance them to 5 or 6 times natural capabilities max)

2. Comic Martial Artist Physic - Have speed and reflexes to the point where I could possibly grab bullets(not easily, its just not an impossibility), tough enough that somebody could hit me in the head with a sledge hammer and I would barely feel it, strong enough to punch through a brick wall, agile like a cat; extremely limber and dextrous

3. Martial Art Mind - Can attain levels of extreme concentration and focus; ignore pain at high levels(I would be hampered by say a totally broken arm, but I could still keep the fight going), be aware of when others are scanning my mind; some slight resistance to mind scans

Imperious Rex (Krispy Kreme):
1. Omniversal Language Fluency
2. Martian Shapeshifting
3. Photographic Reflexes

1. Toonlike Resiliency
2. Uber Stealth
3. Tech Generation

Killer BOB!:
1. Thermal Control
2. Minor Demon Summoning
3. The Force

Lengthy (Brief):
1. Charm (Low-level aura; strong with eye contact)
2. Stasis Field
3. Immutability: Preservation against drastic or unwanted change at all levels. Invulnerable to all forms of damage or alteration except that of the thread's specified artillery attack or higher at the physical level, including the ravages of age and disease. If somehow the Immutability is overcome or temporarily suppresed and damage or alteration occurs, Immutability will instantaneously undo the damage or alteration, restoring one to the original healthy and normal state once it is in effect again. Minor cosmetic changes such as haircuts and nail cutting still possible for one with this power.

LordOrder (MasterChaos):
1. Invisible Woman Forcefield powers
2. Thing Durability
3. Soul Projection

Manuel -- deceased?:
1. Nova Eruption
2. Quantum and Tainted Power Accumulation
3. Instantaneous Chrysalis At Will, Instant Duration

The Meddler (The Watcher):
1. Gate Manipulation (can open and close gates between any two locations, including other dimensions; gates remain until made to close)
2. Clairsentience (Can ascertain location of any person, place, or thing and can see and hear them no matter what the circumstances, such as darkness, invisibility, background noise, etc.)
3. Imutability

The MunchKING (Nobody):
1. Murhpy's Curse (LOS, one person at a time)
2. Final Fantasy Herodom
3. Interdimensional Teleportation

Necrobe (Great Gumbo):

1. Undead Mastery - Ability to make (by make their has to be something actually there to make it from, a corpse, broken down ships, machinery whatever) and control all undead forms.

2. Channel Energies - Can channel necro energy to enhance any of physical attributes(highest amount would be around be around Fantastic Four class and then only if it were concentrated into one person or thing) or any of one's creatures attributes, or into energy blasts/shields/spells

3. Supernatural Existence - Can regenerate like a zombie, go intangible like a ghost, changes shapes like a vampire and turn into mists, super-human strength/agility/speed, see into an uncertain future(maximum of 2 weeks), can do the touch of death, like vampires and certain other creatures of the night; turn into were-creatures of any kind(wolf, bear, dog, dragon, ant etc..)

1. Immutability
2. Pyrokinesis
3. Interdimensional Teleportation

Parralax (offsite link):

1. Scrying Portal - He can use any reflective surface as a focus to scry through - basically clairsentience. If he wishes, and if the surface is large enough, he can then make that surface into a portal to the place he was looking upon.

2. Spectromancy - The ability to create/control light. Abilities include turning invisible on the EM spectrum, creating non-solid illusions, energy attacks, and the ability to turn into an being of light for a short amount of time. This does not grant the ability to control all forms of energy, just light.

3. Aura of Command - A more powerful version of a charm aura, much like Brief's. Its intensity is powered by will, and the highest levels are capable of inducing near permanent obssession or submission. It can also be selectively targetted for more concentrated effects. It usually remains off by default unless selectively turned on and maintained. This power also grants high natural resistance to outside mental influences.

Miss Pellcia (Mr. Sandman):
1. Gate Manipulation
2. Clairsentience
3. Opposite Sex Manipulation and Control

PunisherRamz (Ramz):
1. Maxed Out Exalted Night Caste
2. The Force
3. MegaStamina 5 (With All Enhancements)

1. Magneto's Electromagnetic Manipulation
2. Cyberkinesis (Control of Machinery)
3. Super Strength (10 ton range)

Roxy (Krispy Kreme):
1. Energy Control (Can generate and manipulate all forms of energy within the thread limits)
2. Clairsentience
3. Immutability

Seth (Mr. Sandman):
1. Clairsentience
2. Immutability
3. Can enter small pocket dimension only accessible by self in which one has complete control over the environment and can create matter (which can only exist within PD). The PD and anyone inside it can not be attacked or altered in any way by outside forces.

Shadowstalker (Jaffa):
1. Shadow Melding (Like Malekeith)
2. Ability to control inanimate objects
3. Chaotic Mind (mental contact induces bad effects)

Sinister Sandman (Mr. Sandman) -- zombified:
1. Electrical Blast Generation
2. Life Draining
3. Elemental Control

Soulrider (Trickster God):
1. Astral Entity: Bodyless being of pure psionic energy, freed of the needs of physical existence and capable of the full spectrum of telepathic abilities. Must possess host bodies to interact with physical world and if killed host body is killed will die as well.
2. Tactile Telekinesis: Applies to any host possessed.
3. Power Defense: Protection from draining, nullification, transformation, and all other non-physical or mental attacks.

The Temptress (Tanith) -- current whereabouts unknown:
1. Ability to Block or Follow Travel Powers
2. Gromlin Sorcery (emphasis on blood magic)
3. Ranged Vampiric Life Drain (Can heal self or maintain eternal youth)

Vladimir (Lackey of Mr. Grimm):
1. Complete Invisiblity. (Sesnors, scanners, infra-red, motion dectectors, and scrying powers can not see him when he has this power on.)
2. Mind Shield
3. Flesh to metal power ( Increases strength and durablity to thread limits but he is not as fast or agile. Also when in metal form does not need to breathe.)

Mr. X (Krispy Kreme):
1. Power Nullification
2. Electrokinesis
3. Psychoportation

Z-Woman (Z-man):
1. Power Control
2. Superspeed
3. Psychokinesis

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