The Dark Grove

Written by Mr. Sandman

The sun casted it's glowing radiance over the small forest grove. Little animals of every shape and size wandered through the thick brambles while birds of every color fly through the warm air and sing a hevenly tune that only an angel could match. At the center of the grove a small boy sat among the tall grasses and stared off into the distance. He know that all the beauty that was around him was a mirage, a fake world only created to cover the horrable amount of fear he was feeling.

The was a suddan crack as a much older boy triped on a twig as he entered the center of the grove.

Cody: OUCH!! Darn it all!!!!!!!!!!!! I ripped my nice new suit!

Cody picked himself up and gave the smaller boy a hard look.

Cody: Alright Seth!! I didn't come all the way out here for nothing. Now hurry it up already.

Seth: Cody, something bad is happening on the outside. Horrable things.

Cody: Your point being?

Seth: There's an evil presence! Much more powerful then any other I've seen.

Cody: Even ME!!! Alright, who is this guy so I can pound the crap out of him.

Seth: He's to powerful for you to face yet. But there is something else. I sence a powerful object that has been lost by the evil. Something so powerful it's a threat even to that evil being I mentioned. He seeks it desp..

Cody: HOLD ON A SEC!!! Now, What's this about some super artifact.

Seth: I don't know all that much on it but I do know it can grant it's holder almost god like powers.

Cody: God like powers!! This could prove very interesting.

Seth: No Cody! I know what your thinking and it's not right. We should help get the artifact so we can defeat the evil being.

Cody: Yeah! Don't worry your socks off! I get the Black Reaper ready and we'll go out looking for that thing your talking about.

Seth: Thanks Cody.

Cody: Whatever! You head along now and I'll be with you in a sec.

Seth: Alright! (exit Seth)

Cody: Don't worry my dear Seth. I'll find that artifact and defeat the evil being. (Cody smiles) And then I'll become the new god of the mulitverse. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA

(plays sinister music as the screen fades to black)