The Rules of Engagement

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This is it, people. The official movie thread. It has begun!

This means that as of this post, casting is *closed*. No further applications for parts will be entertained. If additional extras turn out to be needed for filming, the Directors will call you... don't call us.

And before we begin playing in-character, however, some clarifications. There will be rules for this movie different from those used in prior YvTW threads.

Rule #0 -- The Director's Chair(s)

The two Co-Directors of this film are Chuckg and Tanith. If decisions must be made as to the future direction of the film, they shall be the ones to make them. Their joint decisions are final.

If in the unthinkable event they are deadlocked, Parallax shall be the tie-breaking vote.

Their power may extend, in the ultimate extremis, to ret-conning already "filmed" scenes of the movie. However, this is intended to be a desperate last resort and all movie participants are earnestly requested to never act in such a manner that this is necessary.

"Administrative" arrangements for the movie shall be handled via e-mail, chat, or PM whenever possible.

Rule #1 -- The Character Shield Rule

All 'named' characters (that is to say, board characters with an actual CBUB member playing them as their primary character) will have Character Shields. The Character Shield will act as follows:

1a) Vs another cast member with a Character Shield, it will do nothing at all. Battles between two people who are both PCs as opposed to NPCs will be judged entirely on what their powers are or how they post. Keep this in mind -- whenever you face another person with a Character Shield, death is always a genuine possibility

1b) Vs any cast member who does *not* have a Character Shield (that is to say, any NPC, henchman, hireling, minion, mook, or bystander), the Character Shield will render its possessor immune to death save under narrowly defined exceptions.

Please note, it only renders you immune to being killed off. It does *not* make you immune to being (in a dramatically appropriate way, of course) shot, stabbed, burned, taken prisoner, tortured, having your gear destroyed or stolen, having your NPCs maimed or killed, or anything of the like. OTOH, if you are crippled, your friends medical care will give you prosthetic limbs or somesuch. Likewise for being put in a coma... it will only last so long as dramatically appropriate. Or if by some mischance you do die (and not in an exempted manner as outlined below), you will either return from the dead, be raised, or come back as a vengeful spirit.

The intent of the Character Shield rule is to ensure that no Star Character can be rendered incapable of continuing to participate in the plot in some manner or another, save by another Star Character.

The only exemptions to the Character Shield rule are:

#1 -- The "Jar-Jar" exemption -- If your character makes such an incredibly disgusting and/or annoying spectacle of themselves that both the audience and the vast majority of all your fellow cast members are praying for you to get killed off before you ruin the movie, your Character Shield will cease to exist and you will be fair game for anything.

Characters already designated as "comedy relief" (i.e -- Cheeks-M and Sandman) will be given significantly wider latitude than other characters re: the definition of "incredibly annoying", but they are advised that even they have a point beyond which it had better not be pushed. :)

#2 -- The "Fallen and Redeemed" exemption -- if a Hero turns to the Dark Side and then attempts to return back, or if an Evil Minion attempts to redeem, they may... should they so choose... seek redemption in death. And stay dead.

#3 -- The "Go On Without Me" exemption -- it remains the eternal privilege of all Heroes to, at any time they so choose, lay down their life so that others may live and the Heroic Struggle be carried onwards. If the player invokes this privilege, then they can pick their death scene. Details will be arranged with the Directors via e-mail, chat, or PM.

Technically Evil Lieutenants could also invoke this privilege at any time, but for some reason none of them ever do.

Rule #2 -- The "It's Good To Be The King" Rule

Seeing as how you can't have a movie without a villain, the Evil Overlord will possess an extra-strength Character Shield. Until the end phase of the movie is entered, the Overlord shall not be affected by anything that he does not wish to be.

However, this power comes with a responsibility -- the Evil Overlord may not act directly against Character-Shielded Heroes until the movie is entering the final climax. (The Evil Overlord, as is the privilege of his station, may do anything he darn well feels like to any Evil Minions or Lieutenants at any time, Character Shields or not.)

Note -- with one exception, the above immunities and limitations apply only to the Overlord's own person and actions committed by his own hand. Evil Lieutenants and Minions of all varieties have absolutely none of the restrictions nor the benefits of rule #2... only rule #1, if and when it applies.

But you can't kill off the main villain before the last act of the movie, no matter *HOW* clever you are. You can't even seriously mess him up. This is a movie, after all.

The one limited exception mentioned above is the Grand Vizier -- as Evil Overlords are incredibly dull without anybody to talk to, the Grand Vizier shall not be permanently incapacitated before the final act unless it is *really* dramatically appropriate. (Translation -- unless one of the Heroes comes up with something so good to read that we just can't bring ourselves to mess with it.)

Amendment 1 -- if the Grand Vizier, by his own choice, goes to the front lines and enters the fray, then he shall be treated as no more or no less than any other person with a Character Shield.

Rule #3 -- The "Either You're A Player Or You're Played" Rule

Absolutely no NPC, no matter how useful, beloved, or entertaining, has any Character Shield whatsoever. If any mook *or* Star Character has a clear shot at one and successfully gets it off, then whatever happens... happens.

This rule most specfically applies to Legion of Doom troopers, Iron Guardsmen, Imperial Commanders, henchmen, hirelings, old friends, sidekicks, ship's crews, and Pokemon.

Especially Pokemon.

This is not going to be one of those movies where nobody ever dies. We have a lot of NPCs in play, we can and will afford to miss a few. Correction... to not miss a few.

Rule #4 -- The "Plans Within Plans Within Plans Within Plans" Rule

So long as it's beleviable (believable to be judged first by general audience reaction and then, if necessary, by Director's Decision), it is entirely allowable to pull something out of a hat at the last minute and explain how your character was actually prepping it all along.

Note -- Evil Overlord's are especially good at this. Indeed, if they weren't allowed to do this, you wouldn't have much of a movie.

But Heroes are also allowed foresight, preptime, and creative recoveries from bad situations.

We have to go on the honor system with this one, people. Please don't break it, or you'll break the movie.

Thank you.