Opening Scroll

*cue opening music*


It is a dark time in the Multiverse.

Arising from the mysterious depths of the timestream, the Evil Overlord Chuckg has embarked upon a multiversal reign of terror unequaled in the history of all creation. Thousands of thousands of alternate universes, planes, and timestreams lay helpless under his iron-fisted rule. Great heroes and villains from across time and space, even up to the legendary Victor von Doom, Batman, Reed Richards, and Washu, have all been crushed and their knowledge and their goods taken by the Overlord as his own. The universes of Marvel, DC, Wildstorm... the various cosmos of Anime and the brightest lights of Fantasy and SF... all have fallen.

With an intellect unequalled by any being in the multiverse and the dreaded power to erase chunks of Time itself, as well as the accumulated knowledge, power, technology, and magic of a million million worlds, the Overlord is widely believed to be unstoppable. With his mysterious Grand Vizier and his fearsome Lieutenants, his multi-versal Dominion expands from conquest to conquest. And now that the legendary Orb of Power has fallen within his grasp, all of Creation shudders in fear... as the power of the Orb can vanquish any foe, overcome any obstacle, absolutely without limit. Even unto the Overlord himself.

But arising from the mysterious universes of 2.0 and 3.0, one last group of multi-versal Heroes has arisen. With the beautiful and wise Tanith at their head, they seek to dare the impossible and defeat the undefeatable. Regardless of the truly insane odds against them, they have made their statement -- they will stand for what is best in all of Creation, and against all that which is worst. Without hesitation, fear, or compromise.

But so long as the Orb remains firmly clutched in the grasp of Overlord Chuckg, even this last legendary gathering of Heroes has no real hope of restoring freedom to the multiverse...