Memo I -- From the Overlord


Be it known that having successfully passed her probationary period, Z-Woman is now permanently given the position of Royal Assassin. The Imperial Warrant for Sandman's death is now lapsed, as he has now been suitably chastised for his effrontery in daring to attempt an attack upon Our person and property.

Tremble and obey!


In order to better fulfill her duties as Royal Assassin, part of her Augmentation Package shall include being given a memetic download via direct-neural induction of the same Sinanju Training Package that prior experiments attempted, without success, to incorporate into a new Legion trooper prototype. (Said memetic knowledge package was, of course, abstracted from the digitized mind of Chiun, one of their greatest Reigning Masters. The presence of Shiva rendered it inadvisable to attempt to use the digitized Remo William's... and given that Remo was taught everything he knew about Sinanju by Chiun, it was considered a redundancy.)

Of course, said memory package was first edited to remove all ideological and emotional biases incompatible with Our will -- which was all of them. Only the martial knowledge was to be left in, along with a generic 'experience base' presented as a general history of prior assassination case studies instead of first-hand recall.

As Z-Woman is a living being with (relatively) normal life force, she should be able to make full use of the abilities granted.

We consider it fitting that Our Royal Assassin should also be, in the fullness of her power, a Reigning Master of Sinanju. After all, the now-exterminated House of Sinanju was one of the most efficient and professional for-hire services ever to exist. We almost regret the necessity of having had to destroy it so as to prevent its ever possibly being hired by an enemy of Ours, even though Our person is beyond their power to directly assault.

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