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What's the best way to study for the verbal portions of your favorite standardized test? Our solution is to write with them. To this end, we have collected a list of GRE vocabulary words that we aren't familiar with and randomly divided them into groups of ten assigned to different days. Each day (or days), we will write whatever fanfic or original fic or whatever comes to mind, using the given words selected for that day. You can find the daily lists and the finished writings down below. Feel free to make use of our random word list generator or your own vocabulary lists to write your own challenges!

Completed Fanfiction

By Author & Date:

Tanith (Set 1: 9 fics) (Set 2: 9 fics) (Set 2.5: 4 fics)
MewAnime (Set 1: 11 fics) (Set 2: 11 fics)

By Fandom/Category:

|| Harry Potter || Highlander || Lord of the Rings || Smallville ||
|| Miscellaneous & Crossovers ||

Current Vocab Listings

Date: Tanith MewAnime
8/1 intransigence malingerer delineate ostentatious stolid coda truculence assiduous cogent felicitous prevaricate dirge chicanery commensurate equanimity inchoate exculpate officious mendacious elegy
8/2 salubrious endemic perfunctory indigence dissolution whimsical precipitate (adj) anachronism elegy artless assiduous ostentatious austere indigence perfidious intransigence paucity effrontery propitiate veracious
8/3 perfidious diffuse (adj) commensurate bombastic ameliorate disingenuous probity phlegmatic propitiate tortuous castigation disparate buttress grandiloquent denigrate harangue stigma attenuate obdurate ambivalence
8/4 truculence levee alacrity chicanery esoteric stint (v) stolid proscribe irascible eulogy anachronism endemic solicitous dirge buttress stint (v) abeyance desultory deference abstemious
8/5 striated laconic exigency inured connoisseur occlude penury qualified fatuous refractory irascible desiccate tortuous propitiate truculence garrulous specious enervate disparage exculpate
8/6 castigation vituperative buttress strut (n) abeyance ostentatious coda welter veracious cogent prodigal (adj) austere ostentatious dissemble repudiate aver stolid obdurate occlude paucity
8/7 rarefied diffidence attenuate prodigal (adj) tractable approbation aver intransigence desultory austere diffidence ambivalence perfunctory complaisant* efficacy ingenuous* phlegmatic harangue foment conundrum
8/8 garrulous repudiate foment efficacy solicitous desiccate deference appropriate (v) plasticity officious disingenuous inchoate soporific officious approbation equanimity felicitous denigrate penury fatuous
8/10 ambivalence recondite enervate iconoclastic gainsay ingenuous* delineate specious mendacious abstemious recondite compendium malingerer perfidious stigma attenuate tractable eulogy plasticity bombastic
8/11 belie obviate opprobrium inchoate dissemble malingerer complaisant* assiduous coda attenuate assiduous alacrity disparate opprobrium ascetic delineate probity veracious ameliorate effrontery
8/12 coda officious whimsical propitiate stolid welter iconoclastic precipitate (adj) prodigal (adj) abstemious belie appropriate (v) grandiloquent capricious salubrious artless refractory prevaricate erudite strut (n)
8/13 malingerer eulogy recondite commensurate connoisseur desultory obviate laconic opprobrium gainsay exigency felicitous elegy connoisseur iconoclastic cogent laconic reprobate apprise esoteric
8/14 rarefied proscribe specious garrulous diffidence inchoate esoteric cogent occlude abeyance mendacious welter chicanery craven iconoclastic precipitate vituperative artless gainsay indigence
8/15 probity vituperative artless truculence belie exigency mendacious felicitous elegy desultory commensurate proscribe invective intransigence castigation recalcitrant endemic exculpate occlude recondite

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