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[[Hotep, Khenmes & Khenemset ! This is my Role Playing Character.]]
[[People and Events depicted here are fictional.]]
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    Taheret was the result of the union between Amenti and the Pharaoh, Seken'en'Ra I.. She had been a creation of love, blessed by Hathor.  Amenti had gone to the next life just after pressing a tender kiss to the forehead of her newborn daughter.  It had been agreed upon [as per Amenti's request] before the birth that the truth would be withheld until the child's 16th flood. Nefersenut never remarried and thus raised Taheret on his own, as his daughter. Nefersenut being without a son and Taheret being his only child, he allowed her more freedom than most fathers were wont to do with their females. Nefersenut, himself, saw to her weapons training and Seken'en'Ra I helped in teaching her to hunt. She was a child hungry for knowledge and her Father and "Uncle" made sure she was provided with teachers. She learned reading, writing & even accounting, among various leisurely skills.
    She proved to be an above average huntress and on several occasions had shamed a few men with her fighting skills. Weapons or fisticuffs, she was a match for them. Rather than being an embarrassment to her Father, he had taken pride that his heart's daughter would always be able to protect herself, should the situation arise.
    Having grown up a tomboy, she was taught by none other than Teti the graces of the Court. Kneeling,bowing and all the formality had been more difficult a task to set for herself than had been brawling but her dearest Teti had been patient [and even amused.. Tah's many blundered attempts at kneeling had been the source of much laughter for Teti and Keph] and relentless in her own task of teaching. The result was that Tah could then fool any into thinking her sophisticated, prim and proper.
    Taheret had an unusual sense of humanity, abhorring slavery as it degraded and humiliated another human being; therefore, her Father gifted her with servants in his pay. Makare had tended her since childhood and remained close. Ahmes, slave to a tyrant, had been saved by Taheret from a fate worse than death. Nefersenut paid an extravagant sum to free the man, and in loyalty, Ahmes remained with Tah. Both were the girl's personal confidants, friends from whom she kept no secrets.. and they had both sworn their lives for hers.
    There is in her life also Anhay, a girl caught in the act of stealing bread from the market. Taheret came along in time to witness the third lashing upon the girl's bare back and intervened. The incident ended with Taheret paying the vendor for the bread and taking the girl home with her. A bath and new clothing and Anhay presented a fine picture of nobility. Taheret took the girl under her wing and is in the process of educating her. Anhay is now the baby sister Taheret never had.
    Another incident involving the beating of a slave caught our girl's attention. She had walked in to find an older slave lashing a younger for having books in her possession. Taheret then saw herself as the hand of Ma'at, dealing out swift justice to the cruel slave and stealing the bookworm away to her own home. There she instructed Nailah in the graces of the Court, just as Teti had done for her. Sharing the girl's thirst for knowledge, she felt akin from the first glance. Nefersenut assisted Tah in finding instructors to insure Nailah the best education. The girl now devours more books than even our Taheret! With clever scheming, Nailah is now the Cousin of Taheret through Amenti's sister, Kesin. Of course, there are a few loose ends to tie up before the plan is perfection, but Taheret had faith.
    Amenti had left her, but that did not mean our girl was motherless, for none other than the Royal Midwife and Priestess who had birthed her, the first to ever touch her in this life, Neferura [her Ura had always filled that which might have been a void. Ura was regal and wise, and though she argued the fact, she was beauty personified. It seemed to Taheret that all the gods had their hand upon her Ura and her Ura seemed to always have her eye on Tah. There were many times when Taheret suspected that her Ura was blessed by the gods to read minds, for she had the uncanny ability to read those around her.. especially Taheret. Twas a difficult thing to be sneaky when her Mewet'ib seemed to know all without a word. Neferura never demanded respect, but her presence commanded it. Even the Pharaoh himself held her in high respect. Not only a Mother to Taheret [and countless others] but also her Teacher in herbs and healing. Taheret was a diligent pupil and it was put to the test the eve that the girl delivered Elsa's boy child, Dietrich. A very proud accomplishment as Taheret had thought herself a curse due to Amenti's death. The hands that had delivered the babe and the hands that had healed others were not only Taheret's but an extension of Neferura. Her Ura's patience in teaching the girl was the cause of many lives and limbs being saved.
    Let us not forget her childhood friends, Kephera the Seer and Prince Senseneb. Time and circumstances had put a strange distance between our girl and Sen. She would always love him and worry herself over him and view him as brave, but it would take a little nudge to open communication again. This was probably due to the fact that as she grew older, she had learned the thing most men desired above all things, and word was that Senseneb desired this more-so than any other male in her acquaintance [or so she thought]. Kephera.. the enigma.. gentle breeze in the morning and raging storm in the eve. Taheret's senet'ib. They had always shared a special rapport and had seen many troubles [some of their own doing.. mostly Taheret's] together, and they had shared many a secret that would go with them to their afterlives. Kephera, sweet and intoxicating with a heart of gold. Keph was not one any wished to anger, though Tah had learned early on to weather the storm of her heart-sister's rage. Taheret's heart went out to her sister and friend as she watched Keph being raised as if in a bottle. Tah valued freedom above all else and thought Keph never complained of such, Tah felt her best friend was locked in an invisible cage. Lately, Sen's Ka has battled to remain in this life several times over, his bravery and strength winning time and again.. and Kephera... Her heart had been given to this one man... and now they were to be parents of twins... Taheret prays daily that her Brother and Heart-sister will be granted happiness and peace with life, just as she has been blessed.

[[to be continued...]]




*~Beauty and Passion such as this cannot be caged~*

Taheret Ankhesensaba

Taheret with her favorite pet, Kem. She awoke one morning to
this magnificent creature of the wild simply lying in her bed
as if he had always belonged. Extremely possessive of her,
Tah must take care where he is when others might touch her.
An angry scribe lost a finger to the beast when he was seen
by Kem to be scolding his Mistress. Luckily twas on the man's
left hand and he remains employed. [Luckily he only lost a finger
to the big cat and not his head to Taheret.]



Taheret's first exotic pet, Sheba..Ima, the only survivor in an abandoned
A gift from Nefersenut, her Father.litter, was found by Taheret on the
Tah will give her to Kem asborders of Pa'Siamun Provence during
his Mate at next inundation.a hunting expidition. The kaffir is now
near full grown and tame
[at least in Tah's hands].



Another possessive creature, Har found
Taheret whilst she was "guest" upon Prince
Ahmose's barge. The child of Horus took such
an instant liking to the girl that he attempted
to perch upon her hand. The resulting wounds
[irresponsibly neglected by the girl] led to a
bout of fever, leaving Tah in bed the first week
or so of their arrival at the Palace in Ititawy.


*~ How could one of such Princely virtues be considered Barbarian? ~*

Sah'Bast'yun say of him Saba..
Saba Tepemkau Khenemetah
Taheret's Saba ... the love of her life, her soulmate,
the light that dispelled the shadows lurking within her shrinking world. The
Court called him barbarian, but she saw in him charm, strength and the regal
spirit of a King... and he was that to her.. her Nesew, Netjer, her Hi and
her Neb. Taheret had hired him as Teacher of Language to instruct
Elsa in the Egyptian word and Taheret in the words of his homeland.
[Coincidentally, Seba in Ancient Egyptian means Teacher!]
Having bonded in the beginning, the pact is sealed. Where he
goes, she goes. His home is her home... and if he pass to the next life,
She will go with him.





Pit your skill against the Great Rameses'
in this fun game from Ancient Egypt



... - Ta'Mery Rules of Play... - Pharaoh Kamose

... - Queen Teti... - Prince Ahmose Ra

... - Prince Senseneb Ra... - Nailah

... - Neferura... - Adjedaa

... - Kephera... -

... - Elsa of Ranvig... - Zaharra Sandhya

... - Ashke Eve... - Hir-Ty

... - Lady Maya... - Rahotep

... - *... -

... - *... -



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•I'm from the old school RP where if you want to know what a character is going to do in a given situation, you need to play the story out.

•I don't tolerate crossing [taking info one of your chars has and using it with another char as if they know without having rp'd it] or mixing [taking ooc info and using it ic]. Along with this is mun pouting. If you get your char into a situation you don't like, do NOT simply disappear. Moding your char from the situation is the lowest form of RP, beb.

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