name: marshall john king, "marshall"

birthplace: miami, florida

birthdate: march 01

age: 22

gender: male

languages: english, not willing to learn another.

profession: musician; he plays the guitar, bass, and does vocals in his band, which technically isn't together. but that doesn't bring in much money, so he's looking for a job right now.

martial status: single

personality: he's pretty somewhat shy, just prefers to be around close friends than meeting new people. when he's on stage or a microphone's in his hand, he's pretty damn bold. he'll do anything for money or just for a dare. there's really not too much to Marshall, most of his personality you just have to experience yourself.

appearance: Marshall's got semi-long black hair and green eyes. He's taller than most, and very athletic, muscular, and lean. His skin's naturally pale, but can burn and tan.

hobbies: swimming, soccer, tennis, smoking, going to movies.

likes: music, cars, heights, water, cigarettes, booze, fire

dislikes: loud people, people who put people in categories, fish, vegetables

food: nerd ropes

color: black

season: summer

book: anything by Edgar Allen Poe

band: Getup Kids

song: Paradise City

music: rock, punk, classic rock, etc. a good variety, no pop, pop punk, rap, r&b, techno, etc.

dog breed: greyhound (it doesn't fit her lifestyle, so she decided not to get one)


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