...of ivy

name: ivy melissa miller, "ivy"

birthplace: atlanta, georgia

birthdate: march 21

age: 20

gender: female

languages: english

profession: none. ivy's currently looking for a job, but the search isn't going too well. ivy figures if she's going to keep her drinking and smoking habit, she needs money. she figures a stable hand job will do best

current employer: none
martial status: single

personality: Ivy's not one to be shy. she'll

appearance: Ivy's not very unique. although she wants to go blonde, she keeps her natural dark brown hair. no highlights, no multi-colored tips, just shoulder length brown. her blue eyes aren't totally flawless, she has to have glasses to read with. Ivy has fair skin that harldy ever tans or burns. she's average height, and skinny, only weighing about 118 pounds.

hobbies: photography, drawing, being with dogs, swimming, drinking, smoking, sleeping

likes: dogs, horses, barrel racing, cameras, pools, sleeping

dislikes: fish, books, winter, snow, the ocean, heights, bugs -- especially spiders


food: peach

color: anything pastel

season: fall

band: Counting Crows

song: Cosmopolitain Blood Loss

music: rock, punk, classic rock, etc. a good variety, no pop, pop punk, rap, r&b, techno, etc. detests Good Charlotte.

horse breed: trakehner or quarter horse

dog breed: jack russel terrier

pets: none
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