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It is a time of unexpected calm for the Rebel Alliance as it is enjoying its first victory against the Imperial Forces with the destruction of the Death Star, a space station able to decimate entire planets with its powerful cannon.

The Empire, however, is anything but calm. Forces are out in full, seeking far and wide for the Rebel Base whose location disappeared with the Death Star. The Emporer has hired bounty hunters and mercenaries of every stripe to assist in the search.

Darth Vader, who was on the Death Star at the time of its destruction, is presumed dead - a loss to none save the Emporer himself.

The Rebels, knowing their base will not be safe for long, have dispatched their fighters pilots to search various friendly planets, hoping to find one that will welcome them. Also added to this mix are several sympathetic smugglers and rogues who have no love for the Empire and are willing to participate for a price.

It is to this galactic stage that the Order of the Whills have arrived, to serve as historians, observers, and in some cases shapers, of history....