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Aikousha Forces
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About Aikousha Forces

Aikousha Forces is a fan site that is dedicated to bring you the best AMV's(Anime Music Videos) on the net. Each AMV on the site, will have a very descriptive review provided by me, Hypnotic Specter. The site also provides you with a large anime based, image gallery.


1-5-2k2:Happy new year! Here is a nice surprise for the new year, an update! Well as you can see i have finally started working on the site, and the first change is a new layout. Check back through out the week for more updates.-Hypnotic Specter

10-22-2k1:Holy shit! I finally finished my video. It should be up and running for your downloading pleasure once Hypno gets the site fully complete. However, if you still want the video, contact me through ICQ and you could download it straight from me. My ICQ no. is 132015105. I hope you check it out. -Legato


Aikousha Forces © 2001 - 2002. All anime images and AMV's are copyright by their respective owners. Aikousha Forces is a site by fans, for fans. It is a site for all anime fans of any kind to enjoy and get away from the pains of real life.

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