Ideals of The YGW

1.)We the young do hereby come together against all the ways of adults viewing.

2.)We hereby grow up our own way to destroy the culture of our past.In doing so we make up our own set of laws and followings.

3.)Playing on adults emotions shall be done always.

4.)Any way you wish to worship is yours and yours alone.

5.)Stealing outside the family is commendable.Where stealing within the family is severely punished.

6.)At the age of 18 you are either told to leave the family or killed.(If you leave the family it is believed that you will spread the word to the youths of other families/clans you go or place your own children there in.)

7.)Where there is chaos, there is us.Chaos is our way.When in Abyssal Chromium is chaotic evil and our mentor.(so is to be respected at all times.)

8.)Laws can be changed all you do is ask and a meeting will be set up.

a.)Only one person at a time speaks during a meeting.

b.)A metal ahnk shall be passed around to the one who wishes to speak.(picture of the ahnk below)

9.)We are a hierarchy going by age.(The older you are the higher up you are but the Leader is always the higher of them all.When the leader comes of age he/she musts appoint a new leader.)

(More to be added as we grow)

Leader of YGW

YGW post

Abyssal Realm

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