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Solaria's Help Guide For Darkness Falls Crusade Demons

current updates :  makros updated (Hole to UG Branch UG Branch to DF Gate)



Old Nimkel finally made 55 ! Gratz old boy -------> (this is Nimkel tryin' to find training room after all these years)

Welcome to the help page for those interested or joined in the Cult of Xionakis. This information is not written in stone. It is only from my personal experience that I have accumulated in the time with the CoX demon guild,that I have decided to pass on my experience and knowledge to you. It's my goal to provide you with the most updated and accurate information on the guild that's available. Should you find a discrepancy, please let me know. I hope that in reading this page,you find it helpful in assisting you to achieve the most out of our race as a CoX demon. =)

When you made level 2 and joined the Guild you have to APPEAL to get some changes by a staffer. This includes the change in armor class. Ohterwises you wont be able to wear guild armor. Along with some changes in training costs. If you leveld up a bit more its not the end of the world, but get your fix as soon as possible

Your stats are personal but I highly recommend you have at least 34 training points to work with. Well, now since you cannot roll a character with the same name after suiciding, I guess I will have to be more specific on what stats would do well for you. 17+ 13+18+16+16+16+ are what I recommend. As with all characters, you can make exceptions with the numbers you accept. For example, since we have to research tons of lists in our guild, it's a good idea to have at least 16+ for intelligence and wisdom. But we cannot always roll the perfect stats and so, you have to figure out where you are willing to compromise. Strength: 17+ would help you with hunting lower ones it might become a bit harder Constitution: is important, because as demons, you will need every point of your fatigue that you can muster. Carrying things and running back and forth on our macros is what we do best, but if you accept low con, you are in for loss of fatigue more often, as well as we do bleed, so beware. Agility: is important in EVERY race if you do not want to function like a snail. I would never accept anything lower than 18 on any of my characters, but that's just me. Dexterity: it affects your skills with climbing, jumping, but most importantly, your dexterity will also affect your IMPROVE/REPAIR skills. Wisdom and Intelligence: as I said before, we research alot of things, but if for some reason you cannot get them both to be at least 16, there is always items in the realm available that can help you higher these skills.

My methods may not suit yours, but I will share them anyways. I double train weapons,evade,construction, and percept.
I double train weapon craft because big weapons need a very high skill when you want to make them.
Armor craft skill is ok at around 120 you will barley fail with that skill.
Double dont need to be trained.
I would alter climb and jump up to around 20 - 22 trains in each.
I would double train Improve up to a decent skill (like 200 or 220)
I would train repair so often, that it will be equal to improve.(that will need way less trains as improve)
Research skill will raise up like 25 % on first train so i suggest training it at least once
Parry can be a neat skill if you can afford to train it its no bad thing to do so
spare points can go in swim use item or hide.

**Guild Items:
Lvl 2 medallion-intelligence.I
Lvl 7 armor-percept.I
Lvl 11 gloves-combat.I
Lvl 16 inferno Blade-evade.I (castable)cant't be lustied but cold or fire sigiled
CM Item Fiery helm of Arnak Hale.II

New Skills and Abilities
Lvl 2 Improve Skill
Lvl 7 Weapon Craft and Quick Attack and Double Skill
Lvl 11 Armor Craft and Quick Skill
Lvl 16 Construction and Quick Heal

New Guild Ranks
Lvl Hand of Xionakis (Cult Master)
Lvl 2 Mephit
Lvl 7 Scourge
Lvl 11 Pit Fiend
Lvl 16 Arch Fiend
Lvl 55 Hell's Smith
Lvl 60 Demon Overloard - Hell's Angel (only for females)
Lvl 65 Lord of Hellfire - Lady of Hellfire
Lvl 70 Angel of Hellfire
Lvl 75 Wrath of Hellfire

Everyone always wants to know what all to research first. The best advice I can give is to research your spells first and then, decide what type of demon you want to be. If you would like to build walls, then I suggest researching Basic Demonic Creations. If you would like to build heavy weapons, i.e catapults, ballistas, ect. I would suggest going for the Demonic Artillery item list. And last but not least, if you would simply like to make weapons and armor, you can just research all the creations lists you are interested in. On a side note, when you research an item list, to view your list, type: item Basic Demonic Creations.

**Keep in mind, if you do want to make weapons and armor, the materials are not readily available. This means, there is no shop that sells the components you would need. You either have to hunt dealers that drop these items or if you are making it for someone else, have them bring you the items. Either way, you have to actually kill the dealers to acquire your components. For example, to make a mithril dagger, You need:(Missing) 1 units of metal (specify a raw material by holding it) 2 units of leather. You have have to go and kill a mithril dealer until it dropped a lump of mithril and at least 2 leather dealers to get enough leather. The majority of your components can be found in South Wharves. If you do not  see dealers walking around, a good thing to do is to clear everything there and then eventually they will begin to appear. Be careful though, the nicer the component, the harder the dealer is to kill. So watch out for the mithril dealers for sure. WORD OF CAUTION: Just because you get the components, does not mean you will be successful at creating the item you want. IF you fail, you take a risk of losing some of your components. Meaning, you need 2 lumps of mithril, you fail, you lose one or both lumps. It happens so be prepared.
stashed mith - alloy -  leather - cloth  IT COULD POOF IF IT'S TOO MUCH. DROP IT ON THE FLOOR OR I WILL DROP YOU !!!!!

I hope this information will be as helpful to you as it has been for me. Take care and see you in the realm!

Kasdeya and Solaria
~Devoted Demonesses to the Cult of Xionakis~

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