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Required Lists for Building Walls and more...

Basic Demonic Creations- Lvl 35
1) chunk of steel
3) rope and hook
6) steel rod
7) steel bowl
8) set of iron bracings
10) reinforced steel rod
11) short wooden ladder
12) set of steel bracings
14) short wooden bridge
15) small wooden ramp
16) wooden frame
17) wheeled wooden frame
18) axle with wheels
19) wooden foundation
20) medium-length wooden ladder
22) reinforced wooden foundation
24) medium-length reinforced wooden bridge
25) reinforced wooden frame
27) medium-length wooden ramp
29) wheeled reinforced wooden frame
30) stone foundation
researching over level 30 is not needed because we
dont use steel frames and wheeled steel frames.

32) steel frame
35) wheeled steel frame

Demonic Artillery- Lvl 40
4) wooden ballista bolt
6) pile of fist sized rocks
7) simple windlass
8) simple launching mechanism
10) light catapult
12) light ballista
13) simple pulley
14) steel tipped ballista bolt
15) small boulder
16) complex windlass
17) complex launching mechanism
20) medium ballista
21) medium catapult
24) heavy steel ballista bolt
26) several large boulders
32) glob of burning oil
34) barbed ballista bolt
35) vial of Arnak's wrath
38) glob of Hellfire
40) bolt of Hellfire

~Important Points To Keep In Mind Before Building~

Do not type: make wall/catapult/ballista, until you are ready to place it in the exact location. The direction inserted for a wall, is the direction it blocks. If more than one wall is present in a room, you will need to exit the room to fix it. REMEMBER to check your encumberance often when carrying materials. If you exceed or are at your max., and someone hands you something, your materials WILL POOF!


2 iron ore= 1 set of bracings
3 iron ore= 1 chunk of steel
2 chunks for steel= 1 steel rod

*To make anything with steel, you must be in the demon Warehouse in Grasslands enter Grasslands all east one south one east one south trace seal

Wooden, Reinforced Wooden, and Stone Walls

~Foundations take 15 boards and 5 nails.~
What you need:
25 wooden boards
9 large nails
10 iron ore

What you type:
make set 5x
make wooden foundation
make wooden wall to -direction-

Reinforced Wooden:
~Foundations take 20 boards and 5 large nails~
What you need:
35 wooden boards
10 large nails
34 iron ore

What you type:
make set 5x
make chunk 8x
make steel rod 4x
make reinforced wooden foundation
make reinforced wooden wall to -direction-


*You will need a sledgehammer and chisel!

~Foundations take 10 blocks of stone and 2 steel rods~
What you need:
20 blocks of stone
48 iron ore
4 lumps of alloy

What you type:
make chunk 16x
make reinforced steel rod 4x
make steel rod 2x
make stone foundation
make stone wall to -direction-