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1. This is not an RPG, but rather a full post PBEM, requiring full story posts, rather than the round robin format so popular in other clubs.

Writers are expected to form plots for their characters--you will not have a 'GM' to control your stories; that's entirely up to you!

2. How do folks interact if not allowed to 'round robin'? Simple. You contact your fellow writer(s) and do your post offlist, edit it together and then assign one of you to send it. It results in a much more well rounded post. I don't want to sit through a month of round robin conversation when it could have simply been completed offlist and sent in less than a week. Spare our mailboxes the 'spam', please.

3. There is *no* tagging. If you want someone to reply to you, or to post with you, contact them directly. In many cases, your fellow writers have already plotted/planned at least a loose idea of what they want their character's to do. Tagging is not a recommended method of getting anyone's attention.

4. No lurkers are allowed. We're trying to generate a dedicated group of writers; as such, to be part of this club, one needs to *write*.

5. We operate on what is called 'fuzzy time'. There will be no set number of days in which you *have* to post(ie: two weeks=1 game day). Rather, for example, in the month of June, it will be have that whole time period in which to post, as many times as your storyline and time permits. We do ask, to maintain your active status, that you post *at least* once per month. Otherwise, your character will be placed on inactive status, then removed.

6. Post headers should be as follows:

Date: (while time is fuzzy, we still want a frame of reference)
Writer(s): Include any coposters
Notes: (include any content warnings or notes that are relevent to the post)

7. Writing should be in third person, past tense. The only exception are thoughts, which are often present tense. There is an allowance for dream posts which can be done in first person or present tense. Otherwise, please adhere to third person, past tense.

8. *Edit*: This includes spellchecking--most email programs have a spellchecker. Use it. Contractions should look like contractions, sentences begin with a capital letter. Periods end get the drift.

9. Symbols used to denote speech, thought, etc.

Speech Example: "We need to leave now."
Thought Example: ~Why is he rushing me?~
Telepathic Thought Example: ::Just leave as he asks::

10. There is to be no spam sent to the list. You want to advertise, do it somewhere else. This is grounds for immediate execution...okay...that's drastic. How about removal from the list? Just don't do it, all right?

11. Be polite to your fellow writers. We're doing this for fun, to explore different ideas and to learn from each other. Rudeness to others will not be tolerated. This includes flame wars.

12. Please do not use <> as many folks have AOL and other HTML email programs that tend to think this is an html mark and 'lose' it.

13. When in doubt, never assume. Ask, ask, ask...