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Joining Smoke and Mirrors:

Thank you for your interest in joining "Smoke and Mirrors."

Please note that we are not allowing lurkers at this time.

First, we'll need your character bio. We ask that you complete it with the information requested, with as much detail as possible, as we screen all characters. This is due to the diversity and creativity we hope each character brings into the game with them.

-Screening members allows us to ensure quality writing, rather than second hand casual profanities and AD&D style gaming.

-WORK with us. We're here to help you create a well rounded character. Don't try to get around following the character rules as we've presented them. Quite frankly, we've spent a lot of time on them and we'll know if you've not read them. If you can't be bothered to read those, then it leaves little hope that you'll be cooperative in any other avenue once you've joined.

- If we have questions regarding your bio, please respond and be willing to edit/answer questions. If you can't do that much, then don't waste our time filling out a biography form. This is not a casual venture by any means; if you're not serious about writing, interacting and improving your skills, along with others, then please save yourself and us the time.

-Smoke and Mirrors has mature themes! We recommend that you be at least 18 years old to join.

After you have completed the bio, submit it to The Powers that Be. Please be patient - due to the amount of information we have to sift through, it may take us a couple of days to get back to you. Thanks for your interest!

It is highly recommended (pretty much required)that you visit the: Rules and Character Rules section, where you will find information on specific character types allowed, Joint Posts, and the like. We'll be able to tell if you haven't because it will be reflected in the bio, trust me!

Still think you're ready? Then go to the Character submission form--->


Nici, Club Owner

Barbara, Club Owner's right hand aka Assistant Moderator.