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An unknown
land and a new adventure with the Slayers cast, with the sorcerery genius Lina Inverse and her friends and an adventure that you can control on your own. A land never before travelled, new and uncharted. New friends, new and old foes, and more Mazoku! Welcome to...

Slayers Marvelous!!

Lina: Konnichi wa! This is Lina here, the main character of this little baby. ^_^ So, welcome to my role-play.

Xelloss: *pops in beside Lina, looking at her with a partcially puzzled expression on his face.* Your role play?

Lina: Um, konnchi wa Xelloss, hehe....did I say that?

Xelloss: Hai, you did, and I don't think Della's pleased...

Ominious, but hyper, voice in the distance: You bet I'm not pleased! I put the two of you there to get you out of my hair and to welcome the guest, not take over my RP, Lina!

Lina: Erm, okay okay, gomen...welcome to Della's, or Derura-chan's(if you know her by that) RP. I'm your host, Lina! *mumble* and the favorite character...

Xelloss: And I'm Xelloss, if you can't tell. I will be the co-host of the main page along with Lina-chan, and all the other pages-

Lina: What-?!?!?!

Della: Okay, enough of that. Until I get Lina back until control I will host this page myself, Xelloss.

*Xelloss pouts and teleports out with the struggling-to-fireball Lina.*

Della: That's better. Anyhow, I am the creator and webmistress of this site (thank you thank you, no applause please.) It is my honor and privilage to invite you, yes, you, each and everyone one of your to participate in my online Slayers role-play. It shall be in the In Character(IC) message board in the links below. NOTE: You cannot post in the IC board unless you have joined and have been given a screen name and password by me personally. I hope that people will come to enjoy my role-play, and I hope that people will enjoy to RP here. Thank you and please go on to one of the following links:

Message Board(IC)
Message Board(OOC)