Descriptions: Lord or Lady (L) - The Lord and Lady take charge when the King and or Queen are gone. You must treat them as you would treat the King and Queen. Chancellor (CH) - The Chancellor is somewhat like an advisor, and helps the King make important decisions concerning the clan. She also helps with the records and scrolls, and is a valuable part of the family. Elders (E) - The Elders of sC have been around the longest. They are wise and share knowledge to others. They are the wisest around, so you must respect them. Head Royal Advisor (HRA) - The Head Royal Advisor gives advice to all, including other Advisors. They know what to do when nobody else does. The whole clan turns to them in need of knowledge and guidence. They also are in charge of the other Royal Advisors. Royal Advisors (RA) - The Royal Advisors are the council of the royals. Led by the Head Royal Advisor, they assist the royals in the decision making concerning the clan. As a group, they are a wise force for the clan. King and Queen's Advisors (KA, QA) - The King and Queen's advisor assist the King and Queen when there is a decision to be made that they are unsure of. They have some of the best judgement to offer. They are the personal advisors of the King and Queen. Clan Advisors (CA) - The Clan Advisors assist everyone in the clan. They are more likely to give advice to a clansmen, rather than royalty, even though they can give advice to them as well. The clansmen go to them before going to the Head Royal Advisor. High Priest or Priestess (HP) - The High Priest or Priestess perform all sacred ceremonies in Castle_SmD. They perform marriages, blessings, rituals, etc... but to Royalty more than likely. Priests or Priestesses (P) - The Priests and Priestesses perform common folk marriages, blessings, rituals, etc... Head Sorcerer or Sorceress (HS) - The Head Sorcerer or Sorceress perform great magical acts, either to help people or ammuse. They have great powers of magic and never abuse them. Sorcerers or Sorceresses (S) - The Sorcerer or Sorceress perform magic to help or ammuse as well. They do not have magic skills like that of the Head Sorcerer or Sorceress, but they are capable of great magic themselves. King's and Queen's Personal Guards (KPG, QPG) - The King's and Queen's Personal Guards are pretty self-explanitory...they protect the King and Queen. They are high-ranking knights, with the same number of HP as a Master Knight or Head Knight. Master Knight (MK) - The Master Knight is the leader of all the knights. He trains the Head Knights, so the Head Knights may teach the knights and squires. If you are a Knight or Squire, and learn from the Master Knight, it is usually considered an honor, because of his knowledge and skill in his field. Head Knights (HK) - They are just below the Master Knight. They have great skill in combat, very close to the skill of the Master Knight. They spend most of their time training the Knights and Squires. They, themselves, are still learning from the Master Knight, and all the knowledge the receive, they teach to the Knights and Squires. Knights (K) - They are just above Squires. They know how to fight and use their weapon, which is usually a sword. They are still training themselves and learning from the Head Knight. They do not teach the Squires, but usually learn by their side. Squires (Sq) - The Squires are the very beginners in the honorable profession of knighthood. They know the simple basics of fighting, but have much to learn. With training and practice, they are able to move their way up to the knight ranks. Archers (A) - The Archers are greatly skilled with the bow and arrow. They are a valuable part of any army because of their ability to do harm from a great distance. They are led by the Master Archer. Bounty Hunters (BH) - The Bounty Hunters are a special guild in the clan that hunt down law breakers and bring them before authority. They are very much a part of the family, but can also be hired by others not of the family. Head Healer (HH) - The Head Healer can deliver a baby without flaw, heal almost all wounds, save people from the grasp of death, use magic to heal small wounds, and bring people back to life at times. They teach the Healers and make sure they know what they need to learn. Healers (H) - The Healer can heal wounds, use magic to heal small wounds, can save a life, but cannot bring someone back from the dead. They learn from the Head Healer and get all knowledge from them or from personal studies. Head Mage (HM) - The Head Mage is the most skilled of all who use magick in the family. Her list and usage of spells are beyond that of anyone else, and her skills rival that of anyone in the land. Mages (M) - The Mages are also skilled in the arts of magick, but not as skilled as the Head Mage. They have a wide variety of spells, but still are learning the arts from the Head Mage. Paladins (PA) - The Paladins are the holy warriors and knights, charged with protecting the holy members of the family, such as the Priests and Priestesses. They are very skilled in the arts of white magick, and hand to hand as well. Alchemists (AL) - The Alchemists are skilled in making potions and remedies for sicknesses. They make most of their business from young healers and knights. Skilled Alchemists own shops where they sell their products to the public. Wizards (W) - A Wizard is skilled in many arts. He has the abilities of an Advisor, a Mage, an Alchemist, a Sorceror, and a Medium. It takes many years and much practice to earn the status of Wizard. Mediums (MD) - The Medium is a person with deep spiritual contacts. She is able to communicate with people in the afterlife, and send messages to the world of the living. Clansmen - The Clansmen hold no rank, but are very much a part of the clan. They are under the protection of the clan. They have the option to train in a certain field to acquire a rank in the furture. Pets - The Pets of SmD are well respected and just as much a part of the family as a Clansmen or rankholder. They comfort their owners and other members of the clan, and are loved throughout the clan.
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