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Name: Shade Omega
Age : 37
Sex : Male
Height : 7'0"
Weight : 450lbs
Hair Color : Metallic Black
Eyes : Blood Red
Race: Unknown
Job: Blacksmith
Ethics: Revenge
Fighting Style: Lua
Quote: "If fate imprisons you with torture and sorrow, the pain you fell may be your best friend."
Fates Imprisonment(armour)
Silent but Vengeful this fatalist is fast on his feet for someone his size. He is a master blacksmith, being able make armour and weapons with his bare hands. Not knowing what he truly looks like; other people seem weary of the man. But knowing this does not harm him, he spent most of his life alone, and he will always be alone until the bourdon he owns gets relaced from his body, will he truly be free. Armour Magic: Shades armour reads his mind, picking out the best spell for the right time. Often using magic for a fast fight; never underestimate him when it comes to hand to hand combat.
Armour Techniques: Fates Onslaught


Being the son of a King, Shade was brought into this world for one reason; power. Shades mother (the Queen) owned one half of the kingdom, because of the fact her father was the King before. Shades father new that if he had a child that child would have which ever half of the kingdom; depending on who died first. Being yong Shade could not rule any side of the kingdom, so shades father had a plain. While Shades mother was sleeping, a assassin crept into the main bed room and killed Shades mother. The assassin was the Kings; shades father. The new King now had all of the kingdom, and faked his sadness.

Stile very yong Shade was taken to distend temple. The new King had heard of great power that was inside of the temple. All they needed was a sacrifice; a child of very yong age. Still being a infant, Shade was put on the sacrificial table. But the unthinkable happened, the temple started to claps; and not thinking about Shade, the king left with out Shade. Seeing this the King made up a story of that a best took the infant and killed it during the night. Now still with out the power he thought he would have got, he still had a kingdom in his grasp.

Many years have past since then, the kingdom was made into a even bigger kingdom with many people and the strongest army around. But when someone that no one ever set eye’s on before; walks into the kingdom, all that changes. This person was wearing a hug cloak over his body, and he seemed to be hunched over. He walked past all the people not talking or stopping at the local pub or the inn. He walked to the castle at the very middle of the kingdom.

Meeting up with the solders at the castle gates; he was going to walk right past them until one of the solders grabbed his arm. With no second thought the cloaked man slashed at the solder with a claw like hand, severing his head from his body. The other solder took his sword and hit the man, cutting of his cloak, revelling the massive suet of armour underneath. The solder tried to run but it was no use, he was killed in a instant, the same as the other solder.

At the mean time the king herd of this thing (as he would put it). The king got all his best solders to the thrown room, to protect him. Hearing his solders being killed one by one outside his thrown room almost drove the king insane. Then he came to the thrown room. The king watching his solders being slaughtered in front of him. He ran at the thing trying to kill it, but it grabbed him by the throat and looked at the king with it’s red eye’s. “Remember me father.” The king was speechless now know it was Shade the child that he left behind so long ago. With now time to get acquainted Shade made the King plea for his life, but killed him after by crushing his skull.

Shade then went to the grave yard. Finding his mothers grave, he dug up the casket and toke the tombstone putting both under each arm. He then flew up into the air looking back at the kingdom. Then opening the two massive solder pads on his shoulder he unleash his strongest attack he knows of “Fates Onslaught” blasting rapid energy beams at the kingdom, destroying the kingdom. Killing all who lived in it. He then went to a near buy mountain; digging up a new grave site for his mother. He then put her back were no harm can come to her. With a little prayer, and a little spell to protected the grave he left.

Shade still wonders the earth, trying to live a normal life, by going to place to place being a blacksmith. Known for his armor and weapons by very few, he is most respective blacksmith in the area he lives in. Know one from were he lives knows what he looks like out of his armor. People say that the armor is alive and will not let the man out, others say he is to ashamed to show his face. Shade lives life alone, killing people out of pure revenge is something else he is know for. The armor is a sacred item used by a ancient race many melaena ago. But they all died off, know one new what happened to them. Maybe it all lies in the armor itself.