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Islamic Rap

by:Tasniem Azraq , Mai Habib, and Leila Almethen


Waailakum Asalam

This is the cool way of Islam

Allah is the God

Muhammad is the messenger

Quran is the book

And that is what I took

5 pillars is what the book is based on

Bad examples of Muslims are Bi Laden and Saddam

They don't know how to love , they just know how to bomb


5 pillars

By: Leila Almethen

5 times a day is when i pray

"That's a lot" is probably what you'd say

Believe me, it's nothin compared to what Allah Will give ya

A palace? In Heaven? Ya I'll take that

I ain't  a prat

I ain't gonna miss my chance

when you go to hajj you'll be in a trance

There it's only you and your lord

Your mind will be filled

you'll never be bored

A lot of things you learn when you fast

To go and stay on the right path

It ain't just 'bout not eatin' or drinkin'

It's 'bout understandin' and learnin' to love

And knowin' what them poor people be thinkin'

Charity has to be wit you for a year

To give to poor children in bad situations which you cannot not bare

Your heart has to be pure though

You can't be thinkin 'bout that promised dough

Faith is the most important one of all

Without it Atheists would be havin a ball

So Muslims be strong

Allah will help you move on

Just believe in him and do what he wants us too

Then to Islam you are true