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It is an Island.

It is located in The Caribbean Sea.   

It is a great Vacation place.

It has BEAUTIFUL weather.

Reggae was born there.                                                   Palm Tree


It is A Eurasian Country.

It is a Muslim country.

A while ago you women weren't allowed to go to school or work the a hijab (scarf worn on head) but now things have changed.

It is a very nice country.

It has a lot of GORGEOUS Mosques.


A lot of Canadians are very patriotic.

It has a very cold climate (though there are evergreens).

It has multiculturalism (which also means they have a Wonderful festival once a year with all the different cultures demonstrating there uniqueness).

It is located at the U.S.A's Northern Border.

Puerto Rico

It is an Island Located in The Caribbean Sea.

The Official Language is Spanish.

Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are not as similar as they seem.

It has a lot of mountains.

United KingdomUnited Kingdom

United Kingdom is actually made up of Three countries (England, Ireland, Scotland).

Golf was invented in Scotland.

Potatoes are Ireland's biggest crop.

England had the biggest Empire once and had the most colonies than any other country in the world.


It has the most population in the world.

The great wall of China can be seen from outer space.

They have great food loved worldwide.

It is hard to learn Chinese since there are over 100 symbols.


Capital is Copenhagen (which is  a multicultural area).

It is a modernized country.

Danish is the official language.


It is a Spanish speaking country.

It is located in Central America.


Morocco has 4 official languages( Arabic, Spanish, French and English).

A lot of Moroccan boys migrate to Europe to get a job to give money to their families in Morocco.


It is a Muslim country.

Their official language is Urdu.

it is located on the northwest of India.

used to be a part of India until it had a revolution.

used to be west Pakistan while Bangladesh was east Pakistan.



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