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              My Friends from Everywhere!




  Mai Habib is one of my friends. She is a really nice sweet girl. If I ever need someone to talk to or if I am feeling down she is there. She loves tigers and CANADA!!

US Flag sudan_fl_md_clr.gif Tasniem Azrag is another one of my friends. She is  always really funny, even in class. She loves basketball, soccer and COLORADO!!

 Cemile (pronounced jameela) Benter is another good friend of mine. She is really smart and kind. She always tries to make people happy and she knows the right way to act and when to act it. She Loves the Ottoman Empire and TURKEY!!

 US Flag Faatin Bryant is a good friend of mine. We have been friends for 7 years! She loves R&B and Rap. She is very kind and thoughtful. She likes making friends and she always tries to do the right thing.

  US FlagMexico FlagFutha Al-Abdulrazzaq is a  friend of mine that I have known for 3 years. She was always nice and helpful. She is always very hyper and happy and smiling.

  US FlagNawal Aladasani is a  friend of mine. We have been friends for about 2 years. She loves Rock and Roll. She loves going to Rome and acting on stage!

Ghanima Alhayder is a great friend of mine. We have been friends for 9 years. She loves soft music and Dancehall! She loves traveling, especially European countries.

   US Flag  Soraya Edmonds has been my friend ever since we were kids. We lived right across from each other in the same apartment for 5 years. She is the most hyper girl I know, but very sensitive and kind to others. We are really good friends and I hope we will be friends forever.

  pakistan_fl_md_clr.gif Sadaf Niaz and I met from our mothers(who worked at the same school). We didn't spend a lot of time together but when we hung out we always had a blast. She is a very sweet girl and I hope she never has too many hardships in life.

    syria_fl_md_clr.gif   Marwa Khatib is another good friend of mine. I met her 3 years ago but haven't seen her for 2. yet we still are good friends. She loves writing and the simple life.

    US Flag   Aisha Aldarweesh has been my friend for about 3 years now. I met her at school in Kuwait. She likes Rock & Roll, ice skating and reading scary stories. she is really nice and but she can be moody sometimes :P

US Flag cape_verde_fl_md_clr.gifNajah Gonsalves were really close friends, but ever since I moved we haven't talked much. Last time I talked to her she was a big fan of eminiem, very sweet girl, always full of jokes, and always tried to be there if you needed her.