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Castle Sinclair

Permit me to introduce myself, I am Lord Corwin Sinclair, Duke of Shyre and Master of Sinclair Castle. Welcome to Castle Sinclair! Me friends Come and sit and rest yeselves and partake of our bounty. So it is Castle Sinclair that interests you and her rich history

Lord Corwin Sinclair
Duke of Shyre

She was built the second Castle in the link of the chain of defense of Scotland to protect her northern borders from the English and the Vikings that endlessly invaded her shores to rape and pillage and kill the fine Lads and Lasses that call it home. She was built in the year 1318 and took only 18 months to complete with the help of the Northern Clans and the help of the town and near by Village people when they found out that the Garrison would be guardians and protectors of the near by villages and towns.

She stands as a proud sentinal on the far northern coast, Protecting the shipping town of Shyre The castle itself is famous for its mighty force of Lippizan Mounted warriors. It is manned by approximatly 300 troops, archers, and knights. Castle Sinclair is the controlling castle of the Northern provinces and farthest Northern castle in the chain of defense, it also serves as a haven for the unfortunate and homeless of the area and is in constant contact with Edinburgh and King Robert the Bruce and Duke Malcolm Mckenzie of Mckenzie Castle

That is her story and thank you for you interest. Now if you would like to join in the fun. Come to WBS chat room. You can find the link on the front page of Scotland Forever Homepage and look us up at Scotland Forever and I promise, ye will not be sorry ye did. May the roads rise up to greet your feet and the winds always be to yer back. Fair thee well my friends and God speed.