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Castle Mackenzie

Welcome to Castle Mackenzie. Please come in and warm yourself by the fire. We have some fine French wine for you, or if you prefer, the new Scotch Uisge. If food is your pleasure, we have a table laden with fine things to eat.

Lord Malcolm McKenzie
Duke of Selkirk

Permit me to introduce myself, I am Lord Malcolm McKenzie, Duke of Selkirk and Master of Mckenzie Castle. Now whilest you rest, I shall tell you of the birth of Freedom and Ten Brave Lads and Lassies that gave their all for that precious word FREEDOM!

During or right ater the battle of Bannockbun King Robert Bruce decided that the Highland realms had to be protected from invasion. After long though he hid upon a plan of having a chain of castles built about 30 miles apart.

First he had to get the land so he negotiated with the various clan chiefs and told them if he could put a castle up it would protect them and the ports and cities from Vikings and English, and anyone else who dared invade Scotland.

Having procured the land he designed the co ordination and fuction of each castle. If one were attacked they would send help to the area. Now Castle McKenzie was the first to be built in the year 1317. It took two years, closer to three to complete. Castle Mckenzie stands hear the town of Oban but it protects the shipping town of Selkirk and other cities aound it.

It is manned by approximately 200 troops ,archers and knights. Castle McKenzie is the controlling castle of the defense chain, it also serves as a haven for the unfortunate and the maincontact with Ediburgh and King Robert the Bruce.

The castle itself is amazing it has the table of feasts whch always has out food and drink. It has fine rooms at no chrage, a fabulous garden and hot baths. A guest at the castle is always treated in a fine manor there are many features to the castle too numerous to list but what you have read here is a basic description of Castle McKenzie please come and visit us you might just want to stay on,
If you would like to join in the fun. Come to WBS chat room. You can find the link on the front page of Scotland Forever Homepage and Look us up at Scotland Forever and I promice ye, ye will not be sorry ye did. May the roads rise up to greet ye feet and the winds always be to ye back. Fair thee well my friends