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Castle Maxwell

Well met my friends welcome to Castle Maxwell the oldest castle of the defense chain. I am ----------------- (This Castle is not owned at this time. If you are interested E-mail Doug at and keeper of this place here have some wine or flavored water and rest whilst I tell you about the Castle.

Lord -----
(This Castle is not owned at this time.
It you are interested E-mail
Doug at

It was built in 1292 while John Balliol was King. The King was betrayed and killed in the first English insurrection. The castle was sacked and badly damaged after the English occupied it. In 1297 William Wallace gathered his forces, united the clans and began to push the English out of Scotland, it was then that Castle Maxwell was restored. We were part of a few major battles. So our knights were already battle hardened when King Robert asked us to become part of his defence chain.

Castle Maxwell stands guard over the inlet harbor of Duhbe and coordinates its activities with castles Dunn and McBeth to form a wall of steel across the northern Highlands. Manned by 200 men at arms it fears no invader for its battle worthiness has been proven many times. We also pride ourselves on our elegance and grace, a place for the persecuted or ones in need to be taken care of and feel worthy again.

If you ever come again (and I hope you will)you will be able to experience the breathtaking views the fine soft beaches and our great looking gardens. There is always food and drink in the great hall for all and there is no rent. Now feel free to browse about or stay if you like whatever you decide you are welcome. If you are leaving permit me to wish you Godspeed and feel free to drop in anytime. Thank you for your visit