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Castle MacCormack

Well hello, welcome to Castle McCormack. Permit me to introduce myself. I am Duke Blaine McKenna, Lord and owner of this lovely place. Now if you'll sit a while, I'll tell you about my castle, and do have some refreshments while I brag.

Lord Blaine McKenna
Duke Stanfirth

Castle MacCormack was built in the year 1316, as the southernmost castle in the defense chain. It protects the harbor of Stanfirth as well as the isle of Arran and the port of Glasgow, both strategic locations and busy shipping ports for wheat, metals, and glassware, valued in many courts highly for their workmanship. To date we have fought in several campaigns against both the English and the Vikings.

We carry a standing army of 225 men, archers and mounted knights included. Our healers are well known for their prowress. The castle its a haven for the downtrodden and oppressed. My Knights are undertaking tasks to help the people of the towns we protect. Well thats the story of Castle MacCormack.

The way to get more data is to come and stay for a while as our guest. You are welcome anytime. I would be overjoyed for you to visit our castle. Feel free to come in and join in the fun. May the gods speed you on your journey and a warm wind at your back.