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Castle Dunvegan

Merry Meet and welcome to Castle Dunvegan. I am Duke Kyle Dunvegan, Lord of this castle and your host. Come rest yourself, we have plenty to eat and drink should you desire. Permit me to tell you a little bit about this lovely place.

Duke Kyle Dunvegan,
Duke of Skye

The castle was built in the year 1316 as part of the defense chain, a plan made up by King Robert Bruce to discourage invasion of the beloved highlands. We protect the lovely Isle of Skye, home of the the finest wool and linen in the world, and the shipping town of Ullapool, where much wheat and grains are grown. The castle maintains a force of 150 to 250 men at arms, who are skilled in the use of all weapons of war, as the English have found out several times already

The Castle itself is Like the other castles in the defense chain we send half our men to whatever site is being attacked, all at the command of Lord Malcolm Mckenzie, Lord high protector of the Highland realm. This place also serves as a safe house for the persecuted or hungry. The rest youll have to find out for yourselves. I should like to thank you for stopping by and may god speed you on your journey. Feel free to visit us at any time

That is her story and thank you for you interest. Now if you would like to join in the fun. Come to WBS chat room. You can find the link on the front page of Scotland Forever Homepage and look us up at Scotland Forever and I promise ye, ye will not be sorry ye did. Fair thee well my friends