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Castle Dunn

Greetings and welcome to Castle Dunn. I am Duke--- , Lord of the castle and Duke of Skye. (This Castle is not owned at this time. It you are interested E-mail Doug at now rest a while and Ill tell you of this marvelous place. Castle Dunn was built in the year 1315 as part of the defense chain you've heard about. We are located on the port of Kyle Lochlash, a busy shipping port for wheat, grain, leather goods, and woolens. Across the firth of Dunhaven lies the isle of Skye, center of the finest woolen goods and corn in the highland provinces.

Duke of Skye(This Castle is not
owned at this time.
It you are interested
E-mail Doug at

Our duties are to protect these places and half the Southern Hebredes from incursions by the English and the Vikings. Our area of responsibilities is wide and we, at the castle, host a standing military force of 150 men, plus two 50 man garrisons on the islands. Now, as far as our leisure, we have some great minstrals and bards form Ireland as well as our own Scotch songsters and poets, there is great shopping in the town, we hold tournaments monthly with knights from as far as Gaul, and there is always a trade fair with the Irish who produce the finest gold and silver work in the world.

The castle itself holds feasts and there is always food and drink available to residents and visitors. Now I must leave, for I have duties to attend to. You may stay as long as you like and browse around, I have enjoyed your company. If you are leaving take a stirrup cup of wine to make your journey smooth, and remember you are always welcome to return.