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Castle Dodd

Permit me to introduce myself, I am Duke Anthony Dodd, owner of this fine place. Do come in and rest you may browse around if you like, have some fine wine or perhaps some food, whatever you like. Welcome to Castle Dodd! My friends come and sit and rest yourselves and partake of our bounty. So it is Castle Dodd that interests you and her rich history

Duke Anthony Dodd
Duke of Thurso

Castle Dodd was built in the year 1315 along with our sister castle, Castle Sinclair, which is to our West. Being part of the Highland defense chain it is our duty to protect the coastal area as well as the cities of Thurso and Wick. For this task we carry as standing army of 200 to 300 Knights, men at arms and necessary aid people such as blacksmiths forgers and so on.

We served as support during the last two English incusions of Castle McKenzies territory, as well as burning two English troop carrying ships in our harbor before they could land their forces. Aside from these things we serve as a haven for the homeless and those fleeing the the English tyranny.

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