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Welcome to my page!!

"Information about me!"

I am a 22 year old male, Black hair and brown eyes, 5`11 tall and very cute, Sweet, Have a lot of sense of humor. Part PR and Jamaica, lived in Da B-Town in NYC (Warning:Dangerous area!) I love to hang out, go to the movie and mall and play with my girlfriend. But when I do nothing at all I stay home and rest the whole day

"Words and Images"
Me and My girlfriend made a promise

My girlfriend called me Sweetheart, because I am sweet and cute.

When u loves someone
When You loves someone
You`ll do anything
You`ll do all the crazy things that u cant explain.
You`ll shot the moon-put out the sun.
When u loves someone
You`ll deny the truth-believe alike.
There`ll be times that you`ll believe that u can really fly,
but your lonely nights...have just begun
When u love someone
you`ll feel it deep inside and nothin else can ever change ur mind.
When u love someone is when u need someone,
That is when u love it.

This is my 2nd mother Lucy. She is very nice and a beautiful mother as my girlfriend is. She enjoy her day the most. Visit her homepage!!!!