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This page contains all of the rules of Saiyanet RPG. You MUST read this page before you join. Once you have learned the ways of the adventure you are about to experience, you will be all set. Make sure you remember all of the rules. If you are unsure of a rule, please contact a staff member and we will help you out immediatly.

General Rules

Swearing is allowed. We know that sometimes it is needed. But if it is not needed, try to not use it. You never know how old the people coming to Saiyanet may be.

The currency of money in this RPG is zeni

Some RPG's don't allow other people to advertise RPG's/sites on their boards. At Saiyanet, feel free to advertise it, but keep all advertisements on the Advertising Board. If it is put on any other board, it will be deleted.

There are some people who put up roleplays as their character, and make their character seem invincible. Let me clear this up right now: Nobody in this RPG is or ever will be invincible. When you write attacks, you should get hit at some point, as should your opponent.

We know that many people have their own opinions. Here at Saiyanet, your opinions are only limited by your imagination! But please, keep all opinions on the Suggestions Board.

If you join Saiyanet RPG, you should stay active. If you are inactive for a long time without consulting with any of the staff, you may be deleted for inactiveness.


Every week you are given an oppertunity to train your character. This does not involve roleplaying. You simply go to the Training Board and put up how many stats you want to give to each category. You only get 13 stats to distribute a week, unless you have an item that will somehow affect your training. If you do, then you must specify it. We have a formula that will determine how your stats will affect your KI. Your Ki is your overall power. Generally, people with higher KI are more succesful. However, Spirit, Intellegence, and Luck do not affect your KI. Even though this may be, they can determnine the outcome of a battle. Here are the Nine Categorys for your KI:

Strength- Your strength determines how much power your character has. The higher your strength, the more damage you will deal to your opponent in battle.

Deffense- Your deffense determines how many hits you can take in battle. The higher your deffense, the longer you will last in battle.

Speed- Your speed determines how fast you are in battle. If you are faster than your opponent, you will be able to evade their attacks, and hit them before they can hit you. But remember, nobody is invincible.

Accuracy- Your accuracy determines how many of your hits actually land on your opponent. With a high accuracy, you can hit your opponent more often.

Recovery- Your recovery determines how fast you can act after you have been hit.

Stamina- Your stamina determines how long you can stay in battle. With a low stamina, your character will go out of breath easily.

Intellegence- Your intellegence determines how smart you are. You can outsmart your opponents in battle, or find intellegent ways to win if you can't overpower them.

Spirit- Your spirit determines how determined your character is. If they have a high spirit, they will fight longer even when their body can't handle it.

Luck- Your luck determines how lucky your character can get in battle. With a high luck, your character can shoot a beam blinded and have a chance of hitting the opponent

Fights And Spars

Spars are basically training fights. People choose to spar to raise their stats. In a spar, you have no intention to hurt your opponent. You start a spar by putting up a challenge on the Spar/Fight Board. If somebody accepts your challenge, one of you can put up part of the spar on the Roleplay Board. The other person puts up more of the spar. This will continue until the spar is finished. Spars/Fights may last as long as a week, or a short as one day. They can be one post, or a lot more posts. No matter who wins, both people get +3 stat points and +1,000 zeni. When the spar is done, a staff member will go around and say what you got for the fight. You only get three spars a week.

Fights are done the same way as spars, yet they are usually done to settle something. In fights, you have two options. A regular fight, and a fight to the death. In a regular fight, it is the same as a spar. Usually in a fight you want to hurt your opponent. In a fight to the death, there will only be two posts. One person puts up part of the spar. The opponent puts up another part. Then a staff member will say who died and where they go when they die. You only get one fight a week. The winner gets +3 stat points and 500 zeni, and the loser gets death and +1 stat.

Quests, Tournaments, Sagas

Quests will be optional. They will be posted in the archive. Sometimes you might get rewards for quests.

Tournaments will be listed on the tournaments page, and will be optional. To host your own tournament, you must get permission from a staff member.

Sagas will be going on a lot in this RPG. You will learn more about them during the course of this RPG.

Board Rules

There are a few rules for the boards, but they are very simple. First off, when you want to post an OOC (out of character) comment on an IC (In Character) board, you must first type OOC: If you want to go back to In Character mode, just type IC:

Under the name of each board, there is a description of what the board is for. When you post a comment, make sure it is under the board that suits your post. If you put posts on the wrong boards, they will be disregarded

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