Running Free's Rules

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New Rules

The season will change every week. There are four seasons in a year: Spring (Foaling/Breeding), Summer (Foaling/Breeding), Autumn, and Winter.

We will also keep track of horse's ages, and at every Spring, in each terra post who is old enough to leave and what the new ages are.

NO porn, and try to keep the swearing far and few inbetween.
Keep it realistic!!!
You must post actions in every post.
You must be active.
NO power playing
NO God playing
NO Unicorns or Other Magical Horses
If you break many rules after me warning a few times, you will be banned

If you want to become an Lead and there is an unclaimed herd you post there. But, you must first ask Chelsea on the Owner Questions board

When you are joining you must post your stats at the Joining board. You must put a joining post along with your stats.
Dubbed (name):
Heritage (breed):
Winters (years):
Cursed (gender):
Persona (personality):(optional)
OOC Name: (optional)
Aim, Msn, or ICQ: (Optional)
Skill post: (must do and you must be an intermediate rp'er)

Intermediate Role Playing Before you even attempt to join, read RPG Help and be certain you understand it and follow it.

If you are a new brute and you don't want to challenge a patriach for his terra you can ask a brute to live in his terra as Beta or Gamma. |Password is cola|Or you can live in the Bachelor's Band. The Patriach of the terra can kick you out at any time.

Bachelor Bands
In the bachelor herd there will be an Domiant, Beta and so forth.
The domiant brute may kick you out or fight/kill you.
If the band of brutes wants a new domiant they may gang up on the old domiant and overpower him.

Aging System

There is a new aging system. We will go through season and in spring every horse most age one year. You must follow the aging system

Femmoras come to the Claiming Meadows when they join. They can't go to any terras til they are claimed. Also, if they turn down the first brute that trys to claim them, they must go with the next one that attempts to claim them. A brute can only claim 2 mares aday. That way, every brute has a chance of getting a mare or two.

Long and short breeding is fine. Just, don't make it TOO detailed. Femmes must be 3 to breed. Brutes must be 3 also. You breed at the Breeding Brooke and have your foal at the Foaling Fields.
Femme's may only have one foal a year!!!!!!!!!!

Brutes may force breed faes.

Brutes may powerplay fae's but may not Powerplay other brutes.
We will also have Breeding season and Foaling Season. This will be posted at the top of the scroll frame. You must follow the season system
And also, some of you are getting very gross in breeding. Breeding is a simple task, just a matter or reproduction. NOT a source of pleasureful sex.
Chelsea or Malachy will post your foals gender. You can get surprises like twins or you could lose your foal, but this is very rare. |Username is coca|You, as parents decide the name and personality.
Brutes can force breed a fae after all we're trying to play this game realistic.

Herd Ranks

The ranks of the herd are simple. Example Below

Beta Fatale:
Gamma Fatale:
Brujas for evil herds and Maidens for good herds:

If you want to be an Patriach and there are no herds open you may challenge the patriach of the terra you want, If he has not been in a fight in the last two weeks. If you challenge a brute and lose you can't challenge him again for two weeks. When you are fighting there can be NO power playing.If you power play, you will lose the fight.
You can also fight for mares here. You fight the brute at the Fighting Forest. Or try to steal her at Stealing Sands.
Gammas may fight for Beta and Betas may fight for Patriach
Femmes may also fight other Faes or challenge for a higher position if the brute of the equal position agrees.
If a terra is challenged for and the patriach does not respond within two days the herd is automatically the challengers. Unless the player is out of town or something. Remember to post on the vacation board!

If you want a femme that is in another brutes's harrem you steal her at the Stealing Sands. Sadly, there are some rules about stealing femmes. If she was stolen from your herd you have to wait 4 days before you can attempt to steal her back. You Have to post which terra she is from. You have to make a riddle about her name. If the brute from her terra guesses wrong, The femme will be automatically the stealers.If the femme has been stolen she has to go with the brute that stole her. Also, if the stallion doest reply within two days, the mare is yours.

Colts and Fillies
If you have had a foal, the maternal or the Paternal or somone in their harem MUST play it. Fillies have to leave their paternal's herd when she is 2. She then goes to the Claiming Meadows to be claimed by a different brute.
Colts leave their Sire's herd when they are 2.A foal is full grown in after 2 years (8 seasons/about two months RL time)

Frolicing Fields
Horses of all ages come here. Good and Evil are welcomed.

If you happen to have any suggestions for Running Free, please tell Chelsea on the Owner Questions board.
Any Updates? New pictures, foals, mares, or stallions? Tell us on the Update Terras board.