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Monday, 4/28/2003 - Okay it has been a while since I last updated but only because I was looking for a few HTML/Java codes. I found a particular code I'm going to use on my message board, Games Realm
So I'm going to test it here. Here it is (It will have links to EZBoards and webpages I know of):

Soon I will make a lot of changes to this page so everything won't look so jumbled up. I probably will make a separate main page and the main link to this page will just be an introductory page. That is all for now. Ciao!

Wednesday 4/2/2003 - Wow! I've updated the news 3 consecutive days! o_O Anyway! I need your help everyone! Please pass on this page's URL to your friends by using this:

get this gear!
Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Tuesday 4/1/2003 - I am starting to put people's FanFictions onto this website. Please, if you want a FanFiction written by you put onto this site, click on the link below this day's news to request one or you can read what others have requested by clicking on the link below it. Be advised that you CAN make your entry private if you want no one else to read it. That is all for now. Ciao!!

Request for a FanFiction to be put onto this site
Read others' FanFiction Requests
Monday 3/31/2003 - I have not updated this site in a while. I have removed some things from this site because I had to. I am sorry. Anyway, I am going to start putting my own FanFictions into this site. First thing is first, however - My newest Hamtaro Trilogy, "Hamtaro/Bijou Trilogy", will be put on here. That is all for now. Click on this link to go to the Hamtaro/Bijou Trilogy page: Hamtaro and Bijou Trilogy

Friday 2/21/2003 - Hey everyone! I've gotten part of a picture page up! This link I'm about to give you will not stay on this page long because I'll have another link that will link to the folder that has more of these images (Or will have them soon)
Credits for Images
Breath of Fire 2 Images
Enjoy them!! I'll have more up later Ciao! And thank you Katy-Chan for signing the guestbook! Everyone please sign the guestbook when you visit this page!

Welcome to my RPG Maker 2000 Help and Downloads Page! This homepage will also have game FAQS and info!

My nickname is Hamtaro Zero. I welcome all my friends and fellow FanFiction writers. If you want to read our fics, I'll put up a "Recognitions" page so you can see my friends fics and also mine. Here is the button to my Guestbook:

View My Guestbook
Sign My Guestbook

Also I will put up an HTML Manual site to where you all can learn HTML. This is about the only thing that will be aside from RPGMaker2000 I will put on here. Also you will have access to custom images and games to download (After I get permission from the makers)

I am very sorry. I do not have any downloads or images for RM2K at this time. I also was not able to put any Game Faqs or Cheats or anything with games on this homepage yet. I'm sorry! This page just started, you know? I promise I'll have it up and running in a couple of days. Ciao!
Here is the HTML Manual Page:

HTML Manual