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Hamtaro and Bijou Trilogy

Hello! This is my newest pack of stories thus far!

These three stories tell a tale about how Hamtaro and Bijou would come together in the most logical way possible, even if the stories make some characters go OOC (Out of Character) in a couple of ways. (click on the underlined links/titles (the ones that are just text have not been created yet) to go to the pages that talk about them.

The first story is "The Romantic Connection", where Bijou is trying her best to get Hamtaro's attention, in a lot of ways, with help from their Ham-ham friends and a few dangers along the way. Can they become together before Boss can get to Bijou?

The second story is "The H/B Rescue!" Where Boss and his friends spread lies about Hamtaro that come to Bijou and she decides to move away from him because she fears that the rumors are true. Then Boss tries to edge in and get Bijou for himself. This story is really funny at times and has a very heartwarming ending.

The third and final story is "The Conflict" Where a new Ham-ham joins the group and steals a lot of the boy hams' hearts. This story is very witty. How can Bijou get Hamtaro's heart back? Is there any way to stop this?

All three of these stories will take me a while to finish, but in time I will have a lot of stuff finished on it. In about a day or so I should have the first few episodes.