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Episode 1: Hamtaro's Confusion

Hamtaro sat down in the clubhouse. He was the first one there, and Boss was nowhere to be found. He wondered about the first day he met Bijou. Why had she blinked one of her eyes at him? Did she have an eyelash in her eye or was it because of some particular reason? Of course, he didn’t know that she was winking at him. Hamtaro was particularly confused about that day. But at least he and Bijou were very good friends.

Just then his best friend Oxnard walked in the door.

“Hey, Hamtaro! What are you doing here alone?” he asked.

“Nobody was here when I came, not even Boss,” said Hamtaro, “so I sat down and waited on someone to arrive.”

“That’s not good.”

“Yeah. I wonder why?” Question marks appeared over Hamtaro’s puzzled face.

“Well, for one thing --- It’s Field Day of course!!”

Hamtaro fell anime style. How could he forget?! The Ham-hams were having a Field Day today! And he totally forgot! He got up and raced out the clubhouse door without a word.

“Hamtaro???” Oxnard was puzzled and he ran out as well, trying to catch up to Hamtaro.

Meanwhile, at the Field...

“Where is Hamtaro?” Bijou kept asking to herself. “He is usually never late to anything, especially Field Day. Maybe he forgot by accident.” Then she giggled. “That Hamtaro... He is so silly sometimes.”

It was Field Day. The Ham-Hams were running about, playing sports and talking. Pashmina and Sandy were chatting near the Field.

“Oh, I really hope he gets here soon...” thought Bijou.

Just then, Hamtaro arrived on the scene, followed by Oxnard.

“Hamtaro! Dude where have you been?!” asked Stan.

“There you are, Hamtaro! We thought you had to stay at home today!” said Boss.

“...Hamtaro!” said Bijou as she ran up to him.

“Hi, everyone. Hi, Bijou.” Hamtaro looked around. “Wow you guys really have a lot of stuff for this Field Day.”

“Well, yeah, you can’t expect us to do too little on Field Day ya know?!” said Stan.

Bijou was looking sort of excited, as though she thought Hamtaro might understand why she was always around him. But as usual, Hamtaro was just excited to play soccer with the others. Bijou sighed. Would he ever understand the way she loved him?

Maybe in time... Bijou thought to herself. Maybe in time...

Hamtaro and the other ham boys restarted the soccer game while Bijou sat down, looking not like her normal self. Pashmina and Sandy saw this and walked over to her.

“Girl, what’s wrong with you today?” asked Pashmina.

“Yeah, you’re not, like, yourself today,” said Sandy.

Bijou thought. Should she tell them yet? ...No, it was too early for anyone to know. And besides, she wanted to try to tell Hamtaro herself. It would just have to wait.

Bijou got up. “Everything’s fine. Really. I’m just sort of bored... Let’s go and cheer the boys on their soccer game!”

“Okay!” both the other girls said.

So the boys were playing soccer, while the girls were cheering the teams on.

After the game...

“Good game!” Hamtaro said to his team. “We won!”

Boss, lightly upset about losing the game, walked up and shook Hamtaro’s paw. “Good going, Hamtaro. You and your team won. Good job!”

“Thanks, Boss,” said Hamtaro. “Your team was cool too.”

“Yay for Hamtaro’s team!!” said Bijou and Pashmina simultaneously.

Hamtaro nodded happily. He’d never had so much fun in a long time.

And now it was time for the journey back to the Ham-Ham Clubhouse.

“Hamtaro??” Oxnard kept trying to get Hamtaro’s attention.

“Yeah?” asked Hamtaro.

“Dude, have you figured out why Bijou hangs around you so much?”

“No... I just think she likes being friends with me.”

“Hmm... I guess you’re right.” Oxnard wanted to explain to Hamtaro what it was with Bijou, but he thought it was best to wait. Things might take a little time, and he might begin to understand.

Hamtaro had a strange feeling in him about Bijou, but he was never able to express it to anyone. He was too afraid to tell his friends, for he feared that this feeling could not be returned by Bijou. But in time, he thought... in time, things might work out.

End of Chapter 1

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