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                                          This is my Visual Basic Program


Introduction and Background.


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The task that has been set for my colleagues and I am to improve and replace the current enrolment databank systems that are in use throughout the many Universities in the UK. The rapidly expanding sector of IT has resulted in increased speed, more flexibility, more control, better security, and overall has led to the increased performance capable by the new-technology.

In this project however we are not focusing on the system as a whole but on a sub-system. The sub-system is programming, this will have to interact with the rest of the system to insure a effective and fully functioning product. The speed of which the IT industry has developed has had a major impact on the software sector resulting in increasingly better programs. Thus leaving the not so old old-technology behind and seemingly worse, the result of this is the users/clients upgrades so as to take advantage of the new improved systems, this also prevents them from falling behind.

This system will have to meat a variety of client requirements therefore having a wide variety of functions the main ones are outlined below:

        It should be able to input and store specific enrolment information on students which are common all throughout the country, such things as student id numbers (created automatically), Address, D.O.B etc.

        The system should also have a student progress databank incorporated in to it, which would display the achievement and general progress of the student containing examination results, and work grades.

        The other requirement was for there to be a Student ID created by extracting the relevant data from the enrolment process and putting it into a ID format that can printed.

        The system must be user-friendly, this will evolve the client as they are the end-user.

The team consists of four members, all of whom have a wide knowledge and understanding of IS, however each member also has specialist knowledge in specific areas of IS. The result being that with the combination of skills the highest possible level can be obtained by the team. The members and roles are as follows  

1.               Sharon, she is the project manager, this will involve her being in control of the growth and progress of the project as a whole, it will involve careful management and delegation in order to succeed. She will play a vital part in the project.

2.               Grace, she will be part of our programming team as well providing the systems analysis for the project. This will evolve such tasks as determining the best system for the clients/users. She will also have deal with the clients to ensure the requirements of the project donít change.

3.               Rizwan, he is the head programmer and as well as being involved in the research. This will leave him in charge of insuring that the program is compliant with the clientís requirements.                                         

4.               James, he will also be a part in the programming, as well as providing research and screen design. This will involve tasks such as insuring that the program is well set out and is user friendly.