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Gaming Sheets

Hi, all! Below is a collection of character sheets for some popular games that I remade because the originals were confusing, crowded, none-to-useful or expensive to photo-copy. Most of them (in fact, I think all of them) are in Office 97 format. Please feel free to contact me if you need a different format and I'll see what I can do. (No guarentees -- I don't have many variations of Word Processors, and I only have the one Spreadsheet program, but I might be able to use Word or Excel to "save as" whatever type it is you need) Enjoy! Send me requests if there's a game you'd like a sheet for!

Trust me, these sheet will cut character creation time in half!
Front of first page - this is the basic character info and stats, meant to be the front of the final sheet
Back of first page and whole second page -- This has the back side of the front page (ShtRiftsPowers) which is the powers list for psychic characters, and the second sheet (front and back, ShtRiftsSkills) which is a list of all the skills.
Both files in .ZIP format

Legend of the Five Rings
I can't claim the glory for having made this one -- I found it on the net, but it was much better than any of my own attempts at making a sheet. The character sheet has a crab mon on it (cuz that's what I always play), but you can import a picture file of any mon for your own uses.
Character sheet - this is the basic character info and stats
Spells -- This is a sheet for shugenja to keep track of the elements and their spells.
Both files in .ZIP format

Marvel Super Heroes
Character Sheet - this is the basic character info and stats, pretty straight forward.

Star Wars
Character Sheet - thanks to BRENT for this one! :) Just your simple, straight-forward Star Wars character sheet.

Dungeons and Dragons (2nd edition)
I must admit, I've only really played old-style D&D twice, so I'm no expert at what is needed on a D&D character sheet. One of these is a simple page from the web, and the other is one I made based on my (limited) experience and a friend's advice.
An "okay" D&D sheet - A one-pager with the basics.
A better D&D sheet -- Two pages, but a lot more space and information. (Yes, this is the one I made myself.)

Dungeons and Dragons (3rd edition)
D&D 3rd Edition Sheet - My preference in D&D sheets.

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