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Red Lantern Inn

The Red Lantern Inn sits back from the inn surrounded on three sides by dense woods. The building is low roofed and two stories tall made of wooden supports and beams, and white plaster, the sloping roof covered in clay tiles baked a rich brown by the sun. A neatly swept path leads to the covered porch lit by a single red lantern hung beside the door. Another path curves around the side of the building leading to the stables in the rear and the bathhouse set up over a bubbling hot spring. Several small sakura trees dot the lawn and surrounding clearing littering the green grass with their soft pink petals, faintly perfuming the air.

Inside the main room is large and spacious, lit by paper lamps that stand in each corner and hang along the walls. There are several tables and chairs on either side of the room, lining an aisle that leads from the doorway to the bar in the rear of the building. Behind the bar shelves and cabinents house the inn's liquor as well as foodstuffs and dishware. A curtain blocks a view of the kitchen behind the bar and a staircase climbs the wall to the left of the bar disappearing to the second floor.

Near the bar on the right hand a small raised dais faces the room, a painting of an ocean scene serving as a backdrop. A cushion is placed at the front of the dais and a samisen sits with its placturn beside the cushion.