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Reality Unwoven

Ahoy there! You’ve stumbled across this oh-so-humble disclaimer page either from the Reality Unwoven info page or from a character's journal.

These journals you're viewing are in no way meant to be taken seriously, they are fake. This is all fiction. We cannot stress that enough. It is part of an online roleplaying game, or RPG. This is for entertainment purposes only. None of the participants mean any harm or copyright infringement toward the celebrities or any persons involved. In short -- don't sue us, we're not trying to misinform anyone, just trying to have fun. Nobody involved in the community has any contact or relationship with any of the actual celebrities in any way, shape, or form. Please do not try to contact us thinking that we are the actual celebrities -- you'll be more than disappointed. You give us all right to make fun of you if you really do believe we're a celeb. Actually..don’t try to contact us at all. Unless you genuinely want to be in the community, or are already in it. ::smile::

Moderators of Reality Unwoven take absolutely no responsibility for the content of the journals. There could be/is adult language and/or content in these journals and they are to be handled by a mature audience.


1. You have to have your journal created, your disclaimer up, and preferably an introductory entry written before you can be admitted into the community.

2. If you post OOC in your journal, please use cut text.

3. If you're going to say things OOC, please use square brackets.

4. You have to have an AIM screenname pertaining to your character, preferably one that's easily recognizable. ex: x mean brit jean is Britney Spears. It contains her name, which is considered "recognizable".

5. Please stay active and update. IM each other, comment in each other's journals, have fun. If you go too long without updating (a month), you'll be considered inactive and possibly deleted from the community unless otherwise notified.

6. Please make sure you have everyone in the community on your friends list. That’s very important, for this reason: There are anti-rpg communities out there, and to keep them from spoiling our fun, we go to “Modify Options” and set our journals to “Friends Only” and our comments to “Friends Only”. Also make sure your AIM Buddy Lists are on “Allow only users on my buddy list”, which would entail that you have all the characters screennames on your buddy list as well.

7. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the owner or a reccer.

8. We're just trying to have fun. IM each other, comment in each other's journals, be creative, have a good time.

Disclaimer made by: Britney Spears

Reality Unwoven is owned by: Britney Spears

Reality Unwoven’s reccers are:
Billy Martin
Benji Madden
Joel Madden